Wednesday, August 31, 2005

New Orleans, Appropriated

Ok, this is a serious issue so I will refrain from sarcasm, as much as I can. First off, here is all the linking I will do on this one. Undernews covers it perfectly .
New Orleans is lost. Lost to a War we never should have gotten into. Sounds like I am reaching for tin foil hat dreams. Not in the slightest. This is a direct cause/ effect relationship between the Administrations policies and the death of an as of yet untold number of American Citizens.
9 years ago the vulnerability of New Orleans and it's region was noted, acted upon and allocated for repair funds. This was put in effect prior to Bush taking office. The funds were later APPROPRIATED for the Iraq War. No one seemed to pay attention to all of the appropriation bills breezing through Congress. All that mattered was blind devotion to patriotism. Where did you think the money was being appropriated from? The Federal Budget consists of X amount of money with X being a FINITE amount. Pull an increased percentage for one part of the Budget and it must be taken away from another. Our Nation's overall infrastructure has been raped to the bone. This is just the beginning. New Orleans was not singled out for short funding. This has happened everywhere. Now add to that overall weakening of our National Security, the increased hazards caused by Bush's abandonment of Environmental Policy. New Orleans once again being the Model of things to come, here is an example. This Tragedy also would not have been able to happen were it not for GLOBAL WARMING. Temperatures on the Surface of the Gulf of Mexico accelerated a Class One Hurricane into a Class Four. I know the No Child Left Behind educational program has slowed us all mentally but try to remember science class... When heated molecules move faster, and so on and so forth. Fortunately New Orleans is surrounded by conserved wetlands which slow storms down... But Bush nixed those environmental Protection Laws too and let developers drain them. Each by itself might not have been able to do this much damage, but thanks to the recurring and consistent pattern of disregard to anything outside of personal ambition, America is vulnerable from all sides.
"We fight them over there so we do not have to fight them here!" -bush has said that constantly. Well, with that logic why did he not send the National guard to fight the flood waters in the Persian Gulf so we would not have to fight them here? It woulda been easier due to 35% of Louisianna's National Guard is there and not here. How many more could have been saved if they were Guarding the nation instead of nation building somewhere else???!!!!
"And you will know them by the Fruits of their labors." Matthew 7: read the whole thing.
And as I said "We've only just begun.... To feel the effects of our arrogance and blind devotion to his cause."
We can't afford to sit back and hope for the best any longer.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Finding the Terrorists

This entry is Prefaced by this e-mail which has been going around.

1968 Bobby Kennedy was shot and killed by Siran Siran, officially, even though the bullet trajectory could not have come from sirans position. also, Siran fired 11 shots from his revolver, officially, without reloading and in under 10 seconds. On top of all that, psychological profiling uncovered extensive mental conditioning of the kind studied, practiced, and used, never officially, by the CIA division called project MK Ultra, run by Caucasian males aged 40-60.

In 1979 the Hostages in Iran were held for 180 days longer than their Captors had planned on keeping them, due to a deal brokered between the Iranian Revolutionary govt. and then candidate Ronald Reagan's staff. Reagan wanted to ensure that Carter's approval rating stayed low, hostage release might have inconvenienced him. In exchange the Iranians received weapons and munitions, illegally, from the US in order to fight the Iraqi Invasion. These shipments did not include Haz-Mat gear or anything else to help the Iranians protect themselves from the Sarin and VX gas which the US was supplying to the aforementioned Iraqi side. Simultaneously supplying both sides of a bloody War and knowingly not giving any warning or assistance/protection to the civilian populations targeted by Iraqi chemical weapons( targeted using US computers, on US intelligence maps and delivered to Iraq personally by , none other than Donald Rumsfeld.) One of the many Caucasian Males aged 40-60 involved in this bit of profiteering

During the 1980's people from all over the world were kidnapped, killed or otherwise affected by the multi factioned civil war in Beirut. Other than the scarce native population, anyone residing in that city was there either to fight the War or profit from it. The Caucasian Males aged 40 -60 who ended up captured or killed knew the risks going in and chose to value money over their own well being. The vast majority came back rich enough to buy a Presidency 20 yrs later.

As for the more current events, 9/11 I will refer you to either former Bush administrator Morgan Reynolds or Dr David Griffin's 9/11 report, Omissions and Distortions. As you will soon see, 9/11 was an Arab free action taken on by Caucasian males aged 40-60, and the subsequent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were planned and put in motion prior to 9/11. As far as the Muslim male extremists involvement, I hardly think it logical claim the invaded are at fault for their fate. The blame for the two wars and the two towers lies squarely upon Caucasian males aged 40-60.

And on a related topic. Caucasian males aged 40-60 account for88.9% of all child molestation in this country. Their % rate is even higher within the Catholic scandal.
That being said, it would appear that a distinct pattern has developed. The good news? At 40 men usually undergo their first prostate exam. It would be easy enough, and beneficial to their health for us to create legislation dictating the removal of every Caucasian male's prostate during that initial exam. That procedure would eradicate prostate cancer completely, while seriously diminishing molestations in America and, theoretically, calming the war like tendencies of the Caucasian males aged 40-60.

How does profiling sit with ya now? There is an old story I used to hear when I was a child, it goes like this,"When they came for them I said nothing. Then later, when they came for those people, I said nothing. When they came for me, there was no one left to say a thing." There is a name for people who allow their fears to decide their fates. They are called Cowards.They die a thousand deaths in their own imaginations. Those who push their fears aside and do what is right, will be spared such a fate. They will only die once. Fear and hate.... does that star spangled banner yet wave, in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave

Thursday, August 18, 2005

The Fall, step by step.

If he had only used a different line. Somethin' like, "There's a new Sheriff in Town!" or "How do ya like me now?". But unfortunately, he is dubya's father and the metaphor falters close to the tree, if you will. Nope, he was so cocky after winning a real life bona-fide War that he whipped open a fresh pack of Machiavelli slips and said "...The New World Order...". The rest of the sentence went the way of Neil's debts, lost to the world outside of a few 12th year college students. I think, no.. I'm fairly certain this was the the spark that lit the bong that kept the son from showin up to fight and possibly die in Viet Nam. Yes, this was the proverbial first book of Prose given to Dennis Miller. The first crooked monopoly set in lil Dicky Cheney's hands. The 500th "tried all night" defeat at the hands of the Game of Risk Club, Special Olympics Squad, for Donald the Defeatable Rumsfeld.
If the elder Bush had not said exactly what was on his mind that day, this would have all gone down a lot easier, smoother, dare I say, Kerry-esque. One bit of preemptive honesty and a President went from 90% approval to losing to a Sax player whose abysmally poor taste in food is only outdone by his arkansahishly poor taste in women. That had to HURT. Well, serves him right. New World Order? What was he thinking using the name of his secret club in reference to the lack of an opposing superpower at that moment. BTW, any reds who think we are still preeminent globally, 2 lil hints... One-China Motherf**ker! And two- you are now the "Reds". Christ what does it take to get thru to these guys, 4 hurricanes in six weeks at the state that made their guy Prez, just prior to his reelection? Nevermind, they missed those also.
Where was I? Oh yeah, so Bush1 blew the whole surprise and set back plan for the man by 10 years. Not a long time in comparison to the Illuminati, but these guys are old. 10 yrs is the difference between month long Viagra Vacations and Sunday morning Depends Drives. So they had to get er dun, pronto.
First step, polarize the petty opinions of the populace. Sound whacko? Here's Waco! The only tangible effect of that media molestered mass murder was the perma stamp of Godless Government Goons on the Democraps. My whole cousin clan ran to the hills with their M-16s, Good News '4-us-not-u' bibles and family sized tubs of personal lube. It was a chain reaction of paranoid Christian salvation. The Rapture- 'limited edition'. Nobody noticed it at the time, but where do you think all these 'Holier than thou once I drain this clip into ya!' big picture Buhner's came from. Waco, Ruby Ridge, and somehow... Elian Gonsalez fits into this, but for the life of me, I can't figure out how. or why.
So, they've Snuffed a Sect, next step F*ck up a Federal Building. They did not worry about frequent flyer miles back then, they just hit the next Stuckey's on the way to Washington. Oddly enough, the lack of geographical literacy and the overflowing absolutist mentality worked out well for them. Everything they wasted with their Mid west... Wait Middle East.... ah what's the difference? attitude garnered less public inquiry than a preempted Matlock rerun. To an objective viewer, the OKC bombing was a catastrophic failure. Bomb squad arrived pre-boom, expendable badges, bailiffs and bureaucrats all exitted and were quite explicably not amongst the exhumed and extricated exoxygen exchangers. Sorry, that was way too much adherence to a pattern. Just tryin to make myself known to the Scrabble Elite. Oh, not too mention, the guys who made the bombs forgot to brief the guys who wrote the investigational Cliff Notes, on explosives and exactly what was to be in the explanation. Scrabble Elite, soon... So, 4800#s of Anfo becomes Fat Man and Little Boy to some experts. Not any with any expertise, but what the Hell. And viola! Proof that no one cares what objective viewers think anyways. Personally, I've always suspected that objective was just a fancy way of describing people who don't think like the rest of us and like to argue bout it. Now we'll switch to 1st person view as the action heats up. I'll trim a couple corners, too. Remember, this is fiction, art, not my fault if life imitates it.
Give a buddy $$ to open a voting machine manufacturing company, make sure he names it after a Bruce Willis action flic "Die Bold"... What? Hard you say, F*ck it, Ohio is in the Midwest, won't hurt anything important... Damn Titular errors. There's an idea, get a Rabid Prosecutor on the President's ass about tits and ass to the point the whole country would rather hold the Executive Branch Above the Law than listen to one more Starr talk about Oral Sex, wow! On a roll, you let it ride! Impeach the Fat Guy for nothing and ensure nothing will be able to impeach you, no matter who learns the skinny. Well, better find a hobby while that Tripp plays out. Aha, you always wanted to kill some Texans, damn retards. We all know the story there.
Election Eve, 8years in the making and finally... You lose. Elections are all about numbers and delegates. You've never cared enough to pay attention to those pesky things before, so why start now. Call your mother. Call your brother. Now call the other guy, the a**hole who won, a sore loserman. Bingo it was the name, oh!
Now you are the most powerful man in the world that no one likes. What do they like? Cool skyscrapers... Show em all what you think of their pointy assed skyscrapers. And wammo, you got whole Nation of people who like you and as a bonus, they want you to bomb those brown guys who live in Asia and don't have Mexican food or cervesa. No flautas, no future!
Ok, and the rest is still his story. But you broke your only in the Mid/middle rule. You kicked those building's asses in NY. Now, that's an understandable mistake being that you ain't city folk, but lemme explain why it's wrong. In NY, tradition means nothing and people flip flop, not their shoes. And it's not really a bad thing to change your mind or learn from your mistakes. It's evolution rea... oh nevermind. back to your story...Sure, you snowed em at first with your 7 minute pause to thoroughly think through your options, but in NY they hang huge TV's from Buildings and sooner or later someone was going to see your "wha? woa.." approach to crisis and call ya an A**hole. That and Skynyrd doesn't really rule, Mob does. Well, 4 years after the deed shoulda been dead in their minds, the masses wake up and smell the asbestos you helped Larry dispose of at a fraction of what it would have cost to remove the slow way. In fact, you accidentally made Larry about $800 million. As you look around, you should feel proud, you've made all of your friends filthy Rich and at what price? Just a country stupid enough to believe you in the first place? And a planet too lazy to stop you. No big loss....