Sunday, March 29, 2009

OK, for the final time.. How the system works.

Throughout history, humanity has suffered incredible injustices and abuse from its governments and leaders. The powerful crave more power. The Rich crave more wealth. The people take it on the chin, because they think that that is what they are supposed to do. Eventually the status quo becomes unlivable. The people stand up, go find their leaders, go all Clive Barker on the elite and start the whole cycle over again.

Example. The Bourbon Dynasty of France.. circa 1600's. The Bourbon kings amassed the wealth of the Nation into their pockets, partied their asses off and impressed the other European blue bloods with lavish parties. They lit up their hills and reveled while the starving masses starved below. Eventually, the masses had enough and the next day, they had to invent a new device to kill the aristocracy fast enough.

Skip to the present. American ingenuity has solved the "Easy Target" problem of the Bourbons. Instead of one group taking the blame for the economic imbalance, have a two-party system. Make sure to polarize the two groups beyond any rational thought, that way the people on each side will have to stay way the fuck away from the people on the other side. As long as you ca keep 40% of the population spitting insults at the the other side , there will never be enough cohesion to allow for revolution. And don't lose any sleep over the 20% who have enough common sense to stay independent. Both sides hate them.

If you don't believe me, look into the support and financial backing of any politician. They are all paid equally by the same groups. Big Pharma, Oil, HMO's etc... "They are as rich in English title as Scottish ones. Why would they risk that to fight for their country?" -Edward the Longshanks from the Movie "Braveheart".

I saw a game plan that actually made sense the other day.. Fire the Fed and the IRS. Institute a flat tax. Mandatory public funding of all elections. Total transparency of gifts and ifluence. Limit the President to one 6 year term. Limit Congress and the Senate to two terms each. Judicial Appointments to be reviewed by the Public, amd Judicial terms beung indefinite, but not for life. Make a voter ballot style removal procedure. I would add, reinstatement of the 7-7-7 law. Break up the media monopoly. End the War on Drugs. Retract the Hanes Act. Allow Community WI-FI Programs to launch by removing corporate injunctions of Taxpayer benefits for the systems they already paid for.. etc etc..

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it would be a good start.

Friday, March 27, 2009

In Memory of Lee Fuller

As I am involved in a commercial venture with similar address and am still the faithless preacher I've always been, I have been asking a single question of our newly self acclaimed "Reform" Party.

One Response to “The 912 Project”

“The government, made up of our elected representatives, the people we chose to represent our interests in Washington, D.C., and our various state and local government centers, has become a political machine operating on the principal that if something is popular, then it’s OK. This “government by popularity poll” has gotten us into the mess we’re in today, and doesn’t seem capable of getting us out of it.”

Not trying to split hairs here… but the popularity debacle of which you speak is called “democracy” in lay man’s terms. The Greeks experimented with it a few thousand years ago and discarded it as a valid form of government once they realized that; “Given the opportunity, the empowered people would invariably vote to give themselves the sum of the treasury.”

That being said.. and of course, being evidenced by recent events… What do you suggest as a solution? I am sincerely interested in your answer and am not here facetiously.

I anxiously await your response.

Side note... As was once told to me by a wise man....

"It is easy to start a reform movement. Everything sucks. No one likes that. Point out the vague negative effects of which the majority believe they are experiencing and you can hook them all in the short term. In the long term you fail, because wiser men than me have been trying, in vain, to solve those problems since the beginning of human history. Yeah, its all fucked up.
We know that. We just don't know how to fix it." -Lee Fuller (R) Texas

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wha? The Fa?

When Bush wire tapped everyone, Beck and the Bunch said, "Trust your leader" When Fallujah was genocided in 2004 by the US forces using chemical weapons, they said the same. Habaes corpus, gone. Torture, accepted. Nations invaded, atmosphere destroyed, oceans raped.. all of the media but Olberman waving flags to hide their duct taped mouths and no one had a problem...
Then a black guy moves into the white house and its the end of the American Dream? No one else find this funny?

The State of the Nunion (pronounced new niun)

I have a basic problem with the factions arguing this issue. My problem is that I can remember events and parties involved for longer than any network commercial break.
I am against the bail out! I was against it when conservatives were doing theirs. I am against the liberal labeled amount as well. I was also against the unweighed and uncounted pallets of $ shipped to Iraq.
!2 months ago, I was a leftist dissident in this country. Today I am a right wing-nut. My opinions have not changed. This happens to me every 8 years or so. Our govt changes it's position on a perceived political spectrum/graph, but it's actions, behaviors and agenda stay exactly the same. We are told to blame "them" and watch "them" while our freedom is flanked and eaten from both sides...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Science Fiction franchise Project 912 forced to launch early, creating the very first Open Source series in the history of media

Paranoid conspiracy Science Fiction site Project 912 is forced to launch early in the wake of Glenn Beck's paranoid conspiracy site 912 Project.

Open Source Entertainment
A team of producers, directors, and actors calling themselves Project 912, who have spent the last year developing a science fiction franchise for the Internet, have moved the launch of the world's first open source science fiction series forward several months, in part due to conservative talk show host Glenn Beck's launch of a similarly named site. The Project 912 team is currently filming episodes in the Pacific North West and was set to launch the site May 25 2009.

The storyline revolves around an underground resistance movement fighting a secret war against multi-dimensional beings known only as "The Threat". The Threat controls every aspect of our society through five corporations, Infinity Cable, Hygea Pharmacueticals, Hancock Worldwide, DemTech Foods,
and The Kinkaid Group, known collectively as "The Fist". The only way for the resistance to see any member of the Threat is to take a highly addictive drug known on the streets as "Clear".

The first season's "Series Bible," laying out the plot parameters which content creators must adhere to, is available online at Project 912. Anyone can download it, create content, and then upload their content to the Project 912 website as an open source submission. As people add content, the storyline will adapt to reflect the public input. Later versions of the Series Bible will evolve as additions are added by the community, making it a completely dynamic experience. The main storyline will be available on and a worldwide content creation contest will soon
be underway.

Andros Sturgeon and the Future of Entertainment
"My earliest childhood memory is of sitting at the knee of my father; author Theodore Sturgeon, at science fiction conventions and hanging out with the original cast of Star Trek." Says concept creator Andros Sturgeon. "I've always been fascinated by the amazing ideas fans would come up with, and am well aware of some of the incredible fan films which have been made based on other franchises like Star Wars and Star Trek, some of them better than the original stories they are based on. While I believe that this kind of user-created content is the future of the entertainment industry, no one in Hollywood does, and if they say they do, they have no idea of how to do it.

"We have a social networking site up and running at On this site, people can create characters, upload content and soon, they will actually be able to play those characters online in a 912 RPG.

We have a whole list of really innovative ideas that we will be launching in the next few months, including smart phone apps and exclusive video on demand content.

Project 912 vs. The 912 Project...enter Glenn Beck
The Project 912 team had the intention of launching the entire endeavor in early May of 2009, when on Friday March 13th, the Project 912 email box was suddenly filled with people wanting to join The Human Resistance.

"I hadn't launched yet, but all of a sudden, we had 60,000 visitors in the course of a few hours. Project 912 was the most Googled item according Google Trends," says Sturgeon. "I had no idea why, but it didn't take long to figure it out."

Beck’s launch of his “9 Principles and 12 Values” Project, which was initially showcased by a Prime Time Fox News Special, led to the unexpected mass exposure and subsequent early launch of Project 912.

"The hilarity of the whole thing is that Beck's site is all about a government conspiracy.” Sturgeon added, “You know, Obama and Pelosi are boogie-men, out to take away our guns and our freedoms and what not, while no one is paying attention. Our site is about multi-dimensional beings who control everything, having taken away our freedoms while no one was paying attention. We've been inundated with emails from Beck's followers who don't realize the difference between science fiction and what he says on his show."

Aside from filming original content, Project 912 will be launching a contest in the next few days for fans to create original content. There are plans to hold film festival in Portland this summer.

The "Team”
In addition to Andros Sturgeon, the Project 912 team includes among others, actor Rod Piper, writer George Clayton Johnson, and acclaimed viral video producer Andi West, known to millions as Reverend X of Blasted Reality, Creator/Editor of the blog sites A Post Apocalyptic and Killing Time.


For more information, go to Or you may contact Andros Sturgeon directly at

Monday, March 16, 2009

A Letter from my Boss

Subject Heading: Glen Beck's 912 project VS. SF internet series project912

What is Project 912? Why are thousands of Glen Beck's viewers either accusing me of hacking his site or joining something called the "Human Resistance"? How did my website get 50,000 hits in an hour thanks to Mr. Beck?

My name is Andros Sturgeon. I am an Internet Media Producer and Entertainment Pioneer. I'm producing an online Science Fiction series here in the Pacific Northwest called ‘Project 912'. Without a doubt, it will be the most subversive series in the history of entertainment. Science Fiction is in my blood, passed on from my father, author Theodore Sturgeon .

A bit of background. About a year ago, I had an idea for a Science Fiction series. A damn good one. Something so unique and so original that I knew it would have legs. I grew up in LA, worked in the industry for almost 10 years and knew a few people. Made some calls set up some meetings and flew out to my old stomping ground in Hollywood.

I pitched 'Project 912' as a TV show... as an online game. As a social networking site. And much, much more. ‘Project 912' is as revolutionary as the Iphone... transfiguration into a whole new entity. It's Web 3.0 or maybe 3.1. Nothing like what we are doing here has ever been done before.

And that was the problem. Lots of doors slammed in my face. A few more on my foot.

So I went back to the drawing board and decided to go completely outside the studio system. I've been quietly working on this for the past year. Next thing I know, Mr. Beck creates a site that sounds very similar to mine and from what I can tell, even gave out my URL,, by accident, forcing me to pre-launch a bit earlier than expected.

Right now, I have an army of about 40 volunteers, a screen writing team, a storyboard artist and a production team ready to go. Every day people ask to help out. We are just a few weeks from principle photography. But we aren't stopping there. We have an entire world of web content. We have a social networking site up and running and we are designing an online game. The guy who runs the web design part of the Project found an illustrator out of nowhere and is creating a six issue graphic novel. That's being worked on as you read this. Look me up on and you'll see I've gone from 1.8 million in ranking to 250,000. And we haven't gone live yet. The reaction and support was surreal to begin with.

So it's rather funny that I'm getting emails from Glen Beck fans. See, as I said, my series is entirely subversive. It's about a secret war between humans and hidden beings known as "The Threat." In my storyline, everything you experience in this world is put there and manufactured by The Threat to keep humans as a slave workforce. It's a vast, paranoid conspiracy.

The only difference between my storyline and Glen Beck's is the substitution of "The Threat" for the names "Nancy Pelosi and "Barack Obama".

Even funnier is the notion that in going to my site, a frantic message tells you have stumbled onto the human resistance, yet it is quickly obvious that one is dealing with a work of fiction.

However, my email box is currently filled with paranoid rants from Beck's fans, asking me if they can join my resistance thinking my site is his.

I'm not sure if it says more about Beck's fans that they can't tell the difference between reality and Science Fiction, or more that my storyline feels completely real to people.

We'll find out when we go live in the next month or two.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me here:

Thank you,

Andros T. Sturgeon

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Glenn Beck, Irony and a Twist of Fate

It would appear that Glenn Beck has launched a web site with a similar url to Project 912. It would also appear that he either gave out the wrong url or that his viewers misunderstood the address and have been visiting us.

What Project 912 is...
An open source multi media entertainment concept which is still in development.
The story line has been created.
Multiple web sites have been created as anchors for the concept.
A web series of short video clips is currently in production in Portland, OR and surrounding areas. A 6 issue comic book is being finished at this moment and will be going to the publishers by next month.
A social network has been launched to help content creation and to be the base for an online role playing game.