Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wha? The Fa?

When Bush wire tapped everyone, Beck and the Bunch said, "Trust your leader" When Fallujah was genocided in 2004 by the US forces using chemical weapons, they said the same. Habaes corpus, gone. Torture, accepted. Nations invaded, atmosphere destroyed, oceans raped.. all of the media but Olberman waving flags to hide their duct taped mouths and no one had a problem...
Then a black guy moves into the white house and its the end of the American Dream? No one else find this funny?

The State of the Nunion (pronounced new niun)

I have a basic problem with the factions arguing this issue. My problem is that I can remember events and parties involved for longer than any network commercial break.
I am against the bail out! I was against it when conservatives were doing theirs. I am against the liberal labeled amount as well. I was also against the unweighed and uncounted pallets of $ shipped to Iraq.
!2 months ago, I was a leftist dissident in this country. Today I am a right wing-nut. My opinions have not changed. This happens to me every 8 years or so. Our govt changes it's position on a perceived political spectrum/graph, but it's actions, behaviors and agenda stay exactly the same. We are told to blame "them" and watch "them" while our freedom is flanked and eaten from both sides...

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