Thursday, September 22, 2005

Quick, to the point.

Clinton could not define "is" and Bush needs to learn the meaning of "leak". For President it is inexcusable, but for Supreme Court Justice it is unthinkable to put a man who apparently could not define the word "in". As in "In the Federalists" which he must have misdefined or surely he would have admitted his leadership role of said group. How can we trust Roberts to define Our Constitiution when we can not trust him with a simple preposition?

Oh, and an afterthought regarding McCain-Fiengold (legislation that Roberts will someday judge)-
Funny, the Right wants my words. The Left wants my guns. If I did not know better I might believe the 2 party system is a sham designed to keep everyone playing the blame game while the rich loot the ranch. But that would cause a ridiculous bi-polar electorate too busy arguing talking points to see their own shared goals. oh wait...

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Da Bya Code

Ok, this one is short. I finally figured out what is going on. This whole Katrina Issue left a nagging question in the back of my head. After reviewing memo's, policy directives, etc. I noticed a repetitive pattern of "Tomorrow" "At the meeting tomorrow." and the like. The White House shuts down at 5pm et. No exceptions. In case of Emergency, please hold and an operator will be with you in the morning. What kinda crap is that? Look at the memos and what not yourself. Check it out. Everything occurring after noon or 1pm pt is slotted for a next day meeting. Even his trips to the Gulf photo shoot are wrapped up and done by that time. That does explain a lot. I have had more commitment to dishwashing jobs. I know day laborers who will stick around if things need finishing. God forbid anyone from a hostile country figures out our Easily invaded window.
One more thing for the code. Whenever Bush says something, anything really but dramatic global ideas work the best... Put the word "Mostly!" at the end of his sentences. It's funny and it illuminates the reality within his obfuscation. "We gonna do what's right, mostly." "I want to see the truth prevail, mostly."

That's it for know.

Friday, September 09, 2005

An Actual Conspiracy Theory for Comparison

With the 4th Anniversary of 9-11 still in our memory I thinks it's time someone clarifies the difference between the terms: Conspiracy Theory, Criminal Allegation, and Psychotic Delusion. This should be self explanatory, but apparently it isn't. OK here goes:
Conspiracy Theory- an as of yet unproven, but logically sound argument involving a criminal act planned by 2 or more people.
Criminal Allegation- An accusation of illegal activity
psychotic Delusion- An unfounded belief. Thinking that Dubya is honest, caring or Compassionate. Hell, fiscally he is not even a Conservative.

In the 4 years since 9-11 the field of microbiology has had an abnormally high drop out rate. When I checked last, 89 of the world's top Viral Pathologists and researchers had met their demise at the hands of ???. Well, no one knows. As of yet there are still no convictions or even notable investigations into this anomaly. Add to that the increased budget of our defense department, notably in the field of bioweapons as mentioned in Congress yesterday by Representative McKinney of Georgia
"Now, another thing that we need to know about, there are so many things that our government does in our name with our tax dollars, on our behalf supposedly, that we do not know about. The Bush administration has opened up these biodefense labs all over the country. In about 20, 25 universities around the country we
have got biodefense labs studying I do not know what. I can remember the Tuskegee Study. I remember MK-Ultra as an African American. I remember Paul Robeson. But Tulane University is under water, and Tulane University houses one of these biodefense labs.
We need to know what the heck was in that lab, what was going on in that biodefense lab."

Factor in the recent transformation of New Orleans into the largest Petri dish in Human History. And what do we have? I don't know, but it scares the crap out of me.
As of yet this is not even a conspiracy theory yet. As you can see, my research is adequate, but I have yet to offer a hypothesis as to who or why. Eventually, if searches pan out, facts stand up and everything checks out, this radom wondering might become a Conspiracy Theory. So, before you write CTs off as paranoia, run your personal beliefs and pardigm through this process. See if anything you "know" to be true holds up as well as a conspiracy theory. I think you will be surprised.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The Produced Reality issue 1

I would like to thank everyone involved in the spread of this info. On both sides of the argument. Whether you are liberal, conservative, or other you have to have noticed the lack of actual information coming down the newswire of late (of late? How bout as long as I can recall it has been steadily getting worse.) The Right sees a left bias, and the Left sees a right bias, I see a corporate bias against the public interest. Any way you see it, it is a problem for all of us. I'm certain that everyone agrees that the mainstream media has abandoned their duties. I realized one day, about a year ago, that I could knew more about the everyday goings on IN Paris Hilton than in Paris, France. That I knew more about the complexities of Bennifer than the EU. This is embarrassing but, I still have a better understanding of the conflict between Hillary Duff and Lindsey Lohan than I do about the US/ N. Korean impasse. The News has become the opiate of the masses. It decides elections, tragedies, and agendas. This latest tragedy in New Orleans is bad, really bad, but it is not any worse than the daily atrocities in Danfur. Too bad no one knows what or where Danfur is.
The networks assail us with soundbytes and polls marketed for the sole purpose of widening the chasm between the two points of view in this country. Wait, how do we have only two points of view. We rarely see two matching eyewitness accounts about anything, but every news worthy event can be pidgin holed into two narrow mindsets. You will never see a random man on the street interview that sounds like' "Well, I am angry at FEMA for not taking charge of the situation, but the Mayor should have stepped up the moment he realized that federal aid was not forthcoming. Instead, locals veritably campaigned blame forcing the federal govt into a defensive media blitz of their own." Thousands of people died! Officials from both camps squandered life saving resources filming 'See how much I care? I am flying over and assessing damages, thru this little window." advertisements for themselves.
We can satellite image anything and it would make sense to have the officials coordinating rescue efforts, in contact with eachother. Why is it that they did not all go to a primary headquarters and work together to help the people of New Orleans? Why? Because of the popularity contest we call Politics. Corporate sponsored, media screened, governmental lies and abuses, oh my. I saw a quote the other day, "The news is what they hide from us, the rest is advertising." Yup, fraid so... Rove and his talking points, the nightly news has controlled our watercooler talk for generations. They also ensure what we aren't talking about by ridiculing the topic. Polls push opinion to the "Winning side" soundbites anger us by picking the most asinine confrontational opinions and slamming them into us repeatedly.
I sent out an email, which I will be the first to admit, was slanted straight from an Anti-Bush position. I have since been in contact with a lot of people. In four days the email and email postings have bashed from both sides into an almost middle ground opinion. If we allowed for contrary voices in our discussion groups, we might actually figure out how to fix our problems.

I for one am open to some new ideas.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Why we need the Lurkers

Here is an e-mail I received recently:
"So now we're going to blame this unfortunate natural disaster on the President? Give me a freakin break! Way to go Reverend X! Instead of pointing your finger and using it to type out idiotic farces on your interpretation of past political decisions why don't you lift that mighty finger of yours and lend a hand to our brothers in need in La, Miss, and Ala. You really think the President has weakened National security and that's why the Gulf region was hit by this Hurricane? President Bush in his tenure. Is responsible for global warming? Oh yeah, and let's not forget that if 35% more of our Louisisana National Guard was still here that everybody would have been saved by now! I've seen my dog out in the yard use more thought to create a turd than this dumb ass used on these couple shitty paragraphs. How about let's not send this out to anybody and focus our energies on the problem at hand rather than try to turn it into another reason to bash the President. Holy crap.......Unbelievable! "

The writer's anger is perfectly justified. He also has done me the service of working as my editor. I do not spend much of my time writing anymore since I realized that 5 minutes of flash can do more than a million novels no one is going to read anyways. That being so, sometimes I leave out important details. Thank you, all, for reminding me.
Here are the points I should clarify:
1) I don't blame Bush for the hurricane. Much the same way that I would not hold a skydiving instructor who removed a students parachute just prior to yelling jump. Accountable for gravity. The gravity is merely the unwitting and uneffectable assistant in the murder. It is the conscious removal of the necessary safeguards that I blame the Bush Admin's Core policies for. The premeditated, obsequious push is the crime, not the proximity to mass.
2) Even though Al mixed his modifiers again, I think it is important to answer the National Security question. Yes, Bush has overextended our defense force, resources, and response capabilities to the point of vulnerability. You want more proof? Watch TV some more, they run the evidence backing my claim every 15 minutes. I won't jump to conclusions and say that the difference in response time from 9-11 and now is Bush's fault because of the Iraq War. I see the distinct possibility that the quasi-prescient reaction time of FEMA, the FBI and the rest of the Fed Gov on 9-11, had more to do with their knowledge of the plan and involvement in it's implementation. Much like a hacker writing antivirus code. Make the fix, cause the problem.
3) Bush, in his tenure on the throne, took an environment teetering on the edge of disaster and drove a humvee into while drinking Mad Dog 20/20. Cause Global Warming? No. Give it the oomf felt round the world? Yes.
4) 35% of total National guardsman. 95% of Combat/ Security/ Rifle guardsman.
5) "turd, ass, shitty, crap, energy, hand, turn." Fixated on something there Al?
Possibly your dog's something? You perv!"