Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Science Fiction franchise Project 912 forced to launch early, creating the very first Open Source series in the history of media

Paranoid conspiracy Science Fiction site Project 912 is forced to launch early in the wake of Glenn Beck's paranoid conspiracy site 912 Project.

Open Source Entertainment
A team of producers, directors, and actors calling themselves Project 912, who have spent the last year developing a science fiction franchise for the Internet, have moved the launch of the world's first open source science fiction series forward several months, in part due to conservative talk show host Glenn Beck's launch of a similarly named site. The Project 912 team is currently filming episodes in the Pacific North West and was set to launch the site May 25 2009.

The storyline revolves around an underground resistance movement fighting a secret war against multi-dimensional beings known only as "The Threat". The Threat controls every aspect of our society through five corporations, Infinity Cable, Hygea Pharmacueticals, Hancock Worldwide, DemTech Foods,
and The Kinkaid Group, known collectively as "The Fist". The only way for the resistance to see any member of the Threat is to take a highly addictive drug known on the streets as "Clear".

The first season's "Series Bible," laying out the plot parameters which content creators must adhere to, is available online at Project 912. Anyone can download it, create content, and then upload their content to the Project 912 website as an open source submission. As people add content, the storyline will adapt to reflect the public input. Later versions of the Series Bible will evolve as additions are added by the community, making it a completely dynamic experience. The main storyline will be available on Project912.com and a worldwide content creation contest will soon
be underway.

Andros Sturgeon and the Future of Entertainment
"My earliest childhood memory is of sitting at the knee of my father; author Theodore Sturgeon, at science fiction conventions and hanging out with the original cast of Star Trek." Says concept creator Andros Sturgeon. "I've always been fascinated by the amazing ideas fans would come up with, and am well aware of some of the incredible fan films which have been made based on other franchises like Star Wars and Star Trek, some of them better than the original stories they are based on. While I believe that this kind of user-created content is the future of the entertainment industry, no one in Hollywood does, and if they say they do, they have no idea of how to do it.

"We have a social networking site up and running at http://project912.net. On this site, people can create characters, upload content and soon, they will actually be able to play those characters online in a 912 RPG.

We have a whole list of really innovative ideas that we will be launching in the next few months, including smart phone apps and exclusive video on demand content.

Project 912 vs. The 912 Project...enter Glenn Beck
The Project 912 team had the intention of launching the entire endeavor in early May of 2009, when on Friday March 13th, the Project 912 email box was suddenly filled with people wanting to join The Human Resistance.

"I hadn't launched yet, but all of a sudden, we had 60,000 visitors in the course of a few hours. Project 912 was the most Googled item according Google Trends," says Sturgeon. "I had no idea why, but it didn't take long to figure it out."

Beck’s launch of his “9 Principles and 12 Values” Project, which was initially showcased by a Prime Time Fox News Special, led to the unexpected mass exposure and subsequent early launch of Project 912.

"The hilarity of the whole thing is that Beck's site is all about a government conspiracy.” Sturgeon added, “You know, Obama and Pelosi are boogie-men, out to take away our guns and our freedoms and what not, while no one is paying attention. Our site is about multi-dimensional beings who control everything, having taken away our freedoms while no one was paying attention. We've been inundated with emails from Beck's followers who don't realize the difference between science fiction and what he says on his show."

Aside from filming original content, Project 912 will be launching a contest in the next few days for fans to create original content. There are plans to hold film festival in Portland this summer.

The "Team”
In addition to Andros Sturgeon, the Project 912 team includes among others, actor Rod Piper, writer George Clayton Johnson, and acclaimed viral video producer Andi West, known to millions as Reverend X of Blasted Reality, Creator/Editor of the blog sites A Post Apocalyptic and Killing Time.


For more information, go to www.project912.info. Or you may contact Andros Sturgeon directly at press@project912.com

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