Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Former Detainees turn to Terrorism.. NFS!!

OK, so CNN's top story is that "Former Gitmo Detainees are Turning to Terrorism." Well, the key word in the sentence is "Turning", not "Returning". If you kidnap me. Torture me. Then release me to my home country, which is still occupied by your military. Guess what.. I am gonna hurt you. I am not going to threaten you or try to scare you. I will be your killer. I will not, therefore be a terrorist. So which Gitmo detainees have become terrorists? Well.. Errr...Of course, the examples CNN gives are of Newly recruited Taliban soldiers. A military force, recognized and credentialed. Hell, CNN even states that one of the "Terrorists" had his Taliban paperwork on him and that the other was an officer. Those are soldiers. Not terrorists.

Other than that basic fact of life and those blatantly ignored definitions, I'd like to say, if we had imprisoned combatants rather than farmers the Pakistanis sold us for $5k a head, this would not be happening. For the combatants... If they were treated as prisoners of war in the first place, this would not be happening because they would be held until the War was over. Hence there would no longer be US forces to attack in Afghanistan. Also, they would have had rights from day one. They would not have been tortured. Etc, etc... Does this make sense to anyone?

Even as F'd up as war is, it has rules. They are there for a reason. Ignoring those rules is criminal and fucking stupid!!! Americans cheered when Bush outspokenly violated those rules. You that cheered.... this is all on you. Friggin morons.