Friday, January 09, 2009

"IDF not targetting civilians" says one honest IDF officer

I would have to agree with him there. The IDF is not targeting civilians... Hell, they are not targeting anyone or anything at all. As can be seen in this AP photo. Israel is simply pointing their weapons systems at the Gaza area and firing. Each one of the smoke trails shown in this picture is the tell tale tail of an explosive warhead. The blown-the-fuck-up area those trails lead to is a densely populated civilian area of Gaza. This is only one picture of one moment... The UN thinks there may be War Crimes being committed by the IDF. The UN is blind, deaf and useless, but even it can grasp the painfully obvious.

I have been saying for years that the Zionist leadership of Israel was engaged in a reenactment of the Holocaust, only with themselves reenacting the Third Reich's part in it. Well, I guess they could not live up to the German's obsessive compulsive engineer's methodology. So, if at first you can't succeed, use all those inhumane weapons you bought from the US. Fuckin' Brilliant. Since the US seems hell bent at doing nothing to stop this genocide, we can only hope that it continues it's do nothing policy when the rest of the world steps in and turns Israel into a parking lot. I am not taking a side in this conflict other than, if the US won't stand up against the slaughter now, why should it stand up in the very near future against the same tragedy.

Welcome to the end. My only friends, the end.

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