Sunday, March 29, 2009

OK, for the final time.. How the system works.

Throughout history, humanity has suffered incredible injustices and abuse from its governments and leaders. The powerful crave more power. The Rich crave more wealth. The people take it on the chin, because they think that that is what they are supposed to do. Eventually the status quo becomes unlivable. The people stand up, go find their leaders, go all Clive Barker on the elite and start the whole cycle over again.

Example. The Bourbon Dynasty of France.. circa 1600's. The Bourbon kings amassed the wealth of the Nation into their pockets, partied their asses off and impressed the other European blue bloods with lavish parties. They lit up their hills and reveled while the starving masses starved below. Eventually, the masses had enough and the next day, they had to invent a new device to kill the aristocracy fast enough.

Skip to the present. American ingenuity has solved the "Easy Target" problem of the Bourbons. Instead of one group taking the blame for the economic imbalance, have a two-party system. Make sure to polarize the two groups beyond any rational thought, that way the people on each side will have to stay way the fuck away from the people on the other side. As long as you ca keep 40% of the population spitting insults at the the other side , there will never be enough cohesion to allow for revolution. And don't lose any sleep over the 20% who have enough common sense to stay independent. Both sides hate them.

If you don't believe me, look into the support and financial backing of any politician. They are all paid equally by the same groups. Big Pharma, Oil, HMO's etc... "They are as rich in English title as Scottish ones. Why would they risk that to fight for their country?" -Edward the Longshanks from the Movie "Braveheart".

I saw a game plan that actually made sense the other day.. Fire the Fed and the IRS. Institute a flat tax. Mandatory public funding of all elections. Total transparency of gifts and ifluence. Limit the President to one 6 year term. Limit Congress and the Senate to two terms each. Judicial Appointments to be reviewed by the Public, amd Judicial terms beung indefinite, but not for life. Make a voter ballot style removal procedure. I would add, reinstatement of the 7-7-7 law. Break up the media monopoly. End the War on Drugs. Retract the Hanes Act. Allow Community WI-FI Programs to launch by removing corporate injunctions of Taxpayer benefits for the systems they already paid for.. etc etc..

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it would be a good start.