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Hell... Since I have lost my faith in the Great Black Hype...

...or "HypObambinus" as I like to call him, (15 times in 3 States!!! I'll call him whatever I want!) I think it is time for a Blasted Reality Check. So for the next two weeks, it's time to sharpen your sticks with the late and great and never outta date, Bill Hicks.

Below is the first part of his Masterpiece "Revelations". The other 8 parts will be showing up about every other day. If you've never seen it, sit down, shut and learn something.

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Back in the Dog Daze Afternoons

A friend of mine, has decided to illuminate the masses on the Genesis of His/Her Blogsite, SparringK9. This reminded me that A Post Apocalyptic traces its origins to the same time period and events. That and a bit of nostalgia, which really is not as good as it used to be, has motivated me to relink some old school Blasted Reality.

A Rhyme of Crime and Time - The Rev n Uriel Battle


Ad Hominem - The End of The "PigFucker" Fight



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I'd have titled this story Dee dee dee! for Doughnut

But ABC has far more talented mole hill mountaineers than me. They came up with...

" 'Psycho Donuts' Divide Mental Health Community"


ABC News recently covered the controversy and confrontation surrounding a doughnut shop in a strip mall in Campbell, California. This hole in the wall dysplasia of the current Obesity Epidemic, named "Psycho Donuts" utilizes a mental illness theme to stand out from other hole in the wall, worthless, un-wholesome, waist widening, weight watchers ain't working, willpower waning cuz weakness is winning, eateries. Woo hoo. Now there's some news worthy of social discourse and societal change!! Oh wait one sec... My bad. This journalistic creation is powdered shit. Check it out...

Trouble at Psycho Donuts

"When the complaints started, the complaints were everything all at once. We have a doughnut called the Massive Head Trauma, the doughnut resembles a man who had ... better days," Zweigoron said.

The Massive Head Trauma, or M.H.T. for short, is a jelly filled doughnut with a frosting face with the letter "X" for eyes.

The M.H.T is one of Zweigoron's best sellers but "some customers said, 'What about the veterans coming back from Iraq with head injuries? This is offensive,'" Zweigoron said."

Absolutely!! The fact that we have been gleefully sending our youth half way around the world to fight, die, or possibly sustain crippling injuries in an illegal war, which was sold to us by the likes of ABC News and a pack of lies, is offensive! I am so glad that ABC is finally willing to talk about it. Oh snap. They are talking about the fuckin doughnuts!!

"When I saw them [the doughnuts], it was total shock," said Oscar Wright, CEO of the United Advocates for Children and Families, a group that supports families of children who need mental health services. "The Massive Head Trauma -- to have a doughnut with a white glazed face and jelly oozing out the side of its head, it was incomprehensible."

The fact that you would eat something like that is incomprehensible. The fact that it is called "The Massive Head Trauma" is funny. You see comedy is the melding of reality with the absurd. i.e. giving a desirable object an undesirable name due to a vague resemblance and an ironic homonym relationship.... am I losing you?

"... like the bipolar doughnut with half chocolate frosting and nuts, half coconut flakes..."

That is funny. Nuts.. Flakes.. Get it? If your answer is no, go get yourself a massive head trauma and I am not referring to the doughnut. For the rest of you, please ponder this next paragraph for a moment.

We are illegally occupying 2 nations, genocidally wiping out their peoples and killing our own troops with genetically toxic and radiologically deadly depleted uranium munitions. We are continuing to destroy the only ecosystem we have. We are vilifying and enslaving our own citizens with idiotic drug laws and we are creating a hardened criminal caste and culture with even more idiotic mandatory minimum sentencing of first time offenders. We are fucking up everything, everywhere, with every thing we got and ABC wants us to take sides and fight amongst ourselves about a doughnut debate.

"Let them eat cake... and make them guillotine each other over the semantics!"

Machavelli would be in shock.

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A few thoughts on Luna(cy)r Landings

I recently read an article on the the front page of the Oregonian about Nasa rerecording over the original moon landing videos and having Hollywood companies help them remaster some video they "Found" in order to replace the lost footage. It is awesome, where the original footage picked up[ nothing, we can now see advanced CGI effects showing brilliant HD imagery. NASA says that they are only cleaning the footage up and not adding anything... Hmmm? How stupid do they think we are? Oh yeah. Very!

This ain't Star Trek. We can not clean up video images to show something the film did not pick up orginally. We lack the technology. Fuck.

OK and my opinion of the Apollo Missions? Do not believe anything your government tells you!! This too!! Here is why we never landed on the Moon. The Van Allen Belts are between here and there. They are between 7 and 10 Earth radii in width (4,000 miles). That is between 28,000 and 40,000 miles that would need to be travelled through in order to land on the moon. NASA has claimed that the Apollo astronauts were travelling fast enough to get through the Belts without taking life threatening levels of Rad. The Apollo missions were recorded to be travelling 24,000 mph. That would put them in the belts for over an hour at least. The belts would flash cook humans into spam in a minute. Hell, let's say astronauts are bad asses and could make it 5 minutes. They would still be dead. Dead. Dead. That is the reason the Russians did not attempt a manned lunar landing. They competed neck and neck at almost everything. If their movie industry had been up to it, they would faked a landing too.

So if you are interested, there is a valid argument for the conspiracy theorist side.

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Reverend X Unmasked

Yeah, I kinda dropped the whole paranoid hacker cover and started being me, even here. And who am I? A bitch? An asshole? Well, you are both right... Tranny Anti-corporate, conspiracy nut. Am I proud of what I am?

Pride? Fuck pride...
Self esteem is an individuals sense of personal value. This value is calculated by adding the persons strengths, charms, weaknesses and honor and dividing that sum by the persons awareness of them. It is subjective algebra and X is a daily struggle to maintain. Many individuals find the struggle to be too hard. But with out self esteem to remind them that they truly do deserve to be alive, those who give up on their internal struggle look outside of themselves for that affirmation. They methadone their need for validation with Pride.
Pride is a negative emotion. In the absence of self esteem, an individual will associate themselves with a grouping of others who share some similar traits.i.e. belief system, skin tone, sexual preference, regional birth. etc. Surround yourself with others who have something in common with you, then have everyone pat each other on the back for having this prerequisite trait and what do you get? A false confidence and generally undeserved feelings of worth. The irony is that the common trait binding each group... The unifying similarity celebrated and hailed by the pride group, almost never owes it's attachment to the individual from any choice, action, or accomplishment of the individual. White pride, black pride, gay pride, national pride... I had nothing to do with my birth place, skin color, nationality or romantic attraction tendencies. But if you tell me that I am brave, strong or special because of those traits and you tell me that often and no one says anything to the contrary... I might start to believe I am worth more than someone who has different traits.
Personally, if you follow me around and compliment me on anything repeatedly, I am gonna get the hell away from you. Or more likely, I am going to mock you. Taunt you. Bully you and verbally cut the false confidence out of you like a cancer. I know a lot of people who think I am an evil bitch for the way I treat some people and the things I say. They are probably right. Al I know is that if I was proud of me being something I had no choice in being, or encouraged by numbers and general opinion rather than validity... Then somebody had better come up and friggin ruin my whole parade. Slap me back down to Earth and open my eyes to myself and you better do it fast and hard. Hurt my feelings, please!
I'd always rather be called an idiot and corrected when wrong than be an idiot. I truly believe I deserve to be here and deserve my life because I have worked for it and learned how to keep it.
My point... and I have one. Lol. I am not special because I am a tranny. I am not brave because I can't conform to gender types that I do not have to conform to. I'll take some credit for the way I look, cuz that ain't easy to pull off. I would love to eat a meal some day... Just can't and still wear that skirt. So I sacrafice and struggle. That is earned. The kudos for being born different? Keep em. We are all different.
Just not unique. The extra rights and protections society has deemed I need? Hate crime legislation? Nope. Don't want it. Don't need it. Punishing someone more than another for the same crime and basing that increase in punishment solely on their disimilarity to me? You realize that justifying the extending of a prison sentence based solely on physical traits is the exact same logic that let indentured servitude grow into the slave trade? Imagine that dumb ass recursive loop. Oppression followed by affirmative action which advances one group over the other continually until the other is completely oppressed followed by affirmative action for them to the point that... See?

How bout equality and tolerance. And if I hate you but am not trying to hurt you... that means I am tolerating you. If you ain't on fire, but we ain't friends? That is freedom and justice for all!! Tolerance means letting another individual have life. Tolerance does not including making their life easy, happy, fruitful or rewarding. It just means not taking it.

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what I am up to at the moment...

Looking for an illustrator.. Asap.

Now to explain everything. My name is Andi West. I am the Executive Producer of Project 912. 912 is the world's first "Open Source, omni media sci fi franchise". I put that in quotes cuz we totally made up the description for what we are doing. We wouldn't have had to, but it has never been done before. I wanted to just call the whole thing "Nerdvana", but some of the nerds got all huffy and I can not watch grown men OD on albuterol while angrily fiddling with their pda's. So I gave in and we made up the "open source.. etc etc". Oh, I tangent a lot... sorry.

What Project 912 is right now...
9 websites
2 social networks
3 youtube pages
2 myspace profiles
1 facebook profile
3 blogger sites
a 10 episode web series
a ton of independent viral vids
an anthology of short stories
2 comic book series, one of which is desperately in need of an illustrator since mine went and got himself perished.
a couple film crews
a few celebrities
one brilliant Producer
one crazy tranny web designer

That about sums it up...

What Project 912 will be shortly after launching in mid July

A bi weekly webseries
2 comic book lines
an infinitely expanding fan created story world made up of viewer submitted vids, stories, pictures and whatever else anyone can think of.
An online RPG that runs concurrently with an ever growing wiki based plot bible and real world current events. The game will be free to play and have the possibility of earning a real money income if you are one of the top players. The game is free to play, but weapons, equipment and hirelings will cost $. the weapons and equipment will be purchasable via a buy in credit economy. Hirelings will be actual player characters. There will be no NPC's. As players gain power and wealth, they will be able to interact financially with each other. Either consensually as in hiring for services or non consensually as in stealing from, seizing, raiding and killing for stuff. The 912 Cyber World consists of 2 groups, the Human Resistance and the System. The System controls the government. The Resistance has the initiative. Neither side is forced to go against only the other group, There can be in fighting, backstabbing and all sorts of glorious scandal activity.

Ok, I don't know if that all makes any sense. The concept is so vast that I don't quite have a grasp on the whole thing yet and I have been working on this for a year as the entire IT department. To see the groundwork I have laid on the web, start at http://project912.com That is the Webseries page which will broadcast the episodes. Follow the cell phone/breadcrumb trail puzzle thingy through
and finally to

That is the main cyber world. The trail leaves out
and all the my-you-face-twit crap.

OK, so if u made it through all of that and looked at the attached promo poster for the comic. and you are interested in either helping me finish this one, working on the next 5 in the series or both, get back to me. I will then forward you the completed parts of the #1 issue, the story line and the storyboards of what is still needed. And we can talk pay. k?

Andi West

PS, We are also in negotiations for a TV series and possible Motion Picture deal. We seriously need to to learn how to set limits, but since that prolly won't happen any time soon, we are going for the brass ring anywhere we think there might be one!

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Former Detainees turn to Terrorism.. NFS!!

OK, so CNN's top story is that "Former Gitmo Detainees are Turning to Terrorism." Well, the key word in the sentence is "Turning", not "Returning". If you kidnap me. Torture me. Then release me to my home country, which is still occupied by your military. Guess what.. I am gonna hurt you. I am not going to threaten you or try to scare you. I will be your killer. I will not, therefore be a terrorist. So which Gitmo detainees have become terrorists? Well.. Errr...Of course, the examples CNN gives are of Newly recruited Taliban soldiers. A military force, recognized and credentialed. Hell, CNN even states that one of the "Terrorists" had his Taliban paperwork on him and that the other was an officer. Those are soldiers. Not terrorists.

Other than that basic fact of life and those blatantly ignored definitions, I'd like to say, if we had imprisoned combatants rather than farmers the Pakistanis sold us for $5k a head, this would not be happening. For the combatants... If they were treated as prisoners of war in the first place, this would not be happening because they would be held until the War was over. Hence there would no longer be US forces to attack in Afghanistan. Also, they would have had rights from day one. They would not have been tortured. Etc, etc... Does this make sense to anyone?

Even as F'd up as war is, it has rules. They are there for a reason. Ignoring those rules is criminal and fucking stupid!!! Americans cheered when Bush outspokenly violated those rules. You that cheered.... this is all on you. Friggin morons.

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Gee, this is sooo surprising!

Bloggers charge 'Tea Party' anti-stimulus protests are corporate front

Muriel Kane
Published: Sunday March 1, 2009

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UPDATE (at bottom): Playboy's story apparently taken down.

Update: I stashed a copy of the original article here

When a few hundred protesters showed up in each of some 30 or 40 cities nationwide on Friday to object to President Obama's stimulus plan, they claimed that the well-coordinated protests had arisen spontaneously in response to a tirade against mortgage bailouts, delivered just over a week earlier, on February 19, by CNBC's Rick Santelli.

Conservative columnist Michelle Malkin enthusiastically called the "Tea Party" protests "a fledgling grassroot movement" and some of the protesters even described themselves as the vanguard of a "new conservative counterculture." Those claims naturally aroused a certain amount of skepticism, since similar activities in the past have proven to be not genuine grassroots activity but so-called corporate "astroturf."

Now fresh revelations suggest that the skepticism may be well-placed. Mark Ames and Yasha Levine allege in their blog at Playboy.com that the protests were planned well in advance, coordinated by old-line anti-tax organizations, and funded by right-wing corporate interests.

"What hasn’t been reported until now is evidence linking Santelli’s 'tea party' rant with some very familiar names in the Republican rightwing machine," they write, "from PR operatives who specialize in imitation-grassroots PR campaigns (called 'astroturfing') to bigwig politicians and notorious billionaire funders. As veteran Russia reporters, both of us spent years watching the Kremlin use fake grassroots movements to influence and control the political landscape. To us, the uncanny speed and direction the movement took and the players involved in promoting it had a strangely forced quality to it. If it seemed scripted, that's because it was."

As described by Ames and Levine, Santelli's call for a "tea party" in Chicago next summer was quickly picked up by a website called ChicagoTeaParty.com and spread from there to the Drudge Report. However, the ChicagoTeaParty.com domain is not new. It was registered last summer by the producer of a right-wing radio show in Chicago and, the writers allege, is one of several tied to the anti-tax group FreedomWorks, which is among the sponsors of the current protests.

FreedomWorks is the latest incarnation of an organization formerly known as Citizens for a Sound Economy, which was founded in 1984 "to anonymously leverage corporate contributions into debates on public policy." CSE had close ties to Koch Industries and became one of the major recipients of grant money from conservative foundations and major corporations such as Exxon, Philip Morris, and General Motors.

In 2003, CSE's affiliate, the Citizens for a Strong Economy Foundation, split off and renamed itself Americans for Prosperity. (That group is also a sponsor of the current protests.) CSE itself merged the following year with Empower America -- another fake grassroots group created by Republican Party insiders to promote conservative candidates -- and formed FreedomWorks.

Posters at Democratic Underground have found that a number of anti-bailout and anti-stimulus groups are hosted by the dedicated servers of Citizens for a Sound Economy. In addition to cse.org, empoweramerica.org, and freedomworks.com, those servers also host such domains as angryrenter.com (which was registered in March 2008 to oppose bailouts for mortgage holders), destimulus.com, earmarkpledge.com, nowallstreetbailout.com, and usteaparty.com.

Any connection ChicagoTeaParty.com may have to this network is not clear, since it is not among the domains hosted on the CSE servers. However, the involvement of FreedomWorks in the protests and the appearance of the apparently related domain "usteaparty.com" suggest that those seeking the origin of the "Tea Party" protests in this area may be on the right track.


Playboy has apparently taken down its story. The Atlantic's Megan McArdle has the full text.

The link between Santelli and the so-called astroturfing groups "is potentially libelous, which is, I assume, why the article disappeared this morning," wrote McArdle.

"If I were Santelli, I'd sue. Aside from the fact that I have absolutely no reason to question Santelli's sincerity, I find it pretty hard to believe that any private group would be willing to front enough money to make it worth a television correspondent's while to risk all his future salary payments."

Republican blogger/pundit Michelle Malkin laid down covering fire for the "tea parties," lampooning their alleged ties to Santelli.

"The wheels of the 'Tea Party' movement had already been set in motion by folks who probably had never heard of Santelli — let alone the Koch Foundation — when they decided to take to the streets," she wrote, after calling reporters Mark Ames and Yasha Levine, who authored Playboy's piece, "loons."

A phone call to Playboy media relations went unreturned late Monday.

Stephen C. Webster contributed to this report.

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Sunday, March 29, 2009

OK, for the final time.. How the system works.

Throughout history, humanity has suffered incredible injustices and abuse from its governments and leaders. The powerful crave more power. The Rich crave more wealth. The people take it on the chin, because they think that that is what they are supposed to do. Eventually the status quo becomes unlivable. The people stand up, go find their leaders, go all Clive Barker on the elite and start the whole cycle over again.

Example. The Bourbon Dynasty of France.. circa 1600's. The Bourbon kings amassed the wealth of the Nation into their pockets, partied their asses off and impressed the other European blue bloods with lavish parties. They lit up their hills and reveled while the starving masses starved below. Eventually, the masses had enough and the next day, they had to invent a new device to kill the aristocracy fast enough.

Skip to the present. American ingenuity has solved the "Easy Target" problem of the Bourbons. Instead of one group taking the blame for the economic imbalance, have a two-party system. Make sure to polarize the two groups beyond any rational thought, that way the people on each side will have to stay way the fuck away from the people on the other side. As long as you ca keep 40% of the population spitting insults at the the other side , there will never be enough cohesion to allow for revolution. And don't lose any sleep over the 20% who have enough common sense to stay independent. Both sides hate them.

If you don't believe me, look into the support and financial backing of any politician. They are all paid equally by the same groups. Big Pharma, Oil, HMO's etc... "They are as rich in English title as Scottish ones. Why would they risk that to fight for their country?" -Edward the Longshanks from the Movie "Braveheart".

I saw a game plan that actually made sense the other day.. Fire the Fed and the IRS. Institute a flat tax. Mandatory public funding of all elections. Total transparency of gifts and ifluence. Limit the President to one 6 year term. Limit Congress and the Senate to two terms each. Judicial Appointments to be reviewed by the Public, amd Judicial terms beung indefinite, but not for life. Make a voter ballot style removal procedure. I would add, reinstatement of the 7-7-7 law. Break up the media monopoly. End the War on Drugs. Retract the Hanes Act. Allow Community WI-FI Programs to launch by removing corporate injunctions of Taxpayer benefits for the systems they already paid for.. etc etc..

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it would be a good start.

Friday, March 27, 2009

In Memory of Lee Fuller

As I am involved in a commercial venture with similar address and am still the faithless preacher I've always been, I have been asking a single question of our newly self acclaimed "Reform" Party.

One Response to “The 912 Project”

“The government, made up of our elected representatives, the people we chose to represent our interests in Washington, D.C., and our various state and local government centers, has become a political machine operating on the principal that if something is popular, then it’s OK. This “government by popularity poll” has gotten us into the mess we’re in today, and doesn’t seem capable of getting us out of it.”

Not trying to split hairs here… but the popularity debacle of which you speak is called “democracy” in lay man’s terms. The Greeks experimented with it a few thousand years ago and discarded it as a valid form of government once they realized that; “Given the opportunity, the empowered people would invariably vote to give themselves the sum of the treasury.”

That being said.. and of course, being evidenced by recent events… What do you suggest as a solution? I am sincerely interested in your answer and am not here facetiously.

I anxiously await your response.

Side note... As was once told to me by a wise man....

"It is easy to start a reform movement. Everything sucks. No one likes that. Point out the vague negative effects of which the majority believe they are experiencing and you can hook them all in the short term. In the long term you fail, because wiser men than me have been trying, in vain, to solve those problems since the beginning of human history. Yeah, its all fucked up.
We know that. We just don't know how to fix it." -Lee Fuller (R) Texas

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wha? The Fa?

When Bush wire tapped everyone, Beck and the Bunch said, "Trust your leader" When Fallujah was genocided in 2004 by the US forces using chemical weapons, they said the same. Habaes corpus, gone. Torture, accepted. Nations invaded, atmosphere destroyed, oceans raped.. all of the media but Olberman waving flags to hide their duct taped mouths and no one had a problem...
Then a black guy moves into the white house and its the end of the American Dream? No one else find this funny?

The State of the Nunion (pronounced new niun)

I have a basic problem with the factions arguing this issue. My problem is that I can remember events and parties involved for longer than any network commercial break.
I am against the bail out! I was against it when conservatives were doing theirs. I am against the liberal labeled amount as well. I was also against the unweighed and uncounted pallets of $ shipped to Iraq.
!2 months ago, I was a leftist dissident in this country. Today I am a right wing-nut. My opinions have not changed. This happens to me every 8 years or so. Our govt changes it's position on a perceived political spectrum/graph, but it's actions, behaviors and agenda stay exactly the same. We are told to blame "them" and watch "them" while our freedom is flanked and eaten from both sides...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Science Fiction franchise Project 912 forced to launch early, creating the very first Open Source series in the history of media

Paranoid conspiracy Science Fiction site Project 912 is forced to launch early in the wake of Glenn Beck's paranoid conspiracy site 912 Project.

Open Source Entertainment
A team of producers, directors, and actors calling themselves Project 912, who have spent the last year developing a science fiction franchise for the Internet, have moved the launch of the world's first open source science fiction series forward several months, in part due to conservative talk show host Glenn Beck's launch of a similarly named site. The Project 912 team is currently filming episodes in the Pacific North West and was set to launch the site May 25 2009.

The storyline revolves around an underground resistance movement fighting a secret war against multi-dimensional beings known only as "The Threat". The Threat controls every aspect of our society through five corporations, Infinity Cable, Hygea Pharmacueticals, Hancock Worldwide, DemTech Foods,
and The Kinkaid Group, known collectively as "The Fist". The only way for the resistance to see any member of the Threat is to take a highly addictive drug known on the streets as "Clear".

The first season's "Series Bible," laying out the plot parameters which content creators must adhere to, is available online at Project 912. Anyone can download it, create content, and then upload their content to the Project 912 website as an open source submission. As people add content, the storyline will adapt to reflect the public input. Later versions of the Series Bible will evolve as additions are added by the community, making it a completely dynamic experience. The main storyline will be available on Project912.com and a worldwide content creation contest will soon
be underway.

Andros Sturgeon and the Future of Entertainment
"My earliest childhood memory is of sitting at the knee of my father; author Theodore Sturgeon, at science fiction conventions and hanging out with the original cast of Star Trek." Says concept creator Andros Sturgeon. "I've always been fascinated by the amazing ideas fans would come up with, and am well aware of some of the incredible fan films which have been made based on other franchises like Star Wars and Star Trek, some of them better than the original stories they are based on. While I believe that this kind of user-created content is the future of the entertainment industry, no one in Hollywood does, and if they say they do, they have no idea of how to do it.

"We have a social networking site up and running at http://project912.net. On this site, people can create characters, upload content and soon, they will actually be able to play those characters online in a 912 RPG.

We have a whole list of really innovative ideas that we will be launching in the next few months, including smart phone apps and exclusive video on demand content.

Project 912 vs. The 912 Project...enter Glenn Beck
The Project 912 team had the intention of launching the entire endeavor in early May of 2009, when on Friday March 13th, the Project 912 email box was suddenly filled with people wanting to join The Human Resistance.

"I hadn't launched yet, but all of a sudden, we had 60,000 visitors in the course of a few hours. Project 912 was the most Googled item according Google Trends," says Sturgeon. "I had no idea why, but it didn't take long to figure it out."

Beck’s launch of his “9 Principles and 12 Values” Project, which was initially showcased by a Prime Time Fox News Special, led to the unexpected mass exposure and subsequent early launch of Project 912.

"The hilarity of the whole thing is that Beck's site is all about a government conspiracy.” Sturgeon added, “You know, Obama and Pelosi are boogie-men, out to take away our guns and our freedoms and what not, while no one is paying attention. Our site is about multi-dimensional beings who control everything, having taken away our freedoms while no one was paying attention. We've been inundated with emails from Beck's followers who don't realize the difference between science fiction and what he says on his show."

Aside from filming original content, Project 912 will be launching a contest in the next few days for fans to create original content. There are plans to hold film festival in Portland this summer.

The "Team”
In addition to Andros Sturgeon, the Project 912 team includes among others, actor Rod Piper, writer George Clayton Johnson, and acclaimed viral video producer Andi West, known to millions as Reverend X of Blasted Reality, Creator/Editor of the blog sites A Post Apocalyptic and Killing Time.


For more information, go to www.project912.info. Or you may contact Andros Sturgeon directly at press@project912.com

Monday, March 16, 2009

A Letter from my Boss

Subject Heading: Glen Beck's 912 project VS. SF internet series project912

What is Project 912? Why are thousands of Glen Beck's viewers either accusing me of hacking his site or joining something called the "Human Resistance"? How did my website get 50,000 hits in an hour thanks to Mr. Beck?

My name is Andros Sturgeon. I am an Internet Media Producer and Entertainment Pioneer. I'm producing an online Science Fiction series here in the Pacific Northwest called ‘Project 912'. Without a doubt, it will be the most subversive series in the history of entertainment. Science Fiction is in my blood, passed on from my father, author Theodore Sturgeon .

A bit of background. About a year ago, I had an idea for a Science Fiction series. A damn good one. Something so unique and so original that I knew it would have legs. I grew up in LA, worked in the industry for almost 10 years and knew a few people. Made some calls set up some meetings and flew out to my old stomping ground in Hollywood.

I pitched 'Project 912' as a TV show... as an online game. As a social networking site. And much, much more. ‘Project 912' is as revolutionary as the Iphone... transfiguration into a whole new entity. It's Web 3.0 or maybe 3.1. Nothing like what we are doing here has ever been done before.

And that was the problem. Lots of doors slammed in my face. A few more on my foot.

So I went back to the drawing board and decided to go completely outside the studio system. I've been quietly working on this for the past year. Next thing I know, Mr. Beck creates a site that sounds very similar to mine and from what I can tell, even gave out my URL, project912.com, by accident, forcing me to pre-launch a bit earlier than expected.

Right now, I have an army of about 40 volunteers, a screen writing team, a storyboard artist and a production team ready to go. Every day people ask to help out. We are just a few weeks from principle photography. But we aren't stopping there. We have an entire world of web content. We have a social networking site up and running and we are designing an online game. The guy who runs the web design part of the Project found an illustrator out of nowhere and is creating a six issue graphic novel. That's being worked on as you read this. Look me up on IMDB.com and you'll see I've gone from 1.8 million in ranking to 250,000. And we haven't gone live yet. The reaction and support was surreal to begin with.

So it's rather funny that I'm getting emails from Glen Beck fans. See, as I said, my series is entirely subversive. It's about a secret war between humans and hidden beings known as "The Threat." In my storyline, everything you experience in this world is put there and manufactured by The Threat to keep humans as a slave workforce. It's a vast, paranoid conspiracy.

The only difference between my storyline and Glen Beck's is the substitution of "The Threat" for the names "Nancy Pelosi and "Barack Obama".

Even funnier is the notion that in going to my site, a frantic message tells you have stumbled onto the human resistance, yet it is quickly obvious that one is dealing with a work of fiction.

However, my email box is currently filled with paranoid rants from Beck's fans, asking me if they can join my resistance thinking my site is his.

I'm not sure if it says more about Beck's fans that they can't tell the difference between reality and Science Fiction, or more that my storyline feels completely real to people.

We'll find out when we go live in the next month or two.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me here:

Thank you,

Andros T. Sturgeon

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Glenn Beck, Irony and a Twist of Fate

It would appear that Glenn Beck has launched a web site with a similar url to Project 912. It would also appear that he either gave out the wrong url or that his viewers misunderstood the address and have been visiting us.

What Project 912 is...
An open source multi media entertainment concept which is still in development.
The story line has been created.
Multiple web sites have been created as anchors for the concept.
A web series of short video clips is currently in production in Portland, OR and surrounding areas. A 6 issue comic book is being finished at this moment and will be going to the publishers by next month.
A social network has been launched to help content creation and to be the base for an online role playing game.

Friday, January 09, 2009

"IDF not targetting civilians" says one honest IDF officer

I would have to agree with him there. The IDF is not targeting civilians... Hell, they are not targeting anyone or anything at all. As can be seen in this AP photo. Israel is simply pointing their weapons systems at the Gaza area and firing. Each one of the smoke trails shown in this picture is the tell tale tail of an explosive warhead. The blown-the-fuck-up area those trails lead to is a densely populated civilian area of Gaza. This is only one picture of one moment... The UN thinks there may be War Crimes being committed by the IDF. The UN is blind, deaf and useless, but even it can grasp the painfully obvious.

I have been saying for years that the Zionist leadership of Israel was engaged in a reenactment of the Holocaust, only with themselves reenacting the Third Reich's part in it. Well, I guess they could not live up to the German's obsessive compulsive engineer's methodology. So, if at first you can't succeed, use all those inhumane weapons you bought from the US. Fuckin' Brilliant. Since the US seems hell bent at doing nothing to stop this genocide, we can only hope that it continues it's do nothing policy when the rest of the world steps in and turns Israel into a parking lot. I am not taking a side in this conflict other than, if the US won't stand up against the slaughter now, why should it stand up in the very near future against the same tragedy.

Welcome to the end. My only friends, the end.