Saturday, May 31, 2008

Friday, May 30, 2008

Job Requirements: POTUS

America... We have ED. Yes, Election Disorder... What do you expect? The US is over 200 years old. You show me a man half that age who can still get it up and I'll show you a guy lying about his age.

OK, where was I? Oh yeah, ED. Electile disfunction... but there is a cure. It's called Party Shift and it is supposed to make a difference. Warning... If one experiences Party Shift for 4 or more years and nothing changes, ie the military budget does not go down, seek help immediately.

Since we seem to have such a problem recognizing and admitting we have ED, let us first look at what life would be like without it. During the last Election, '06, the Democrats promised many things. When it came time to perform, however, they could not rise to the occasion. Now that it is '08, I think we should document exactly what we as a country want our "Leader" to do.... Hence, here are the job requirements of the POTUS, as I see them...

#1- End this and all of our wars. I said a long time ago...

"If we leave Iraq today- 50,000 people will die in the ensuing chaos that comes with a nation forming.
If we leave tomorrow- 50k plus whoever dies tonight.
If we leave a year from now- 50k plus all those who die in that year.
If we leave 10 years from now- 50k plus 10 years worth of ever increasing blood shed.

Get the point?"

So, we need someone who is capable of admitting our wrongs and trying to make amends for them. Not someone who is willing to sacrifice thousands more for the vain glory of those who have already died...

#2 Hold our own Celebrity Leaders accountable for their actions. You wanna keep the honest, honest... Try their predecessors for their crimes.

#3 What would you like to add? Put your ideas in the comment section.