Thursday, August 17, 2006

And finally, The Line is Drawn.

"XI. Conclusion
For all of the reasons outlined above, this court is constrained to grant to Plaintiffs the Partial
Summary Judgment requested, and holds that the TSP violates the APA; the Separation of Powers
doctrine; the First and Fourth Amendments of the United States Constitution; and the statutory law.
DefendantsÂ’ Motion to Dismiss the final claim of data-mining is granted, because litigation
of that claim would require violation of DefendantsÂ’ state secrets privilege."

Here's what that means...
If you are an American. If you care one bit for your country, your ancestry, the ideals upon which this Nation was founded... You must read this! This is where the battle for freedom is being fought. This is where the Constitution will make its last stand. What comes next must be the most important discussion in the History of this country.
Will we be a Nation of Law or a Nation of Men? Liberty or Tyranny? The White House will not stop its activities and the POTUS will declare himself above the law of this Court and its decree. If that is allowed to happen, then all every American before us struggledsacrificeded and bled for has been for nothing. Will we as a people give up everything we are in fear? In two hundred years, over two million Americans have laid down there lives to give us this Freedom. How can we trade that for the lives of just you and me?

Right... so where's the bridge you are selling?

Still think that the evidence is all in on 9-11. Hidden in the news today was this little blurb,

"Authorities release 9-11 911 operators calls, sans victims voices."

Confused? Well, the government has released tapes recorded on 9-11 from the WTC, but has decided that after showing the buildings explode, victims pulled from the wreckage, videos of people jumping to their deaths, and every possible scare tactic that they could think of, it would be too hard on the victim's families to hear what the people inside of the towers were witnessing.
Of course, the calls which support the Official Story, which have been proven to be fabrications and or lies, are still there for anyone to hear.

Thought for the day. The FBI has announced that they have absolutely no hard evidence linking Osama Bin Laden to 9-11. But don't they have a copy of the Bin Laden Confession Tape which was found by Coalition Forces in Afghanistan 4 years ago? Yes they do. Therefore, the tape must have turned out to be fake. Well then, who has the capacity to create, plant and exhibit said tape while simultaneously silencing any media outlet wishing to report the hoax? Yeah, another great coincidence I guess.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Abstract and Distract, is Wak that gets That.

Here is the latest revelation about the Conspiracy of 9-11. Wow, NORAD and the FAA lied about their response.

And in other news...
Here is the Abstract from a Keynote Speech and Paper written by one of the guys who first proposed the Pancake Theory. See if you can find any problems with it.
Mechanics of Progressive Collapse:
Learning from World Trade Center and Building Demolitions
Zden·ek P. Ba·zant, F. ASCE, and Mathieu Verdure

Abstract: Progressive collapse is a failure mode of great concern for tall buildings, and is also typical of building demolitions. The most infamous paradigm is the collapse of World Trade Center towers. After reviewing the mechanics of their collapse, the motion during the crushing of one
floor (or group of floors) and its energetics are analyzed, and a one-dimensional continuum model of progressive collapse is developed. Rather than using classical homogenization, it is found more effective to characterize the continuum by en energetically equivalent snap-through. The collapse,
in which two phases crush-down followed by crush-up must be distinguished, is described in each phase by a nonlinear second-order differential equation for the propagation of the crushing front of a compacted block of accreting mass. Expressions for consistent energy potentials are formulated
and an exact analytical solution of a special case is given. It is shown that progressive collapse will be triggered if the total (internal) energy loss during the crushing of one story (equal to the energy dissipated by the complete crushing and compaction of one story, minus the loss of gravity potential
during the crushing of that story) exceeds the kinetic energy impacted to that story. Regardless of the load capacity of the columns, there is no way to deny the inevitability of progressive collapse driven by gravity alone if this criterion is satisfied (for the World Trade Center it is, with an order-
of-magnitude margin). The parameters are the compaction ratio of a crushed story, the fracture of mass ejected outside the tower perimeter, and the energy dissipation per unit height. The last is the most important, yet the hardest to predict theoretically. Using inverse analysis, one could identify
these parameters from a precise record of the motion of floors of a collapsing building. Due to a shroud of dust and smoke, the videos of WTC are useless here. It is proposed to obtain such records by monitoring the precise time history of displacements in different modes of building demolitions.
The monitoring could be accomplished by real-time telemetry from sacrificial accelerometers, or by high-speed optical camera. The resulting information on energy absorption capability would be valuable for the rating of various structural systems and for inferring their collapse mode under
extreme fire, internal explosion, external blast, impact or other kinds of terrorist attack, as well as earthquake and foundation movements.

OK, just for simplicity let us look at the proposed method of acquiring the information which will be used as the base values for; validating events previously theorized to have been progressive collapses, figuring out if an event is a progressive collapse, and predicting the likelihood of any progressive collapse in the future.

It is proposed to obtain such records by monitoring the precise time history of displacements in different modes of building demolitions.

Using inverse analysisis, (backwards scientific methodology?) these guys will utilize information gathered at controlled demolitions to extrapolate the likelihood of a completely disimilar event. Not, mind you, to contrast the differences, but to equate the similarities of the events even though one of them has explosives and the other one does not. I assume that the variable, blew up/ did not blow up, will be a major factor and not just a control group.