Thursday, September 14, 2006

History Spins Right Round, Baby! Right 'Round...

Leaving his closed-door meeting with the House GOP caucus, Bush said he "reminded them that the most important job of government is to protect the homeland."

Miene Fatherland Uber Alles? I don't think so. If I recall correctly neither Bush nor any other members of the US Government swore an oath to protect the "Homeland". No, the Oaths they all swore were about protecting and defending the Constitution from all enemies both foreign and domestic. You see it was set up that way because that is what really matters. People die, buildings burn, but liberty is worth the price.

It goes back to the old saying "It is better to die on your feet than live on your knees". Patrick Henry said it with perfect simplicity, "Give me liberty or give me death!" I have often paraphrased it like this, "If the price I have to pay for my children to be free, is the possibility that the guy next to me on a plane or bus might blow up and kill me? Deal! No problem. You got it. If it happens, I die free. Oh yeah, and it beats the hell outta cancer!"

Someone needs to remind our devoted representatives that the most important job of our government is protecting and defending the Freedom that cherish. Would you give your life to secure that freedom for your children? Or would you sell your children into slavery for the false sense of security given to you by your new masters?

Monday, September 04, 2006


A Post Apocalyptic would like, at this time, to change subjects for a moment and appreciate the arts. Well, just the blues really. I figured I'd share my latest song with you... For those who know me, it may answer a few questions. For those interested in hearing it, you're gonna have to play it for yourself. It is a standard 1-4-5-4-1 Blues in A minor starting on the low E. For the beat, open this page in another window and click the play/start button on the picture.


The title is

Cold as hell. Look in your eyes/
That day when you dropped your disguise/
Lookin back why was I surprised/
By a spoiled brat’s two-faced lies?
You did me wrong
You did me mean
you did me dirty

You cut me deep, left these scars/
Sucker punched, I’m still seein' stars/
In love and war, no holds barred/
But you went and took it way too far/
you did me wrong
you did me mean
you did me dirty

Left alone. Left for dead/
With scary thoughts up in my head/
Wonderin’ if the life I'd led/
Was now bein' lived by him instead/
he did me wrong
he did me mean
Your boy did me dirty

All that time. All those years/
Of tellin' you my darkest fears/
Well here's to you. Fuckin’ cheers/
You are the best at faking tears!/
you did me wrong
you did me mean
you did me dirty
Give it up, that no longer works/
Those dead inside can not be hurt/
You tore my heart out through my shirt/
Buried deep. I’m still tasting dirt/
you did me wrong
you did me mean
you did me dirty

Didn't kill me. Made me stronger/
Bet you thought I was goner/
Well princess, you always wrong/
And you ain’t gettin your way any longer/
you did me wrong
you did me mean
you did me dirty

You dealt the cards. The deck was stacked/
You dealt me into hell’s crack/
But guess what. Guess who's back/
You did your best. It’s my attack/
To do ya wrong
To do ya mean
Yeah do ya dirty-

Took my soul and you burned it/
Stuck the knife in and you turned it/
But here's somethin you ain't learned yet/
Revenge is sweet and you've fuckin' earned it
Wanna do ya wrong
Gonna do ya mean
Gotta do ya dirty

You know all about wrong
And you all mean
And you’re dirty
2005 © Blasted Reality