Sunday, January 29, 2006

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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Ad Hominem

I wrote this as a comment on Vanilla's other blog.
I think it needs to be aired out for objective scrutiny so here it is.
Note to my editor: Yo Lo Pull are you still with me? Sorry for the uneditable entries. Send up a sign if you've survived.

Ad hominem... Do not attack the messenger, attack the validity of the message. "2+2=4, well you failed algebra" is such attack. But if the message is the opinion of the messenger, cry havoc and let loose the dogs of war!.
You see, if the message is the conclusion of the messenger, then the messenger's mental state, experience, intelligence, logical ability and, especially their judgment is not only open to debate, but actually the foundation of the debate.
Most of the primary logical fallacies have been oversimplified and taught poorly. The logical negative, for instance is used entirely wrong all the time. It covers the "I've never seen a dog therefore there are no dogs", but is commonly used to argue against provable negatives like "Subject A was in Toronto on Monday at 9am therefore not in Guam at the same time". Sorry, I see that one all the time. And I hate half assed academia repeated rote.
Back to the point. So, if the argument starts with: I think, I believe, I learned, I saw, or any other personal testimony based on perception, experience, knowledge, the list goes on.... Basically if they involve themselves as a part of the argument ad hominem does not apply, but be careful not to beg the question when taking them apart. i.e. "I hear you and wonder how long you've been back on crack." only works if crack has been proven in their past and evidenced in their current behavior.
One more thing. A blog is not a person's home on the internet. It is their billboard on the information superhighway. If they choose to splash debatable rhetoric or advert their viewpoints there then they are fair game for opposing billboards and graffiti.
I put theories of my own and ones I support up there for all to see. I damn well better be able to defend those points. If beaten and invalidated, then I must accept reality and accept the valid argument. I am fallible. I will err and be wrong. I want to know when I am and I want to show when I am right. Without interaction one can not grow.
Of course there are going to be belligerents, but no more here than in the real world. This is practice. If you submit to taunts and jibes here, what value do you have in real life where the confrontation is in real time. Sure, anyone can memorize witty talking points and sound smart and right, but can they do so in the face of an informed opposition? No.

Idiots abound on both sides

Ok, this is lack of effort on my part, but if you have not seen this... It is funny as f***!! This is kind of a response to K9 and his photo essay. Kinda. Really it is just a good look into last Fall's Freedom Walk. Check it out.
OYE Mykeru at the Freedom Walk

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

A rhyme of crime and time.

heighth and width of my bag?
I will take the fifth on the tag.
Soul reason is- I'm not important.
Sorry, Vanilla, not up for extortin'.
there's few things I'd like to see.
like trials for Bush and Dick Cheney
Rice and Rumsfailed, let's hear the call
Get all these murderers against the wall.

but k9 asked for my reply
so eye to eye
tell me why
all these dead had to die?

Pro-life? my ass! they just pro-birth
Your worth is gone as you touch the Earth.
those boots need fillin
coasts need drillin,
they get the willin
to do the killin.
R u pro-Bush \barkbark?
then U R either in or of the dark!
follow him, get to Heaven
question that then "Nine-Eleven!"
only words he has to say
to make his problems go away.

Wham-bam- none the wiser
no one says "you terrorizer!
liberty for security?

The people soon better wise up
size up, rise up
before he ties up
the courts, the ports,
like commitee reports,
already got the legislature
total control's just second nature
call him responsible debater
I call him hater,
Our new Dictator

Katrina didn't kill a city
just lack of action, lack of pity
a plan you see, with media lies
mercenaries in disguise
"follow us, be safe, 'cuz bangers roam
and by the way, Welcome to the Terrordome!"
Survivors of the hurricane
weren't saved, just detained.
against the poor, the same white sheets
"Gather up your guns and get the children out the street"

Saturday, January 21, 2006

I don't get it.

I have to stop reading the news wires. Well, AP at least. They quit trying to mask their spin a few years ago. Look at these headlines:
"Democrats Scold the President on spying"
Scolded? How does pointing out criminal activity and rebutting the perpetrator's BS excuse become scolding?
"Rove tells Republicans to run on Bush's Record"
I'd have used "White House Aid under investigation for treason praises the
President's commitment to National Security." If that's too long,
"Possible Traitor Endorses Bush's Security"
And here's another on the subject
"Rove: GOP to use Terror as Campaign Issue"
This ones kind of fun. I'd just change one word. Try to guess it. I'd have left off "Issue." It seems to take away from the honesty of the headline. And the first couple of paragraghs are pure talking point distribution.
" Embattled White House adviser Karl Rove vowed Friday to make the war on terrorism a central campaign issue in November. He also said Democratic senators looked "mean-spirited and small-minded" in questioning Supreme Court nominee
Samuel Alito'.
"Republicans have a post-9/11 view of the world. And Democrats have a pre-9/11 view of the world," Rove told Republican activists. "That doesn't make them unpatriotic, not at all. But it does make them wrong — deeply and profoundly and consistently wrong."

Tookie Williams was introduced as Crip CoFounder and Murderer. Karl Rove is an Embattled White House Advisor. There you can see the Liberal Bias of the Media. Oh wait. Snap. I mean the Conservative Agenda of the Media. A Liberal bias would look more like:
Tookie Williams- Five time Nobel Peace Prize Nominated Children's Book Author and reformed gang member/ anti gang activist... I could go on.

Karl Rove- Political agent widely credited for the Regime's victories in the last two highly contested and possibly fraudulent Elections, while remaining under investigation for possible breaches of National Security, told like minded Republicans to disregard the President's complete disregard of National Security and instead carry on as if the opposite where true. Afterwards, the suspected traitor used his security clearance to read...

That sounds better. So if anyone asks you, you now know the difference between a Liberal Bias and a Conservative Agenda and how they effect the wording of the News. My big question is, how can the people writing this stuff sleep aat night? Journalists. They went to school and studied this once honorable profession. I would hope that at least some of them did it out of a desire to become a great investigative reporter or Gonzo writer. But there isn't a one of them in the MSM that hasn't surrendered their ideals to become Rove's flowery printing presses.
How can this be. What is it that keeps them from just standing up and saying "No, you ain't payin me to lie like that!"
It is reminiscent of Nazi Germany and the submission of decent people to the orders given them by mas murderers. Don't worry, I am not saying Bush is Hitler. Or even Napolean for that matter. Nope, he's more than likely the third guy Nostradamus predicted. You know, the biblical one. But enough about that.
I've read the reasons given by average Germans who saw what was happening around them and stayed silent. It's the same excuses I hear today from Americans who know what is going on around them but refuse to do any thing about it. They have jobs to keep, families to provide for, blah blah blah. Well, it didn't work out very good for the German families, did it?
I have a family, kids, the works. That's the reason I'm doing this, why I'm risking my ass out here trying to stop our slide into Hell. I'm not refering to this blog, by the way. I am talking about my other site, Blasted Reality. Before my kids were born, I saw the pollution, corruption and destruction all around and said "If humanity is stupid enough to destroy itself, at least it'll be funny to watch." Morons pouring poison into their own water, while patting themselves on the backs and quoting Exxon-Mobile, "We aren't hurting the Planet!"
Of course you're not, dipshit. The planet isn't going anywhere, you are!
Now I have these four cute little eyes that look at me with a hope for a future and trust that I will protect them. How can anyone go home to that day after day knowing that the light in those eyes will someday pay the price for their complicity?

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Patriotism? I'm talkin' Self-Preservation here

The President gave a speech this week. He delivered it on MLK Day. The MSM did not even bother to cover it. I would rate it as the one of the most important speeches I have ever heard. Normally, I do not like his speaking style. This was different. This time he went beyond all the mannerisms and habits we've all seen on Saturday Night Live. This time he spoke with a confidence and resolve I have never seen in him. That was impressive, but not nearly as impressive as his message. No politization, no spin, no obfuscation, he went right to the heart of the problem. He called it what it was and then, surprisingly, stated how to fix it. Five points which, if immediately begun, would save this country.

  1. An independent special counsel must be appointed to investigate the illegal wire-tapping and other questionable activities of the White House.
  2. New whistle-blower protections must be drafted and enacted to protect members of the executive branch who wish to share their knowledge of White House wrongdoing, especially when it is in regards to national security.
  3. Both Houses of Congress must hold comprehensive hearings into the serious allegations of criminal behavior on the part of the Executive Branch. And, they must follow the evidence wherever it leads.
  4. Let the Patriot Act sunset and do not allow the even more invasive powers of the New Patriot act be put into effect.
  5. Any communications company currently cooperating with the White House's illegal information gathering schemes must end their complicity.

By the way, when I say "the President" I am referring to the one who was lawfully elected and currently in exile, Al Gore. Hell, at the time of the first stolen election, I did not even like the guy. But I have taken the time to follow his activities since then and I am of the conclusion that I was dead wrong about him. I make mistakes, but I try to remedy them when possible.

You can judge a person's character with better accuracy by watching what they do outside of the spotlight. Charity and Civic Duty are PR words to most politicians. They do them only when forced to by public opinion. Gore did this when no one was looking. Off camera and out of his own pocket, he saved lives in New Orleans. On camera Bush obstructed rescue operations for personal gain. Off camera he did nothing.

It is long since time that everyone dropped their party loyalties and took a good long look at everyone in office. Ask the real questions. Why did Lieberman co author the Patriot Act before 9-11? Why does Diane Fienstien say she will support Alito based only on her opinion of the way he answered questions and not the answers he gave? And why is it, as Bob Barr has stated, "The President has dared the American people to do something about it.", yet the American people have not taken that dare?

I posted an article about the White House's database of information on whomever it viewed as a political enemy and what kind of information I thought would most likely be in that database. As it turns out, I underestimated the White House's Faustian zeal. Google is currently the only search engine database that has not given in to the White House's request for complete access to their search engine database logs. Interesting note, in the last 20 minutes, this story went from being called "Google Rebuffs Feds on Search Requests" to "Google defends Porn Data" so I copied the original story to here. It is almost funny to follow the Censor through any given news day. Knight Ridder had an article about the Hell they went through trying to publish an actual account of Alito's Judicial record. Don't bother to adjust the screen, they control the vertical and the horizontal. Imagine if they had used this level of power to find Bin Laden or to verify intelligence sources on WMD's in Iraq... Just imagine if they used any of these tools, techniques and resources for National Security.

So what I am trying to say here, is: If you are waiting for them to come for you before you do anything, you are too late. They already have you, or at least all they need to get you. So why aren't you doing anything about it?

  1. If your answer is that you are not "Political", guess what? If you are still breathing, you are political, just not in a way that does you any good.
  2. If your answer is that you are "Conservative" or "Liberal" or any other word that inhibits you from objectively looking at your current situation, maybe you should ask yourself: How much is that word worth to you. Is it worth more to you than your family or your country?

I am not telling you to storm a castle here, just demand a proper investigation. If I am wrong, what will the cost be? Embarassment? Possibly a few million for fees associated with the investigation? But if you are wrong, it could cost us our freedom, our way of life, perhaps even our World.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Clawing Your Way to Failure

Bars are strange places. In an evening one can witness the worst traits of humanity promote themselves to acceptable behaviors, endorsed by the crowd, cheered by the mob. Working behind the bar I have heard the most bigoted and ignorant ideas go from embarrassed whispers to applauded mantras. But then again, every once in a while, you get to witness how fragile that social loafing really is.
Tonight I watched a group of men discuss "their politics". One by one they each agreed with one another's statements and added to them. "I'm a conservative." to "I'm a conservative who supports a strong hand." to "I'm a conservative and I say fuck them!" etc etc. Until the last one spoke. "Well, I'm a liberal. We need to take care of each other. It doesn't do us any good to help ourselves at the expense of the people around us. That's no way to be safe."
It's also worth noting that the alpha of a group is never the one who needs the others to justify his position. This guy did it remarkably well on his own.
I'd never heard it said so simply before.
Liberal, because we need to take care of each other.
Duh. It would have bit me. It should have bit me.

Therein lies the flaw in conservative logic. It is fundamentally an "Every man for himself" philosophy. That way lies madness, chaos, anarchy. This philosophy hampers survival. It doesn't really even help with evolu... oops. Nevermind. Back to the point. Remember 3 years ago and the images of people wedged in doorways trying to flee a nightclub fire in Rhode Island or the pepper spray in Chicago. Everyone of us thought to ourselves, "How the hell did they all get stuck like that?" Well, they all tried to get out by climbing over everyone else. If they hadn't clawed at the people ahead of them and just let them go first, most of them would have survived. As is they stampeded themselves to death. You are not going to get very far on the backs of others, but you will make it with their help.

The right-wing-spokesmodel-tough-guys won't tell you that. They are too busy ranting about security. Just look at this latest crisis. The "Broken Borders" BS. We don't need to build a wall between us and Mexico. Shit, look at the Great Wall of China, beautiful, but worthless. A wall is not going to stop people. Never has, never will. You want to stop illegal immigrants from moving here? Simple. Extend them all the labor rights of our citizens and enforce them. Enforce the minimum wage. Don't punish the guy trying to feed his family. Punish the guy keeping you from feeding yours. Employers who hire the illegals are clearly more concerned with profit than anything else. Make them pay for it. The demand for illegal labor would evaporate instantly if it cost the same as a legal workforce. Yes, some people would still cross the border, but think about this. Why should we as a country spend money on walls and guns when we could make money taxing the income? Allow them to work and use the 15.3% they pay into social security as motivation to gain citizenship. Either they go through the process and become citizens or the money goes into the general Social Security fund. Seems like a step in the right direction.

Bring everyone up. You can not be safe, no matter how much you spend, when all those around you are starving. If you want to be safe, you lift up the community and I do not mean only the cul-du-sac you live in. If you had all the wealth in the world, you could never secure that wealth from the world. Go ask the Romanovs, Loius the 16th, or anyone of the countless despots who thought their gold would protect them. That's the real Golden Rule: He who has the gold is a bright, shiny, slow moving target. There is nothing you can acquire that can not be taken from you.
Or, to get a bit closer to home on the issue, how do you benefit from American corporations moving there plants to third world countries? When a corporation uses cheap labor to manufacture its product, do they ever pass the savings on to you? When you allow a shoe company to import a product made in sweatshops by children, does the price go down? Does shopping at Mega Mart save you any money in the long run? No. Never. At best you pay a fraction less for a product that is made with considerably less quality. The store selling Union made products costs a dollar more per item, but you don't have to replace that item in a year. You get what you pay for.

One more thing, while I am near the subject. I have this need to point out irony when I see it. I think it comes from hearing too much Allanis Morrissette in the '90s. The running joke about the French over the last century has been, "French Generals are great at fighting the last war." They surrendered that dubious title recently to the Chickenhawks running this country. Those idiots turned Iraq into Viet Nam, created a new Cold War against shadows of boogey men and now they want to build the Maginot Line on the Rio Grande. Hell, they're not even great at fighting the last wars, just great at reenacting them from the losing sides. Well, thank god they changed the name on the menus to freedom fries. Can I get an order of the Failure Toast ala carte with that? Thanks.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Spreading the Disease

Anonymous said...
The problem as I see it is that many people are willing to ignore evidence that is presented to them that may challenge their preconceived notions. I cannot be the only "rightwinger" who has looked into problems with the official story of 911 and come away with a new perspective on the world. A few years ago, I laughed at "conspiracy theorists" but now, after what I have learned, I do not understand how everyone cannot see the crazy bastards behind the curtain or why this is not front page or primetime news every day.
The world has gone mad. No one tells the truth. We are fucked.
6:38 PM

I wish this person had not posted anonymous, because I would like to know them. You can find absolute truth in the oddest places. This person found it, accepted it, and paraphrased it perfectly. Additionally, this comment makes a great segway into a topic I love to rant about.

The truth does not set you free! In reality, the exact opposite is true. The lies set you free. Free from the responsibility of doing anything important. Free from the guilt. Free to go about your daily life. Doing your daily activities. Never having to risk your personal bubble. The lies allow them to be care free. That is why so many people vehemently oppose the truth. Not because they are evil or stupid. No, it is because the lies reassure them that they are not negligent in their duties to society. The lies comfort them in much the same way as a hug and the words "It's all gonna be OK." Well, it isn't.

The truth, on the other hand, is an affliction. It is a disease that can not be cured. In the Bible, what caused Adam and Eve to be cast out of the Garden? The knowledge of Good and Evil. The truth. It is the apple, it is also Pandora's Box. Once learned, it can not be unlearned. Short of braining yourself, there is nothing you can do about it. Once it gets inside you, it becomes this overwhelming malignancy that quickly goes systemic and takes you over. Oh, and it is indeed a terminal illness. One way or another, most people infected with it meet their demise because of it. Homicide, suicide, and the slow death of living with it make for a very high mortality rate.

The Truth is also highly contagious, but in a very odd way. A person can go their whole life, surrounded by its victims and never catch it. Others turn on their TV set and it hits them like a stray bullet. Wham, their life as they knew it just ended. Never again will they be able to go about their daily activities in blind ignorance of the darker side of life. The worst part is: Once you catch it, you want to spread it to everyone else.

Alcoholism is unique in that it is the only disease you can be yelled at for having. The Truth is unique in that it is the only disease that people willingly spread to their loved ones and friends without remorse. Also, the people you give it to are usually thankful to have it. At least at first. I have had it for a while. I don't know if thankful is the appropriate word for how I feel about it.

On the bright side, there is a treatment. It is not the kind prescribed by your Doctor. You know, the guy who just received a kick back for getting you to buy an overpriced designer drug that only eliminates your symptoms, never their cause. No, this treatment goes after the root of the problem. First internally, then externally it finds the cause and eliminates it. Fix yourself, fix the world, and then we can all go back to mowing our yards and playing with our children. Care free and easy.

Monday, January 09, 2006

While You're At It, Ask For a Pony, Too.

"As soon as Iraq stabilizes..." CRAP!
"Well, we're there now so..." MORE CRAP!
"We can't leave..." TOTAL B.S.!!
I'm sorry, did that confuse you? Inside the quotes are phrases that I hear everyday. The All caps stuff is what every single person who hears those words should be saying in response to them. Still confused? Well, I hate to break it to you, but Iraq is not going to stabilize as long as Coalition troops are within it's borders.
Here's why. Forget right and wrong, or who's fault it is that we are there. We'll get back to that in a minute. No matter which side you are on, the facts are:
Iraq was invaded and occupied by US and UK forces.
Iraqis are a nationalistic people.
Any government put into power by the occupation will be viewed as treasonous by the Iraqis.
Any government put into power by a political system designed by the occupation will be viewed as treasonous by the Iraqis.
Any government in power and defended by the occupation will be viewed as treasonous by the Iraqis.
Any government in power while occupational forces are in Iraq will be viewed as treasonous by the Iraqis.
Why? Well, would we think anything else if we were invaded and occupied? No.
So, my point is this. Go ahead and have all the free elections you want. Celebrate the political activities to your hearts content. And while your fantasizing all of that, pretend you have a nice new pony to play with, also. Might as well, its just as real as the rest of the dream.

If we leave Iraq today- 50,000 people will die in the ensuing chaos that comes with a nation forming.
If we leave tomorrow- 50k plus whoever dies tonight.
If we leave a year from now- 50k plus all those who die in that year.
If we leave 10 years from now- 50k plus 10 years worth of ever increasing blood shed.

Get the point?

Oh and this War was wrong, stupid and the Bush administrations fault. It was ran by investment driven corporations, their puppets in the White House and an incompetent bunch of strategists led by Donald Rums-failed.

You want a talking point for this year?
The military has 2 jobs.
1) Kill people.
2) Break stuff.

How can nation building be accomplished using only those 2 abilities?

Ask anyone you talk to who promotes keeping our military in Iraq. Keep asking them till they come up with an answer or they come to reality.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

OK, this is way too long, but...

This is a series of posts (4) from Newsbusters, a Conservative Journalist watchdog. I was trying to make a point. I think it worked. This place is, without a doubt, the most frenzied partisan Forum I have ever seen. I liked the place, but am a bit upset that after the last response they shut down all non member posting and did not allow me to join. Too bad. That's sad. Bye-Bye.

Reverend X (not verified) Says:
January 5, 2006 - 06:53
I agree. And I'd like to add: What if the polarization of the US wasn't an accident? As long as the people are at each others throat, all the politicians can do whatever they wish. The flaw inherent in totalitarian regimes is the lack of a scapegoat. When things go wrong, it is easy to focus the blame. American ingenuity solved that problem. Two parties, outwardly antagonistic of eachother, but working together for their own self interests. The Patriot act was not a conservative idea. Many GOP oppose it still. Lieberman wrote it, Bush uses it. The media bias killed journalism from both sides. Letterman and Orrielly debated a subject that effects us all. But no one is discussing it. Not with this much blood in the water. As long as we waste all of our energies attacking eachother, we won't have the strength to stand up for ourselves.

Bush is giving our Nation away to corporate entities that would, quite literally put all of us into salt mines if they could turn a profit by doing such. Of course, they never would have gotten this level of control if Clinton hadn't given them the keys to the White House.Liberal/Conservative. Who made this crap up. The political spectrum is identical at it's furthest ends. Stalin, Hitler, I don't see any difference in the way they governed.

Katrina should have woken people up. We lost a metropolitan city. Not to a storm. Not because the Republican federal Government did nothing. Not because the Democrats running the state did nothing. Either one could have done the job. Neither did. They pointed fingers and blamed eachother as a city drowned. If any of them had had the slightest interest in pulling off a PR victory, they would have shut up, grabbed whatever they could and helped. Instead they purposely with held their resources waiting for things to get worse so they could begin again withthe "Look how bad they are" campaign. They sent in shooters fast enough while the media lied to the public. Research, evidence? Find any to corraborate the reports of snipers, roving gangs, anything they claimed. Looting? I wouldn't starve to death outside a grocery store waiting for approval to bust a window and get food. Would you? But the orders went out fast enough to shoot looters on sight. "The american people should be helping eachother." That was the justification for those orders Bush gave, and the Governor agreed to instantly. The Americans were helping eachother. It was just hard to do with mercs shooting at them.

Any former military here? Yeah of course. You know Blackwater "Contractors". If you were ever deployed in combat anywhere near them you've probably thought about fraggin them at least once. Seriously. Well, the Feds and the State had those guys on the ground in NOLA days before National Guard troops were even called up. So I guess there were roving gangs of thugs shooting up the city. They just weren't native.

This is going on all around us. We dont have a two party system. That would involve a majority party and an oppositional party. I don't see any. I do see a country on the verge of Civil War. It ain't Iraq.

So Orrielly gets on Letterman. They have spat. Both sides declare victory for their what? What are these guys? Actors? yeah. Political experts? No. Leaders? No. Entertainers? yeah in the same style as the WWE. Only thing is, I am not entertained anymore. Are you? It is time for this show to get cancelled.

We got anger and energy everywhere you look. It's time to quite looking at eachother down in the muck and look up the hill at the friggin party that's been goin on. None of them are worse off from the war. deficit, weather. And we are paying the bill. Rush hasn't lost any weight and micheal moore's fatter than ever. Everyone I knows gettin that lean hungry look.


Or we could just kill ourselves for their amusement. It's up to you. Your choice.

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BD Says:
January 5, 2006 - 18:56
Hey REV:

I attempted to follow your screed, but it was nearly impssible as it follows no logical thought train. WHAT THE HELL are you trying to say?

Regarding your paragraph dealing with Blackwater personnel in theater. I worked with several of them both times I was in theater. I had no problems with them. I bear them no ill will, they perform a task that needed to be performed and we do not have enough SOF forces to do these tasks even if we moved every SF group in the US to theater.

Are you saying that the roving gangs shooting up New Orleans are foreigners? Really? Myself, I would assume they are the denizens of the projects who regularly cause trouble. When offered the opportunity to rip off everything in sight and cause all forms of trouble with out interference from the overly corrupt NO police, they took the bait.

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Reverend X (not verified) Says:
January 6, 2006 - 00:11
Did not mean to lose you there. It's a


example 1 paragraph

example 2 paragraph

example 3 paragraph


That was the format for the logic train. Ok, my point was simple. There is no actual debate going on here. Just antagonism and over reaction. And it's not just here. Everywhere I go online and off I hear the same animosity. This country is polarizing quickly. Why is that? I am saying that there is more to this than the public's disparate views on current events. I think there is a concerted effort by corporate and governmental interests to keep us fighting with each other so we don't have the presence of mind to notice that we are getting screwed. This country does not have a two party system. The liberal bias and the conservative bias of the different media organizations are intended to fuel these fires. Clinton deregulated the media in 97. Now there are 5 groups controlling all the television news and networks. Clear channel has gobbled up radio stations in every market and the newspapers are pretty much in lock step with tv sand radio. We have allowed our information supply lines to be taken over by a very select group of people. Viacom, aol time warner and Rupert murdoch decide what is news. Well, the news is what they hide from us and everything they show is advertising. We would have noticed this, but we are too busy buying what they are selling. Look at the anger and hatred growing in this forum alone. The topic of this thread was Bill Orrielly's guest spot on Letterman. Orrielly did not go on to talk with Letterman. They might as well have promoted this as "The Melee on the Tele". These two entertainers, for lack of a better word, got together and resupplied us with talking points to fire at each other. It worked. Just look at the point/ counter-point on this page alone. I am suggesting we all muzzle our attack dogs and take a good look at where this is going. Call a temporary truce and see if this liberal / conservative bias thing is real or if it is just a corporate marketing scheme to divide and conquer us. I am as guilty, if not more so, than anyone here in bearing my teeth and spitting insults at ideology. But I am starting to get the sneaking suspicion that we are being played. I posted that first entry at DU also. Now I will probably post this one there cuz I can assume they had a similiar reaction to it. We are all more alike than any of us will admit at the moment.


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BD Says:
January 6, 2006 - 00:29
God, I hate to tell you this, but that is the WORST paragraph I have seen in weeks. Perhaps if you concentrated only one major thought per paragraph, it would be readable.

For instance (Note the paragraph-hint) you could reorganize your thoughts into a readable format and try again tomorrow.

If you need assistance, i would be very happy to edit the paragraph you submitted and make it readable. Consider it a learning experience. Just let me know if you want me to do so.

Ok. so I laid it out in an English 102 format and I lost him. I slammed it all together in a pile, lost him again. Seeing as the only part of my argument he could find fault with was the text structure, I'll assume he agreed with everything I said. Well, apart from the Mercenary bit in the first entry. He claims his rank to be Lt. Colonel so I can see his point. Officers love killers who are on their side, but not under their Command. Takes the responsibility for the war crimes off of them.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Fall in more Detail. Step by 2 -Step

This is a reply to an email I recieved recently. Thought it might be of use here.

I think this is the point where most people over estimate the event, it's creators, and the prep work. But first, good ole #7. This is really the key to the whole thing. Not to conspiracy but to profiling the masterminds. #7 was a cluster fuck of bad judgment. It was timed poorly, dropped perfectly and expected to simply vanish from the collective memory. It almost did. In recent history we have had 2 other events with the same signature disregard for reality. Oklahoma City and Waco. Waco was the first and the gutsiest use of the media to completely alter the public’s perception of an event. More so it created the reality. We were told that 160# people locked themselves in a compound for the purpose of worshipping the Anti-Christ and raping a bunch of kids. When discovered, they ambushed the surprised and outgunned ATF agents who only went down there that day to check on the well being of the children. After a long struggle the ATF escaped and called in the FBI to negotiate a surrender. In that position the FBI used a non violent approach. Heck, they didn’t even fire a shot. To spite this peaceful delegation, the Davidians decided to immolate themselves.
Please disregard any evidence to the contrary you may have seen. Like the tanks pumping cz into the building. The incendiary grenades thrown thru the windows to ignite the gas. All the FLIR video of suppression fire from multiple persons outside the compound, which actually worked to push the victim, I mean cultists back into the inferno. Oh, and please don’t listen to any of the hours of 911 tape from the devil worshippers. They were trying to win the propaganda war with their completely insincere, but amazingly well acted pleas for help to the police. Not only is the accepted story complete BS with no supporting evidence and a mountain saying otherwise, but it doesn’t even need the easily disproven claims like ”The FBI didn’t fire a single shot”!
Did anyone care that 160+ citizens were besieged and burned to death for failure to pay an arsenal tax on 2 purchases of 5000 rounds of ammo? No. And that is what really happened. That was why the ATF stormed the complex. When you buy ammo, any purchases of 5000 or more rounds has a tax on it called an arsenal tax. I can't remember the rate, but it is more than high enough to make people avoid it. If you shoot, 5000 rounds is not a whole lot. I'll run 2k thruogh a hand gun for practice any given afternoon. Of course, if you shoot you also have at one time or another gone to 2-3 different stores and bought 4500 rounds at each. Why pay the tax? Well, cuz that's illegal. It's tax evasion. Everyone does it though. The Davidians did it and were put to death for it. Kinda like getting lynched for Jay walking. I am not going to get into any more details of their murder, but check out "Waco- The rules of engagement” for the over view.
Then came Oklahoma city. 4800# of anfo was driven 50 miles by 2 guys, placed outside a building, detonated and it went off like Cardinal Slip E. Phist on a preschooler at a Catholic Mixer.. Bullshit. That much anfo, would have made a hole in the parking lot that would not need immediate repair. Plus, you can’t move it once mixed and that is saying you have the chemistry degree and OCD necessary to mix the manure and gasoline perfectly. They could have gone to the reservation and bought $100 dollars worth of m-80s and had a much more powerful explosive. So there we have two incidents with absurd explanations swallowed hook line and sinker like coke filled condom at a border crossing. And you know what? Other than the experts: i.e. generals, the guy who invented flir cameras, demo crews, physicists, professors and the like, you know smart people, not a single person has even noticed.
Now look at #7. The powers that be put 15 million worth of upgrades into #7 within a year of 9-11. One whole self contained floor with blast proof windows, it's own air and water, every possible type of communication device and mile high security for no reason whatsoever. Then, on 9-11 Rudy, “I busted two Irish guys and called them the mob” Juliani holds court there with Fema and about 30 business associates on the same day the buildings were hit. Of course, something went wrong. The buildings did not go boom when the planes hit. They didn’t even shimmy much. Why? Because they were designed to do that when hit by planes. Not if, when. It was a priority of the architect to make ‘em plane proof. So the Hollywood FX circuit board fails to trigger the explosions on impact. What now? Start checkin wires. This goes on for a little less than an hour. Someone phones and Rudy and his buddies come flying out of #7 like their lives depended on it. Of course, I would have bolted 52 minutes earlier when the second plane came in. Not them though. They stayed bravely until 4 minutes before the first tower goes off. That’s lucky timing. Why did they run then? Well , for 52 minutes a couple of demo gurus have been randomly zingin wires to see what works. That has caused random booms on the other end, destabilizing the buildings. They figure they better light one up before it fall across the city. The tech guy tells Rudy that he doesn’t know if the tops will pop to dust on the way down. You see towers were built plane proof, but the wires connecting the sequencer to the bombs like the Bush family to corporate bail outs wasn’t . The mild fires could have removed the insulation the wires needed to carry current down the line. Side note- Somehow, the guys at homecoming Queen (Popular, right?) Mechanics mix this up with the idea that without asbestos mittens, steel melts at toaster temperatures. Actually they would have lasted forever with or without the fireproofing. Now back to Rudy-tooty-haulin-booty out the building. He and his posse exit building left and inadvertently start the next big fashion trend for Asia. Air filter masks. A couple shots of the great escapees whipping their ‘don’t leave home without ‘em’ breath masks and the next two years China goes Chin-less, mouthless, and noseless under Rudy’s fad fashion sense. It takes a great man to think to pack an air filter on a beautiful autumn day. I would never have guessed that I would soon be in a shit cloud of asbestos if I’d been in his shoes that day.
Speaking of Asbestos. Funny coincidence here. If not for the Wars Halliburton would have been sunk under the weight of all the lawsuits Cheney got as a surprise gift for buying a piss ant company a couple years earlier. The terrorists really did him a favor by putting Halliburton back in the black with cost plus one contracts to provide everything but the bullets and the bodies needed to hunt down and kill those terrorists. And it really helped when legislation was passed to keep the homeland secure from trivial lawsuits for alleged losses people claimed when their loved ones died of Mesothelyoma. If you don’t know what that is, watch late night tv commercials. Yep., nothing more dangerous to the US than trivial lawsuits putting hurtful cash drains on the asbestos industry just because it knew it was killing people when it kept their steel from burning up in fires. But, wait, the Homeland is more than just asbestos manufacturing companies run by Cheney, Right?
Thanx for the reminder. Brave Billy Frist saw the vulnerability and attached protections for the ‘barely keeping their heads above water’ pharmaceutical companies, to the Patriot acts 1 and #2. So what if your kid has a pound of Mercury in his head and can’t spell dad backwards at 18? He didn’t get the flu did he? See, vaccinations are important and best preserved cheaply. Back to the story.
The 1st tower goes off. The top thirty floors do a redneck cannonball at #7, but turn to dust like a Buffy bad guy half way down. Six is sunk under the powder, but 7 lives to die another day... or 5 hours later, whichever comes first.
Everybody gets what they want. Rudy goes on to run for the Senate. Too bad the ass cancer holds him back (Maybe there is a God!). Rummy gets to play Napoleon in the upcoming reenactment of Waterloo. Bush gets respect and everyone forgets about the election he stole. Cheney gets the Middle East and most of America. Big Pharma gets to sleep soundly at night knowing that the next generation is going to be to fucked up on ethyl-mercury to even say litigation, let alone spell it or try it. The Nuclear weapons industry gets to pull out all that pesky waste they’ve been hiding in storage sheds and sell it to the Pentagon. The Pentagon gets to equip the military with super bullets that not only kill the enemy, but also take care of any vets who survive the two stop loss wars. Think of what they can do with all the money they save since none of the guys they promised to pay at retirement will live that long with lungs full of DU. Social Security will be fine, since the asbestos floating around the East coast will keep just about everyone there from making it to 65. Silverstein gets 3,5 billion in insurance for a 300 million dollar 6 week investment and he saves 800 million thanx to terrorist asbestos removal. Everyone lives happily ever after, rich and righteous.

Well, except the common man that is. Srew them. With their mortality rate for the next 100 years, not like they are gonna be all that common anymore anyways.