Thursday, September 10, 2009

Vote for Answers


K9 said...

yes. why doesnt obama look into it? why doesnt he arrest paulson, greenspan, fuld, frank, dodd,raines, geithner, etc etc etc. lots and lots of whys.

its good to see you again revvy!

Reverend X said...

Why? Because he empowered by the status quo and paid by the rich. 911 is the Domino of the establishment. Let it fall!!

K9 said...

between that and the acorn videos its shows again and again the medias abject failure and complicity in this tyranny. im writing the history of K9 for my new readers. a comment from you would be the icing.

you rap anymore?

i was remembering how bird had her class examine our rap offs in her english class. grherha