Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Plate Techtonics in Ebonics

"At 00:58 a.m. Greenwich Mean Time on 26 December 2004, a single sharp primary (compression) wave was created at the bottom of the Sumatran Trench, 155 miles to the south-southwest of Aceh Province in Sumatra, Indonesia. Travelling through directly coupled earth and water at 18,000 miles per hour, this puny wave arrived at the town of Banda Aceh thirty-two seconds later, causing a minor earth tremor lasting exactly 13 seconds, rougly the same duration as the seismic compression wave from a large nuclear weapon detonated underground in Nevada. Note in the right-hand 'after' photograph that everything in central Banda Aceh, situated directly on the giant Sumatran Fault line, is intact. During the long silent 22 minutes that followed, there were no injuries, no damage, and no seismic aftershocks. Then suddenly and without any warning, a giant tidal wave rose from hell, razing everything and everyone in its path."

Joe Vialls covered this story shortly before his death. Ad hoc in propter hoc, but fuck it.. I'll take the risk. It is beyond concievable that such a thing could have been planned and perpetrated by anyone with a 9 megaton device and an apocalyptic dream of the future. Shake your head and call me allony, but first read this.

"Back in 1945 the OSS (forerunner of the present-day CIA) planned to bring the "unbridled brutality of Japanese troops" under control by use of artificially triggered earthquakes. "If we could could get (an atom) bomb within a mile of a point on a fault line (trench) destined to break within 90 years we might set it off ..."
Since this secret paper was written, the modern-day CIA has had sixty years to get its nuclear numbers right - just in time for the shattering war crime against South and South-East Asia which murdered more than 300,000 people on December 26, 2004. Joe Vialls"

Now check this out


Now it looks like 2 years to the day and we have the same occuring..

Oops... forgot to go with the style I chose in the title.

Shit, Nigga... u know it all FUBU.... but it b dem against 2... dig?

Thursday, December 21, 2006

A Conspiracy Theory to keep ya'll X-Mas Cheery

T'was 4 nights before X-Mas n' X gettin pissed,
"Who the fuck pays the bills for alla Craig's lists?"
Oh they chargin' the Pimps, the Freaks and the Ho's,
is wha' everyone says, but nobody knows!

X checked the list, double checked it twice,
While thinkin bout Crocket n Tubbs n that Vice.
No ads and no fees, no popups... no shit
But bandwidth is costin not payin for hits.

City by city, soon X realized,
Somethin is wrong. Craig ain't monetized!
The whole place is free. No cash comin in.
Inequities' den, is givin way sin?

Escorts 'n Hoes cummin and goin'
not frontin out fees for listin' and blowin'
Fences and thieves, retailing their loot.
a social crime network that's all off one root.

No visible means of intaking cash..
No valid reply to "Who's funding this stash?"
Bandwidth is spendy, Craig ain't showin us thrift.
And more and likely craig's reporting the Grift.

Data base fillin' for data mine drillin'
the criminals willin. Craig's makin a killin!
Cuz only the Man does shit this sad
Like runnin a site without runnin no ads!

So after the Nog has run out yo head,
and after the freaks have all gone to bed,
before X-Mas rhymes get stuffed on the shelf,
Go check out Craig's list and see for yourself.

A Happy New Year, ain't spent makin' bail.
Merry X-Mas to all, try and stay outta jail!!

Happy Holidays,

Monday, December 18, 2006

Get a freakin' dictionary...

In the news today,

"Former Electricity Minister Ayham al-Samaraie broke out of a Baghdad detention facility Sunday with the help of a group of private security experts, said Faris Kareem, deputy head of Iraq's Public Integrity Commission, an anti-corruption panel. It was al-Samaraie's second escape since he was convicted in October.

Kareem said the security agents were "foreign," but he had no further details."

Here's a clue and a half to everyone that words like "security" and "terrorist" no longer mean intent or activity. They are labels like the names of sports teams. Otherwise it would seem inappropriate for a "journalist" to write that "Security Agents" had just busted a convicted criminal outta jail. Since neither the writer, the editor, nor anybody else seems to have a problem with the wording, maybe we all should have a problem with it, in general.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

A Wham-Bam-Amero?

So if Canada, the US and Mexico were planning to join together as an economic union similar to the European Union and this happened in a forest full of TV News Reporters, would anyone make a sound? The answer is no.
Now don't get me wrong, I understand why the MSM would be loathe to tell anyone about this. The overwhelming disapproval of the US citizenry might actually force our representatives to represent the will of the people and then we'd be a Democracy again. I for one don't wanna be the one to tell the minute men that Mexican hunting season is over, permanently. I can just picture it,

"Hey guys. You know those broken borders you were bitching about? Well, we fixed. They are No longer bleeding. The are now nonexistent."

Get a rope? Nah, they have guns. They'd just shoot the messenger. Well, if any of this is news to you, then check this out. Or you could just keyword search "Amero"...

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Longterm Effects of Manipulated TV Content

I would hope by now that everyone who owns a television set and/or watches one regularly, has realized the incredibly powerful effect it has on society in general. I took notice of it's power over 10 years ago. At the time I was managing an Italian restaurant named Piasano's. One night I received a phone call from the owner warning me to be prepared for an insanely busy day the next day. I asked him why and he explained that the new episode of Sienfeld, which had aired that night, featured a plot wherein the characters were trying to get to a fictitious restaurant called Piasano's in order to try the house special, Calzones. I laughed at him and told him he was crazy if he thought that a 30 minute sitcom could effect our business so dramatically. I was wrong. The next day we had a line out the door, from open till close, of people clamoring to order calzones. It increased our sales 1,500%. It was more significant than the 2 Rave reviews we received in the local paper or years we won the People's Choice Awards. All together!

That is one of the effects of TV. In the short term in can cause fads, riots, and wars. We all realize that by slanting the news to one side or the other, TV can convict or vindicate anyone in the public forum. Look at the ongoing war crimes of Israel against the Palestinians or Lebanon.
What most people fail to see is the long term effects of TV on the very soul of a society.

"I'm certain that man is made both good and bad by our institutions. These institutions are responsible for the shaping of our personalities, our morals and the patterns of our social relations."
-Charles S. Johnson

Now aside from the obvious relationship between availability of information and the public opinion of events, the topic I am writing about today is the connection between the successive introduction and development of certain character types and the acceptance of evil by society. To put it bluntly, the poorly written Police Drama and its influence on the Subjugation of the Free World.

Dragnet was the last Cop Show that had characters who actually upheld the law. Since then we have been forced to endure the many incarnations of a singular character. The tough cop who is absolutely committed to protecting society, but in order to do that job, in world where everything is set to the advantage of the petty thugs and slimeball criminal, this cop must bend or break the rules. From Police Woman to Hunter to Miami Vice to The Shield and NYPD Blue, there has been a nonstop descent into the acceptance of a concept so flawed it's funny. Or at least it would be funny if we were not stuck with it's bastard offspring in the real world. Instead of teaching the masses philosophy such as "Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely." or "With great power comes great responsibility." the Prime Time Crime Mime has taught us that it is possible to engage in total irony. You can not uphold the Law by breaking it. They are mutually exclusive activities. End of story.

Meanwhile back at the Precinct... So the story continues. 40 years of this slow indoctrination into Oxy-Moronic thinking, coupled with the total avoidance of anything pertaining to critical thinking in our educational programs and what do we have? A leader who openly defies the Law, Law Enforcement agents who behave worse than criminals and a society who not only accepts their victimization, but also cheers the abusers on like heroes. The ends justify the means? No... Allow them to justify their means and we will all come to bad ends. No matter how much you identify with your favorite TV character, remember, that is just bad hack writing and cliches. In the real world nobody is infallible, incorruptible, or particularly interested in going that extra mile for anyone or anything, including you and me or right and wrong.

A Timely Confession

Here is the conclusion of the United States Senate Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities,

"Too many people have been spied upon by too many Government agencies and too much information has been collected. The Government has often undertaken the secret surveillance of citizens on the basis of their political beliefs, even when those beliefs posed no threat of violence or illegal acts on behalf of a hostile foreign power. The Government, operating primarily through secret informants, but also using other intrusive techniques such as wiretaps, microphone "bugs" surreptitious mail opening, and break-ins, has swept in vast amounts of information about the personal lives, views, and associations of American citizens. Investigations of groups deemed potentially dangerous -- and even of groups suspected of associating with potentially dangerous organizations -- have continued for decades, despite the fact that those groups did not engage in unlawful activity. Groups and individuals have been harassed and disrupted because of their political views and their lifestyles. Investigations have been based upon vague standards whose breadth made excessive collection inevitable. Unsavory and vicious tactics have been employed -- including anonymous attempts to break up marriages, disrupt meetings, ostracize persons from their professions, and provoke target groups into rivalries that might result in deaths. Intelligence agencies have served the political and personal objectives of presidents and other high officials. While the agencies often committed excesses in response to pressure from high officials in the Executive branch and Congress, they also occasionally initiated improper activities and then concealed them from officials whom they had a duty to inform.
Governmental officials -- including those whose principal duty is to enforce the law --have violated or ignored the law over long periods of time and have advocated and defended their right to break the law.
The Constitutional system of checks and balances has not adequately controlled intelligence activities. Until recently the Executive branch has neither delineated the scope of permissible activities nor established procedures for supervising intelligence agencies. Congress has failed to exercise sufficient oversight, seldom questioning the use to which its appropriations were being put. Most domestic intelligence issues have not reached the courts, and in those cases when they have reached the courts, the judiciary has been reluctant to grapple with them."

Sounds about right. Finally someone in the Government is looking out for "We, the People"! Oh wait, this was written in 1975. Fuck! Admitting you have a problem is only have the battle. The other half is doing something about it!!
So, the samer people who brought you Watergate and Iran/Contra are now either back in charge from within the White House, or on the new James Baker all star problem fixing team. Make a problem. Fix the Problem. Get paid for it. Rinse. Repeat.
And we have, are, and will continue to let them do this to us....

Thursday, November 30, 2006

We, the people, in order to form a more perfect prison...

The figures for the US tell a strikingly different story than the latest Chevy Truck jingle. Of course, you'll hear that "Freedom" song everywhere, but has anyone mentioned that in 2005, one in every 32 Americans was either on probation, parole or imprisoned? That means 7.4 million Americans. 7.4 million! And for what? Petty drug charges. The War on Drugs... The War on drugs damages more US families per year than drugs do! Now with the War on Terror being waged full force against the American people, Hasn't anyone snapped to the Reality of the situation? Here's a hint...

"This is War... This is your War on Drugs... This is your War on Terror....

Any Questions?"

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Matter and Antimatter... Meet the Anti X.

Why do people believe in concepts rather than examine the information available and test the facts in order to acquire knowledge? This is not a rhetorical question. This is a serious problem. I would go so far as to say this is the root of all evil. Whether it is out of intellectual laziness, lack of curiosity or simple necessity of creature comforts such as the false sense security a person experiences from a self delusional reassurance that there is a benign wisdom ordering everything to a positive end, it will be the downfall of humanity.
That being said, I'd like to introduce you to an enabler of such dysfunction. The host of X Zone radio, Rob McConnel.
This guy runs a "Ufo and bigfoot" speculation show. He appears to be a curious, intellectual with very little fear of investigating the dreaded unknown. He is a jackass who uses his position to broadcast ignorance and fascist idealism. Please read his article on 9-11 and either tear it apart, logically, for yourself or reprint the parts you find no fault with and I'll show you what's wrong with them. As is, I believe I have found the Anti me, but due to my nature I wish to examine and test that hypothesis in order to discover if he really is the anti me. For that I need to engage his opinions. Maybe a number of you can assist me in getting his attention.

ps- I have no knowledge of evidence validating the existence of either UFO's or Bigfoot, but the statistical probability of either to exist would appear to favor the UFO and cast serious doubts on bigfoot. Unless of course one factors in the bigfoot as possible occupants of the UFO's. In that case, I have no opinion whatsoever.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Open to Interpretation never sounded so bad

By now everyone should have heard about Bush's trip to Viet Nam and his rip to history. But just in case you missed it. When asked a question about what lessons he had learned from Viet Nam, he responded, “We’ll succeed unless we quit.”.

Now I know that this subject has been beaten to death over the last couple days, but I thought now would be a good time to point out that that is simply Bush's interpretation of the stark and unmistakeable lessons learned from the cluster fuck of pride and propaganda called the Viet Nam War. Anyone still feel comfortable with relying on the sound ability of Bush to properly interperet the Geneva Convention's definition of Torture? I see this ending badly for us. Call it foreshadowing if you will.

BTW, here are those obscure and ambiguous definitions as held in International Law.


International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, 1966

Article 7

No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. In particular, no one shall be subjected without his free consent to medical or scientific experimentation.

Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, 1984

Article 1

For the purposes of this Convention, the term "torture" means any act by which severe pain or suffering, whether physical or mental, is intentionally inflicted on a person for such purposes as obtaining from him or a third person information or a confession, punishing him for an act he or a third person has committed or is suspected of having committed, or intimidating or coercing him or a third person, or for any reason based on discrimination of any kind, when such pain or suffering is inflicted by or at the instigation of or with the consent or acquiescence of a public official or other person acting in an official capacity. It does not include pain or suffering arising only from, inherent in or incidental to lawful sanctions.

This article is without prejudice to any international instrument or national legislation which does or may contain provisions of wider application.

European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms (1950)

Article 3

No one shall be subjected to torture or to inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment

American Convention on Human Rights (Pact of San José, Costa Rica, 1969)

Article 5 Right to Humane Treatment

Every person has the right to have his physical, mental, and moral integrity respected.
No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman, or degrading punishment or treatment. All persons deprived of their liberty shall be treated with respect for the inherent dignity of the human person.
Punishment shall not be extended to any person other than the criminal.
Accused persons shall, save in exceptional circumstances, be segregated from convicted persons, and shall be subject to separate treatment appropriate to their status as unconvicted persons.
Minors while subject to criminal proceedings shall be separated from adults and brought before specialised tribunals, as speedily as possible, so that they may be treated in accordance with their status as minors.
Punishments consisting of deprivation of liberty shall have as an essential aim the reform and social readaptation of the prisoners.

Rome statute of the International Criminal Court, 1998

Article 7 Crimes against humanity

For the purpose of this Statute, "crime against humanity" means any of the following acts when committed as part of a widespread or systematic attack directed against any civilian population, with knowledge of the attack:
For the purpose of paragraph 1:
(e) "Torture" means the intentional infliction of severe pain or suffering, whether physical or mental, upon a person in the custody or under the control of the accused; except that torture shall not include pain or suffering arising only from, inherent in or incidental to, lawful sanctions;

Article 8 War crimes

The Court shall have jurisdiction in respect of war crimes in particular when committed as part of a plan or policy or as part of a large-scale commission of such crimes.
For the purpose of this Statute, "war crimes" means:

Grave breaches of the Geneva Conventions of 12 August 1949, namely, any of the following acts against persons or property protected under the provisions of the relevant Geneva Convention:
(ii) Torture or inhuman treatment, including biological experiments;
Other serious violations of the laws and customs applicable in international armed conflict, within the established framework of international law, namely, any of the following acts:
(xxi) Committing outrages upon personal dignity, in particular humiliating and degrading treatment;
In the case of an armed conflict not of an international character, serious violations of article 3 common to the four Geneva Conventions of 12 August 1949, namely, any of the following acts committed against persons taking no active part in the hostilities, including members of armed forces who have laid down their arms and those placed hors de combat by sickness, wounds, detention or any other cause:
Violence to life and person, in particular murder of all kinds, mutilation, cruel treatment and torture;
Committing outrages upon personal dignity, in particular humiliating and degrading treatment;
Paragraph 2 (c) applies to armed conflicts not of an international character and thus does not apply to situations of internal disturbances and tensions, such as riots, isolated and sporadic acts of violence or other acts of a similar nature.

Elements of Crime as contained in the finalised draft prepared by the fifth session of the Preparatory Commission for the International Court held in New York from June 12 to 30 2000:

Article 7 (1) (f) Crime against humanity of torture


The perpetrator inflicted severe physical or mental pain or suffering upon one or more persons.
Such person or persons were in the custody or under the control of the perpetrator.
Such pain or suffering did not arise only from, and was not inherent in or incidental to, lawful sanctions.
The conduct was committed as part of a widespread or systematic attack directed against a civilian population.
The perpetrator knew that the conduct was part of or intended the conduct to be part of a widespread or systematic attack directed against a civilian population.

Article 8 War crimes


The elements for war crimes under article 8, paragraph 2 (c) and (e), are subject to the limitations addressed in article 8, paragraph 2 (d) and (f), which are not elements of crimes.

The elements for war crimes under article 8, paragraph 2, of the Statute shall be interpreted within the established framework of the international law of armed conflict including, as appropriate, the international law of armed conflict applicable to armed conflict at sea.

With respect to the last two elements listed for each crime:
There is no requirement for a legal evaluation by the perpetrator as to the existence of an armed conflict or its character as international or non-international;
In that context there is no requirement for awareness by the perpetrator of the facts that established the character of the conflict as international or non-international;
There is only a requirement for the awareness of the factual circumstances that established the existence of an armed conflict that is implicit in the terms “took place in the context of and was associated with”.

Article 8 (2) (a) (ii)-1 War crime of torture


The perpetrator inflicted severe physical or mental pain or suffering upon one or more persons.
The perpetrator inflicted the pain or suffering for such purposes as: obtaining information or a confession, punishment, intimidation or coercion or for any reason based on discrimination of any kind.
Such person or persons were protected under one or more of the Geneva Conventions of 1949.
The perpetrator was aware of the factual circumstances that established that protected status.
The conduct took place in the context of and was associated with an international armed conflict.
The perpetrator was aware of factual circumstances that established the existence of an armed conflict.

Article 8 (2) (a) (ii)-2 War crime of inhuman treatment


The perpetrator inflicted severe physical or mental pain or suffering upon one or more persons.
Such person or persons were protected under one or more of the Geneva Conventions of 1949.
The perpetrator was aware of the factual circumstances that established that protected status.
The conduct took place in the context of and was associated with an international armed conflict.
The perpetrator was aware of factual circumstances that established the existence of an armed conflict.

Article 8 (2) (c) (i)-3 War crime of cruel treatment


1. The perpetrator inflicted severe physical or mental pain or suffering upon one or more persons.
2. Such person or persons were either hors de combat, or were civilians, medical personnel, or religious personnel taking no active part in the hostilities.
3. The perpetrator was aware of the factual circumstances that established this status.
4. The conduct took place in the context of and was associated with an armed conflict not of an international character.
The perpetrator was aware of factual circumstances that established the existence of an armed conflict.

Article 8 (2) (c) (i)-4 War crime of torture


1. The perpetrator inflicted severe physical or mental pain or suffering upon one or more persons.
2. The perpetrator inflicted the pain or suffering for such purposes as: obtaining information or a confession, punishment, intimidation or coercion or for any reason based on discrimination of any kind.
3. Such person or persons were either hors de combat, or were civilians, medical personnel or religious personnel taking no active part in the hostilities.
4. The perpetrator was aware of the factual circumstances that established this status.
5. The conduct took place in the context of and was associated with an armed conflict not of an international character.
6. The perpetrator was aware of factual circumstances that established the existence of an armed conflict.

Article 8 (2) (c) (ii) War crime of outrages upon personal dignity


1. The perpetrator humiliated, degraded or otherwise violated the dignity of one or more persons.
2. The severity of the humiliation, degradation or other violation was of such degree as to be generally recognized as an outrage upon personal dignity.
3. Such person or persons were either hors de combat, or were civilians, medical personnel or religious personnel taking no active part in the hostilities.
4. The perpetrator was aware of the factual circumstances that established this status.
5. The conduct took place in the context of and was associated with an armed conflict not of an international character.
6. The perpetrator was aware of factual circumstances that established the existence of an armed conflict.

Guest Writer- Eliyse Bontrager. One of the few sources of true positivity I've ever known.

Dear Fellow Americans:

Please take the time to read this email. If you agree with it's contents, pass it on. Please read it to it's conclusion. It concerns all of us, and our children, and children's children, etc, for generations to come.

Here we go again, more navel forces have been deployed to the middle-east, to be stationed on the boarder of Iranian territory. Action must be taken now. Write you congressmen and senators, or the new ones to be installed in January. Enough is enough! It must be obvious that the plan is to take over the middle east by now, isn't it? Doesn't anyone have a problem with the tactics taken by this unlawful government? They have broken more laws than I think any other administration before them, and are on par with Nixon. I have tremendous respect for the offices held by these individuals, but I have little to none for these people themselves. They have destroyed our foreign relations, and the only nations that stand behind England and the US in all of this, do so out of fear.

If you are an American, stand for Americans and our rights. One of those is the right to live in a world of peace. The more we anger these so called terrorists, the less likely peace will ever exist. The attacks of September 11th had absolutely nothing to do with Iraq, and they have nothing to do with Iran, which is where our troops are heading now. The reason other countries want nuclear power, is to protect themselves from the threat of the US, and other countries with nuclear arms. Our government has shown them they need to for safeties sake.

Violence by Muslims first started by our support to the Jewish taking land that rightfully belongs to Palestinians. You do know, for decades, we have been supplying training, arms, and tanks to help them in this endeavor, don't you? In 1947 Israel claimed the right to be it's own governing state, with boundaries set and agreed upon. Many decades ago they started the attempt to gain more land. They have been leveling home after home, sometimes in the middle of the night, uprooting sleeping families. They gave them a matter of minutes to grab personal effects. They did all this to gain more space, for moving in more Jewish refuges. We have been assisting, by the funds from Christian "end of the world, second coming" believers. Organizations such as On Eagles Wings, fly them there to hasten the process of this second coming of Christ. This is what I would call provoking Muslims. We were attacked for our policies dealing with the middle east and nothing else. Even though our fore fathers wrote in our constitution the law separating church and state, our many christian presidents, cabinets, and congresses have supported biblical concepts, such as this support of the Jewish. I am not against this race, or any other, but these policies are destroying our peaceful existence, not the Muslim terrorists. Let's look at the root cause.

Also to be noted, we were attacked by people acting individually, angered at our country for allowing and supporting Israeli destruction of theirs. So why are we attacking countries? Why not simply defend our boarders? Stop believing this regime, and look into the facts yourself. A world history book, or political science text will show the history of this conflict, and our aide, in one form or another to it. How many more must die before the fire is hot enough under your seat to cause you to stand up.

If you are not with the movement of peace continually growing in this country, you are against peace. If you are for the torture, and destruction currently dealt to so many innocents, including ours.. you are not for peace. If you are for depriving every citizen of civil liberties, including the writ of Habeus Corpus, now gone, you are for totalitarianism (i.e. Hitler.) If you are for this plan of One World Order, you are for violence to subdue the masses. We have no business interfering in other countries problems, especially if we have not solved the many problems here.

Call me paranoid, but that means the submission of us as well, to the governmental regime that WE have given a ludicrous amount of control. The executive branch has far more power than ever intended, or ever in the history of this county. The removal of our civil liberties is the beginning of the process. Look seriously at all the rights that have been taken so far. Doesn't this scare you? If you can find one source, beside what this regime says, or our censored media, show me. If not, for you, and your children's sake, stand up and help to STOP THIS MADNESS!!!!!

And those that comprise the supporters of the religious right of the Republican party , did not Jesus come to give you a new commandment? Does new not do away with old? Well, what would Jesus do? Was he for violence, or passive protest? Remember Caesar's government, did Jesus organize armies to destroy the threat presented to his persecuted followers? Did he instruct his disciples and followers to attack when arrested himself? Were they told to go after the government when John the Baptist was beheaded? There are so many more examples I could cite, but to those who read the bible, I am sure I don't need to do so. I believe, if the bible is historically correct as you say, the answer is a resounding NO to all of these questions posed! What does "love one another" mean, if not peace and passivity in the face of violence? And what of the meaning behind "turn the other check?" If you believe that this violence, and removal of free will (i.e. civil liberties,) is justified, your in the wrong religion. I believe that the sacrifice of life, for the betterment of the one sacrificing it, is a radical satanist concept. Aren't we suppose to fear those people?

I am beyond political correctness. I am beyond worrying if the truth of these travesties hurts feelings. I believe in AMERICA THE FREE. I do not believe in an America that allows the wool to be pulled over their eyes, and following as blind sheep, never discerning truths for themselves. We have been given sense, and reason, tools to be used, not set aside for sake of conformity to the norm. One of our fore fathers, Ben Franklin said, "Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety." I believe that I have the right to liberty. What about you?

There are links below to organizations that could use your help. There is also a link to an article about the recent deployment of navel ships to the Middle East. Exercise your right to sound off, before it is gone too; there is power in one voice. This government was formed by we the people; it is time for we the people to take it back. The government should not tell US how this country should be run, WE THE PEOPLE are to tell them how to run this country. Has that simple truth been forgotten? Let us stand as one, united for our civil LIBERTIES, ask for JUSTICE to be done where this corrupt regime is concerned, and save our great country, FOR ALL who call it home. Change starts with you. Are you ready yet?

Standing for peace, our rights, and taking America back, with you,
Elizabeth Bontrager


Goggle peace organizations, there are many more. Contact senators, congressmen, or the white House itself. Tell them to stop the insanity, you are not willing to give up your rights, for anyone, anymore.
Turn left the next election, vote for peace.

The March to War: Naval build-up in the Persian Gulf and the Eastern Mediterranean.. Read the article at Global research

Monday, November 20, 2006

Monday, October 30, 2006

9-11 Death Toll Continues

Background info... On 911, a large part of the WTC was pulverised into one of the deadliest toxic mixtures ever created. With not only the chemical hardeners and other hazardous ingredients that are put into concrete, but also mercury, lead, asbestos, etc. The EPA tested the air on 9-11-01. They realised the potential health risks, went to publicize their findings and were stopped from doing so by the Bush Administration. Instead, the National Security Council, aka the White House, told the EPA to report the air to be as safe as second hand smoke. It would have been a true enough statement if they had added the qualifier, "2 million cigarettes worth of second hand smoke per minute".

This is old news. It has been public knowledge for a few years. But 2 points which are relevant today are;
1- Nothing has been done to help the rescue workers sickened by this dust and lie.
2- No one has been held accountable for this crime against humanity.

3000 ppl died on 9-11. That many or more will die from 9-11 illnesses. Why is it so inconcievable to many of you that the same people who are responsible for the higher death toll might also be responsible for the other one?

Don't take my word on it. Hear the voices of some of the dying heroes. I am not blaming America... Unless of course it continues to do nothing about this.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Ass Stashed Shotgun

Shoe bombs... Suitcase bombs... We don't want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud... Maybe, just maybe... We don't want a smoking gun... Might give us second hand cancer.

The DHS, no not the Department of Heroin Smuggling, that's the CIA... You know, Controlled, Illicit and Abused. No, the DHS, the Desperately Helping the Sauds, have pumped up the adverts for the coming election. I say coming cause you don't wanna look to close at it and it's gonna leave a bad taste in our mouths. With the RNC, Ridiculously notorious Criminals, putting your tax dollars to work scaring the shit out of you, Blasted Reality has decided to present, what we see as the next possible threat. Or more likely, the next great idea broadcast to the terrorist hordes.

"The Ass Stashed Shotgun"

Might seem almost comical if not for the very real possibility that even as we speak, Cave dwelling Arab Scientists are developing a "rectum riding riot gun". Think about it. Have you ever boarded a plane, train or bus and been forced to sit just inches away from a person displaying some or all the symptoms of having a large stick up their ass? You have, haven't you? How do you know that you weren't a short-hair-trigger away from a bungled bung hole operation? Mass Deaths? Ass Deaths....

Remember, we have nothing to fear, but what some desperate loser can pull out of their ass in order to effect the Pole-it-tics they have ridden on for so long. I mean, in the Post 911 world, can a 9" Post really be out of the question?

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

It's Time for a Quick Lesson in Current Events

As of September 29th, The United States of America has ceased to be a Free Country. Don't believe me? I said it was coming. No one thought it possible. Now no one will believe it without the State Run MSM saying it. Well, here you go...

The End of Freedom

The Death of the Constitution

The Criminal Leadership

Misplaced Hope

FOR THOSE WISHING FOR A LEGAL EXPLANATION OF WHY BUSH SHOULD BE IMMEDIATELY REMOVED FROM OFFICE, Here's a link and here is the Federal Judge's ruling from August 16th, 2006.

"For all of the reasons outlined above, this court isconstrained to grant to Plaintiffs the Partial
Summary Judgment requested, and holds that the TSP violates the APA; the Separation of Powers
doctrine; the First and Fourth Amendments of the United States Constitution; and the statutory law.
Defendants’ Motion to Dismiss the final claim of data-mining is granted, because litigation
of that claim would require violation of Defendants’ state secrets privilege.

The Permanent Injunction of the TSP requested by Plaintiffs is granted inasmuch as each of
the factors required to be met to sustain such an injunction have undisputedly been met.

irreparable injury necessary to warrant injunctive relief is clear, as the First and Fourth Amendment
rights of Plaintiffs are violated by the TSP. See Dombrowski v. Pfister, 380 U.S. 479 (1965). The
irreparable injury conversely sustained by Defendants under this injunction may be rectified by
compliance with our Constitution and/or statutory law, as amended if necessary. Plaintiffs have
prevailed, and the public interest is clear, in this matter. It is the upholding of our Constitution.

As Justice Warren wrote in U.S. v. Robel, 389 U.S. 258 (1967):
Implicit in the term ‘national defense’ is the notion of defending
those values and ideas which set this Nation apart. . . . It would
indeed be ironic if, in the name of national defense, we would
sanction the subversion of . . . those liberties . . . which makes the
defense of the Nation worthwhile. Id. at 264.
Date: August 17, 2006
s/Anna Diggs Taylor
Detroit, Michigan

The undersigned certifies that the foregoing Memorandum Order was served upon counsel of record via the Court's ECF
System to their respective email addresses or First Class U.S. mail disclosed on the Notice of Electronic Filing on
August 17, 2006.
s/Johnetta M. Curry-Williams
Case Manager

It states quite clearly the the Administration has committed a criminal act, that it must cease and desist this act, and that it must never again do this act. Bush went on national television and said "No!" to the Judge. That is at the very least Contempt of Court and at the most Treason. At any level it is a violation of his Oath of Office. Violating that Oath is Impeachable. Congress, with their passage of the Military Commissions Act have joined Bush in his Crimes. On record in both the House and the Senate are statements form Officials about the Unconstitutional aspects of said Act. There is no room for interpretation. Habeus Corpus can only be suspended in times of Rebellion or Invasion. It can not be permanently removed from the Constitution. Without either criteria having been met, both the House and the Senate have passed Law which removes Habeus Corpus. Every Elected Official who voted for the Military Commissions Act, has violated their Oath of Office and are therefore also impeachable. Now with 2 Branches of Government acting outside of the Constitution, we are in pivatol moment. The Executive and Legislative Branches have relinquished Constitutional Authority. In simpler terms, they have no Authority. Anything they do or say has no more power than that of any other citizens. "By the Power vested in me by the Constitution.." There is no other power to draw authority from. So, what are we going to do about our lack of governing body?

Enjoy the world that Apathy and Ignorance has allowed to be.

Critical Thinking in Critical Times

Taken from for911aintright 's Blog at Myspace

Election Day looms near and the politicians hit the trails in full force in trying to sway the voters to back their respective parties. The platforms vary from smear tactics, taxes, economy, environment, support of the never ending war on terror (which is like the war on drugs; no defined enemy and no end to the prosecutable... a circular argument), integrity, racial and religious embraces etc. etc, same ole same ole as far as the presented issues go, but how many campaign on the seedier side of government?

Apparently, any issue is fair game except for those issues that might tend to shed light on the immorality of war, the apathy towards life, 911, the hidden agenda's, in essence anything that casts them in an unfavorable stance as viewed by the people.

Those who do raise these or other unfavorable issues apparently wind up "in harms way" and in effect are muzzled. John F. Kennedy wanted changes and five days before that fateful day he had as much as stated that he would "tear down the CIA brick by brick". He also wanted out of Asia.

However, the motorcade route was re-routed at the last minute to swing through Dealey Plaza. The Warren Commission's report never did sit well with the American public and was re-opened in the 70's with the same outcome, the all too puzzling magic bullet. Corporate influenced war is big business.

If any of you have the opportunity, a good question to raise which is one I strongly feel should be asked of every politician:

Should government pensions be either granted or revoked at the end of term by vote?

I just want to know how close they toe the line "of the people, by the people, for the people". They should answer yes, shouldn't they?

911 was a horrific day, not some "wonderful reminder" as Donald Rumsfeld contends his display of plane debris upon his coffee table is. He has his trophy, we have our scars.

Did they look the other way and allow 911 to happen?

DEFINITELY! I knew we were under attack when the first plane hit. I read the book by Josseff Bodansky who was on the Republican's Terrorism Task Force. It was called Target America and was published in 1993.

Sen. McCollum (R) Florida even wrote the forward in which he stated quite succinctly that the American people should be made aware of the threats posed by Muslim extremists. Mr. Bodansky had written several books pre and post 911. He wrote the Bin Laden book days after 911 but it was obvious that our leaders knew well in advance we faced a threat and specifically the WTC. If they didn't stop them, wouldn't that put them with the terrorists? 911 is such a pivotal moment in world history a thorough investigation is a necessity.

Did they benefit? Unquestionably! Did they plan it? Now this is the mother of all questions and knowing the government think-tanks look forward, PNAC implicates itself in desiring methodology to facilitate change.

PNAC mentions that only another Pearl Harbor would rally the people to the expenditure of their desired increase in military budgeting.

There are also many instances of what are called "false flag" operations within the CIA but for brevity's sake I won't delve into that dark world. Exposing the "Family Jewels" scares them all. It scares us. Isn't that terror?

The hypocrisy within the administration is so rampant; duplicity in meaning is likely a private joke. They can hardly restrain their glee. Those "catch phrases" like "We want a lasting piece in the Middle East". Watch their facial expressions. Do I know this for certain? No, but it isn't any stranger a fiction than 911.

If on the other hand our elected officials didn't see 911 coming (which is highly doubtful since Intel from many sources pointed directly at it) then they at the very least are all grossly incompetent for not "waking up and smelling the coffee".

The flip side is what leaves so many people seeking the truth. Conspiracy theorists and I am proud to proclaim that I am amongst them in this case, see ourselves as true Patriots, asking painful questions, seeking justice for victim's as well as searching for a justification for two wars and gearing up for a third.The Eisenhower strike group is expected to be off the coast of Iran Oct 21st with PTDO's "prepare to deploy orders".

Those of us seeking the truth amid the lack of evidence are labeled as domestic terrorists ourselves under the vagueness contained within the Patriot Act. It should also be mentioned that this Act was passed by a congress that hadn't even read it which is why one Republican refused to sign it. I'd grant him his pension! ... Well, maybe not, whether he signed it is the issue.

I seek the truth because there are too many holes in the official explanation, however, for brevity's sake and considering that thesis alone would take volumes to present I will leave it there except for a few of the more compelling points.

The question most commonly asked in criminal activity investigations is Qui Bono. Who stands to gain?

In seeking evidence to either prove or disprove one comes across a barrage of information, It is so polluted with misinformation that sifting through the volumes is tedious at best and futile at worst. This is the result of non-public disclosure. But the truth is out there even if you can't see the forest through the trees. Bringing this house of cards down will end it all.

Who what when where why and so many questions...

Stock puts on the airlines.

Of the 100 billion in gold under the WTC, only 280 million was recovered ... already loaded on a truck.

On Sept 10th it was widely reported that the Pentagon was missing 2.3 or 3 trillion dollars (either way a sizeable amount) which irony of ironies the audit was taking place in the same place struck by the Arab terrorists from Saudi Arabia; armed with box-cutters (who somehow managed to beat our entire air defense due to an "exercise" and "stand down orders").

The anomaly of later that day was WTC7, approximately half the height of the towers; it received more damage than other possible candidates that were in closer proximity to the towers themselves. Not much video evidence exists of this anomaly since most of the media outlets were filming the rubble pile of the WTC's themselves, and subsequently collapsed around 5:20 that afternoon. Considering that Larry Silverstein recently acquired the WTC lease to a tune of millions and the insurance payoff was in the billions... but I digress.

WTC7 housed a number of federal agencies; the SEC is the only one I will comment on. All records were destroyed... some 3000 investigations into stock fraud, insider trading etc. that included (to name one) Enron. If you recall, many people lost their pensions and something like 1.1 billion was in question. My figure might not be entirely accurate, I'm doing this from memory and there is a lot of info out there.

As if these weren't motive enough, we have the Military Industrial Complex with no bid contracts, conflicts of interest, the Caspian pipeline, and Iraq. Oil seems to be prominent in reasoning here.

If our trusted government was complicit of the events of 911 they should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

They broke just about every law in the book... if proven guilty that is. There is always plausible denial. Such an argument might be raised if it were necessary to manipulate a global scenario for the future security of the Nation.

The moral question, that thin line in the sand of killing a few to save many; the "collateral damage" of any war is justified ... to them. It is a life, regardless of callous attitudes that declare it a statistic. Once you shake hands with the devil you become good friends.

Taking a life shouldn't be easy so what could possibly compel a government to do so in vogue, with high tech weaponry that ongoing Research and Development pumps out in increasing numbers?

Does the morality of "where all are created equal with inalienable rights" only apply to what side of the line you stand on?

This is hypocrisy of the highest order to those on the other side of the line. The security has just increased in magnitude at a cost of both arms and lives, which is also proportional to the increase in those who would return the favor in thanks.

This is the immorality of 21st century man. You're either with us or against us.

Jesus must be scratching his head wondering what is it about love one another we fail to understand. He'd describe us all as being in the same boat all paddling in the same direction but the boat is round and we fools never saw it.

But again, I digress.

Apparently, destruction of evidence is acceptable and there is no accountability. We the people have in effect put our trust in a man who knows what is best for us and how much we should know.

I'd call that Faith. We were let down.

The chain of evidence from any crime scene is crucial to prosecution, which follows a thorough investigation. There is nothing to investigate we are told. America has become the land where Justice is blind and for sale. The land where truth is a flavor and the media we trust to keep us informed is nothing more than a commercial, pitching us the flavor of the day.

The great Nation "America" ...once was; is now seen as the bullies on the block to the global community. We push democracy on foreign soils while failing miserably at home. We should be ashamed since "of the people, by the people, and for the people" makes us all guilty by association.

The only way to salvage world trust is to "clean house". Election Day draws near and by responsibility one must vote.

The problem is, with a tri-party system and the leading two parties undesirable and the third party lacking support being ineffectual - in fact the third party was probably instilled to be a "split vote", we find ourselves by necessity of voting the lesser of two evils.

I once heard it said that a Democrat will hurt you but a Republican will kill you. Apparently the affluent potential is there. I heard somewhere else "do not vote your conscience and vote Democrat, we need to stop them and deal with the Democrats later." and this sounded desperate. Has Green ever won? Perhaps the third party should be for times as these as a refuge?

Can anyone of moral integrity cast such a vote in good conscience? I for one, being a resident alien (coming to this country thinking it was the best the world had to offer - from Canada no less) am not even granted a vote yet until I become a citizen.

Does taking the pledge of Allegiance, abiding by the Constitution and "defending the country from enemy either foreign or domestic" mean that I should question egregious abuses or should I wait until the Constitutional rights of free speech, right to assemble etc. are revoked/rewritten? <>

The moral dilemma is either speaking out against ones government which is in essence treasonous, or just watch as the country becomes more and more over time, impotently victimized. Should I stand in apathy since there are few willing to stand on the issue? Can anything even be done?

Only those with knowledge can make a difference. Only when they have a strong foundation of support beneath them will they come forward.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Like the Warren commission this will be forgotten in time. That is what they hope anyway. It's like Billy Krystol who sat at the head of PNAC said "is it that big a deal". Such callousness towards those on this side of the line shows a drastic policy change. I guess with so many lines its hard to know where you drew that line to begin with.

Do I even have a right to vocalize my concern? For the sake of humanity I hope so. Would I be defending you if I allowed it to happen given what I know about the events of 911?

Under the pledge of Allegiance I am supposed to.

Am I doing what is best for the country knowing that world opinion of America has pitted at an all-time low? Would I risk indefinite detention without legal representation, possibly being tortured for this country if I didn't care for it? Will I be shot for writing this? Should I leave my wife to protect her? So many questions.

The government could end all this in an instant.

All they have to do is disclose. Give the evidence to the people. Thats all that is needed to end all the conspiracy theories and restore global opinion. It is when there is a void that a speculation occurs. They should know this, why else would it be kept hidden from the peoples view if there were nothing to hide. Many know and fear repercussions.

Many were unaware of the end result in there little part. Once the truth comes out the evidence comes forth. More than likely, the top of the tree is insulated from view by all the branches. Like the impeachment of Nixon, the evidence presented itself. And for those who need to do the impeaching, ask yourself what is right? But that is also assuming that the American people are willing to stand up. And also that there are any of you who aren't in on it.

The problem is, the government is creating this reality. They utilize the media and are fabricating the path from truth. Popular Mechanics ran extensive proof and yet on a radio show in Arizona, Charles Goyette was interviewing Davin Coburn who was caught in a lie. If this whole thing wasn't so tragic it would have been funny. Unfortunately I think we all fell down a notch on the humor ladder.

The troops are becoming demoralized since they too see that there are serious questions surrounding 911. They are sent to secure a foreign Nation and in so doing take lives.

This is a far cry from the Honor Guard that was assigned watch at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier during Hurricane Isabelle and refused the offer to evacuate until the storm passed. The pride of those men in replying "no way, it was the highest honor" and the fact that the tomb is guarded 24/7 is what made this country great. They know what the colors mean.

Will it become PC to burn the flag too or is it already?

It is time for all men to judge themselves. Only through your will can there ever be we the people again.

We live in a schizophrenic world if taken as a sum total of all views. Is it any wonder it is so dysfunctional?

Perhaps a new strategy should be sought? Foreign policy seems to be failing unless you market arms. Perhaps you guys could take a vacation or something? Oh yeah, I forgot that 100 year war.

I wish, no I Pray that there are those within government that would take a stand on these issues. They would be the true Patriots that guide us through sound logic and reasoning... they would get my vote in a heartbeat,... had I a vote to cast. All I can do is Pray, and let Jesus count mine.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Freedom... I do not think that word means what you think it does.

Excerpts from

They Thought They Were Free

The Germans, 1933-45

Milton Mayer

"What happened here was the gradual habituation of the people, little by little, to being governed by surprise; to receiving decisions deliberated in secret; to believing that the situation was so complicated that the government had to act on information which the people could not understand, or so dangerous that, even if the people could not understand it, it could not be released because of national security. And their sense of identification with Hitler, their trust in him, made it easier to widen this gap and reassured those who would otherwise have worried about it."

You see," my colleague went on, "one doesn’t see exactly where or how to move. Believe me, this is true. Each act, each occasion, is worse than the last, but only a little worse. You wait for the next and the next. You wait for one great shocking occasion, thinking that others, when such a shock comes, will join with you in resisting somehow. You don’t want to act, or even talk, alone; you don’t want to ‘go out of your way to make trouble.’ Why not?—Well, you are not in the habit of doing it. And it is not just fear, fear of standing alone, that restrains you; it is also genuine uncertainty."

"Uncertainty is a very important factor, and, instead of decreasing as time goes on, it grows. Outside, in the streets, in the general community, ‘everyone’ is happy. One hears no protest, and certainly sees none. You know, in France or Italy there would be slogans against the government painted on walls and fences; in Germany, outside the great cities, perhaps, there is not even this. In the university community, in your own community, you speak privately to your colleagues, some of whom certainly feel as you do; but what do they say? They say, ‘It’s not so bad’ or ‘You’re seeing things’ or ‘You’re an alarmist.’"

The sad thing is, they did not have access to outside information like we do. They also did not have a recent historical parallel to compare and contrast their situation with. To a small extent, the naivity of the German people makes their actions excusable. We, contemporary Americans, have no such forgivable ignorance. Our ignorance is willful and malignantly self feeding.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Welcome to the New Normal

"For the last five years the Bush cabal has successfully conditioned the population to its “New Normal,” the new America. It has manipulated both society and laws to accept gross violations of human rights, a suppression of liberties, and an authoritarian paradigm of disturbing wickedness. It is preparing us to incorporate into American law and culture the mechanisms used in totalitarian states. Using the incomprehensible ignorance and apathy of the American people against us, it has clandestinely destroyed the foundation of our principles and virtues. Using its vast power, its legions of authoritarians, its army of stenographers and it great arsenal of tools at its disposal, it has inexplicably made the American people tolerant and even acceptant of torture, rape, humiliation, illegal imprisonment, disappearances and criminal malfeasance, something thought unthinkable just years ago. The New Normal has become a reality, the new America now routinely tortures and inflicts horrible pain and suffering on human beings, all to the indifference and acceptance of the American people..." -Manuel Valenzuela

It is probably too late. By the time most Americans realize there is a problem, it will defintely be too late... Read the rest of the article Valenzuela wrote. America the Tyranny To anyone who frequents Post Apocalyptic, it might seem like old news. Well, I got this off of the Google most popular news articles of the day page. Hopefully this old news is starting to be heard by everyone.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

History Spins Right Round, Baby! Right 'Round...

Leaving his closed-door meeting with the House GOP caucus, Bush said he "reminded them that the most important job of government is to protect the homeland."

Miene Fatherland Uber Alles? I don't think so. If I recall correctly neither Bush nor any other members of the US Government swore an oath to protect the "Homeland". No, the Oaths they all swore were about protecting and defending the Constitution from all enemies both foreign and domestic. You see it was set up that way because that is what really matters. People die, buildings burn, but liberty is worth the price.

It goes back to the old saying "It is better to die on your feet than live on your knees". Patrick Henry said it with perfect simplicity, "Give me liberty or give me death!" I have often paraphrased it like this, "If the price I have to pay for my children to be free, is the possibility that the guy next to me on a plane or bus might blow up and kill me? Deal! No problem. You got it. If it happens, I die free. Oh yeah, and it beats the hell outta cancer!"

Someone needs to remind our devoted representatives that the most important job of our government is protecting and defending the Freedom that cherish. Would you give your life to secure that freedom for your children? Or would you sell your children into slavery for the false sense of security given to you by your new masters?

Monday, September 04, 2006


A Post Apocalyptic would like, at this time, to change subjects for a moment and appreciate the arts. Well, just the blues really. I figured I'd share my latest song with you... For those who know me, it may answer a few questions. For those interested in hearing it, you're gonna have to play it for yourself. It is a standard 1-4-5-4-1 Blues in A minor starting on the low E. For the beat, open this page in another window and click the play/start button on the picture.


The title is

Cold as hell. Look in your eyes/
That day when you dropped your disguise/
Lookin back why was I surprised/
By a spoiled brat’s two-faced lies?
You did me wrong
You did me mean
you did me dirty

You cut me deep, left these scars/
Sucker punched, I’m still seein' stars/
In love and war, no holds barred/
But you went and took it way too far/
you did me wrong
you did me mean
you did me dirty

Left alone. Left for dead/
With scary thoughts up in my head/
Wonderin’ if the life I'd led/
Was now bein' lived by him instead/
he did me wrong
he did me mean
Your boy did me dirty

All that time. All those years/
Of tellin' you my darkest fears/
Well here's to you. Fuckin’ cheers/
You are the best at faking tears!/
you did me wrong
you did me mean
you did me dirty
Give it up, that no longer works/
Those dead inside can not be hurt/
You tore my heart out through my shirt/
Buried deep. I’m still tasting dirt/
you did me wrong
you did me mean
you did me dirty

Didn't kill me. Made me stronger/
Bet you thought I was goner/
Well princess, you always wrong/
And you ain’t gettin your way any longer/
you did me wrong
you did me mean
you did me dirty

You dealt the cards. The deck was stacked/
You dealt me into hell’s crack/
But guess what. Guess who's back/
You did your best. It’s my attack/
To do ya wrong
To do ya mean
Yeah do ya dirty-

Took my soul and you burned it/
Stuck the knife in and you turned it/
But here's somethin you ain't learned yet/
Revenge is sweet and you've fuckin' earned it
Wanna do ya wrong
Gonna do ya mean
Gotta do ya dirty

You know all about wrong
And you all mean
And you’re dirty
2005 © Blasted Reality

Thursday, August 17, 2006

And finally, The Line is Drawn.

"XI. Conclusion
For all of the reasons outlined above, this court is constrained to grant to Plaintiffs the Partial
Summary Judgment requested, and holds that the TSP violates the APA; the Separation of Powers
doctrine; the First and Fourth Amendments of the United States Constitution; and the statutory law.
DefendantsÂ’ Motion to Dismiss the final claim of data-mining is granted, because litigation
of that claim would require violation of DefendantsÂ’ state secrets privilege."

Here's what that means...
If you are an American. If you care one bit for your country, your ancestry, the ideals upon which this Nation was founded... You must read this! This is where the battle for freedom is being fought. This is where the Constitution will make its last stand. What comes next must be the most important discussion in the History of this country.
Will we be a Nation of Law or a Nation of Men? Liberty or Tyranny? The White House will not stop its activities and the POTUS will declare himself above the law of this Court and its decree. If that is allowed to happen, then all every American before us struggledsacrificeded and bled for has been for nothing. Will we as a people give up everything we are in fear? In two hundred years, over two million Americans have laid down there lives to give us this Freedom. How can we trade that for the lives of just you and me?

Right... so where's the bridge you are selling?

Still think that the evidence is all in on 9-11. Hidden in the news today was this little blurb,

"Authorities release 9-11 911 operators calls, sans victims voices."

Confused? Well, the government has released tapes recorded on 9-11 from the WTC, but has decided that after showing the buildings explode, victims pulled from the wreckage, videos of people jumping to their deaths, and every possible scare tactic that they could think of, it would be too hard on the victim's families to hear what the people inside of the towers were witnessing.
Of course, the calls which support the Official Story, which have been proven to be fabrications and or lies, are still there for anyone to hear.

Thought for the day. The FBI has announced that they have absolutely no hard evidence linking Osama Bin Laden to 9-11. But don't they have a copy of the Bin Laden Confession Tape which was found by Coalition Forces in Afghanistan 4 years ago? Yes they do. Therefore, the tape must have turned out to be fake. Well then, who has the capacity to create, plant and exhibit said tape while simultaneously silencing any media outlet wishing to report the hoax? Yeah, another great coincidence I guess.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Abstract and Distract, is Wak that gets That.

Here is the latest revelation about the Conspiracy of 9-11. Wow, NORAD and the FAA lied about their response.

And in other news...
Here is the Abstract from a Keynote Speech and Paper written by one of the guys who first proposed the Pancake Theory. See if you can find any problems with it.
Mechanics of Progressive Collapse:
Learning from World Trade Center and Building Demolitions
Zden·ek P. Ba·zant, F. ASCE, and Mathieu Verdure

Abstract: Progressive collapse is a failure mode of great concern for tall buildings, and is also typical of building demolitions. The most infamous paradigm is the collapse of World Trade Center towers. After reviewing the mechanics of their collapse, the motion during the crushing of one
floor (or group of floors) and its energetics are analyzed, and a one-dimensional continuum model of progressive collapse is developed. Rather than using classical homogenization, it is found more effective to characterize the continuum by en energetically equivalent snap-through. The collapse,
in which two phases crush-down followed by crush-up must be distinguished, is described in each phase by a nonlinear second-order differential equation for the propagation of the crushing front of a compacted block of accreting mass. Expressions for consistent energy potentials are formulated
and an exact analytical solution of a special case is given. It is shown that progressive collapse will be triggered if the total (internal) energy loss during the crushing of one story (equal to the energy dissipated by the complete crushing and compaction of one story, minus the loss of gravity potential
during the crushing of that story) exceeds the kinetic energy impacted to that story. Regardless of the load capacity of the columns, there is no way to deny the inevitability of progressive collapse driven by gravity alone if this criterion is satisfied (for the World Trade Center it is, with an order-
of-magnitude margin). The parameters are the compaction ratio of a crushed story, the fracture of mass ejected outside the tower perimeter, and the energy dissipation per unit height. The last is the most important, yet the hardest to predict theoretically. Using inverse analysis, one could identify
these parameters from a precise record of the motion of floors of a collapsing building. Due to a shroud of dust and smoke, the videos of WTC are useless here. It is proposed to obtain such records by monitoring the precise time history of displacements in different modes of building demolitions.
The monitoring could be accomplished by real-time telemetry from sacrificial accelerometers, or by high-speed optical camera. The resulting information on energy absorption capability would be valuable for the rating of various structural systems and for inferring their collapse mode under
extreme fire, internal explosion, external blast, impact or other kinds of terrorist attack, as well as earthquake and foundation movements.

OK, just for simplicity let us look at the proposed method of acquiring the information which will be used as the base values for; validating events previously theorized to have been progressive collapses, figuring out if an event is a progressive collapse, and predicting the likelihood of any progressive collapse in the future.

It is proposed to obtain such records by monitoring the precise time history of displacements in different modes of building demolitions.

Using inverse analysisis, (backwards scientific methodology?) these guys will utilize information gathered at controlled demolitions to extrapolate the likelihood of a completely disimilar event. Not, mind you, to contrast the differences, but to equate the similarities of the events even though one of them has explosives and the other one does not. I assume that the variable, blew up/ did not blow up, will be a major factor and not just a control group.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

One more Defiant Supporter of the Absurd

For fun, let's look at the kinda crap I get constantly,

SnoopySuited wrote:
I would love to have a discussion with you about your video 'Rise', as it contains too many flaws and falacies to mention in the comments section on YouTube.

Blastedreality wrote:
By all means, fire away...

SnoopySuited wrote:
" First, the quotes are hard to read...but that's just semantics."

Hopefully that is all the semantic objections you bring up.

" I'm going to focus on your points that are either misleading or just wrong. You also have a lot of statements that are conjecture, but everyone has the right to their opinions and theories."

Thank you for your brevity.

"2:09 – you state that the 9/11 commission officially declared that the WTC was a collapse. They did not officially declare that. Experts in the field of structural engineering, fire engineering, metallurgy, ect. have said that it is likely that the WTC was brought down by the plane crash and fire. The Commission used that explanation in their report. A lot of people do not understand that the Commissions goal was not to determine what caused the collapse of the WTC, or what hit the pentagon. Rather, the Commission’s job was to find out how the US intelligence failed to see the impending terror strike. They went into their duty with the assumption that the events of 9/11 were the cause of a terrorist attack. It was not their goal to prove an alternative theory. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/9/11_Commission (I don’t like using wikipedia as a source, but it serves the purpose here)"

From the Commission Homepage-
The National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States (also known as the 9-11 Commission), an independent, bipartisan commission created by congressional legislation and the signature of President George W. Bush in late 2002, is chartered to prepare a full and complete account of the circumstances surrounding the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, including preparedness for and the immediate response to the attacks. The Commission is also mandated to provide recommendations designed to guard against future attacks.

...to prepare a full and complete account of the circumstances surrounding the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks,

As to why they failed to include any relevant "circumstances" such as Able Danger, WTC 7, or the actual design of either tower, I can only speculate. But they did state that the destruction of the towers was due to internal collapse and nothing else.

As to the experts... Please name them and show relevant experience in related fields. Eager of MIT, the first and most outspoken proponent of the White House Theory, has a great deal of experience in the field of welding and its usage in the pre-fabrication processes for manufactured homes. If the Towers were trailers, he'd be the man to ask. As is, no relevant expertise.

Why do you not like Wiki? Corrollary- Then why would you referrence it?

" 2:19 –again the 9/11 commission didn’t ‘blame’ anything for the collapse. That wasn’t their role."

See Above

2:37 – I assume you are stating that the explosions are evidence of bombs. It’s not. www.stupidcollege.com/items/electric-transformer-explosion There were several in the world trade center. My point is that presence of explosions is not evidence of the presence of bombs.

I am stating that there is nothing other than explosives that can create the effect seen on the videos. The upper floors tilt begin to topple forward, then disintergrate without any visible external force. No internal force other than explosives can explain the midair destruction. Seen here The destruction waves running down the sides of the Towers, Seen here and here similiarly can not be explained by any known force other than explosives.

"2:57 – Larry Silverstein did not use a demolition term to describe WTC 7. ‘Pull’ is firefighter term. Furthermore, how does the Silverstein statement make sense if we broke it down “We couldn’t control the fire in the building so instead we decided to blow the building up” If WTC was an insurance scam, or some sort of conspiracy, why did Silverstein money to rebuild"

Pull is also a term used in clay pidgeon shooting, but that is not how he used it. Your slanted paraphrasing also does not convey the subtext of his words. Here is what he said. Watch the whole minute and you get what he meant.
Here again you are arguing semantics, badly.
Also, the firemen had already been evacuated from the building long before its destruction. They were evacuated for this reason As show here

"3:20 – Mentions of explosions…see above."
Yep, See above. No wait. What you are saying is that explosions can only be the effect of what? Electrical transformers? Were there a number of them running down each tower, floor by floor? And could they be detonated in a rapid and descending sequence? Hmmm... interesting.

4:23 – Controlled demolition did not remove the remains of the WTC quickly. The effort took months. *notice the date> NewsdayandNewsday"

No, but Controlled Demolition Incorporated did. Noted here

4:56 – Again, it was not the role of the 9/11 commission to come up with a theory to why the buildings fell."

See Above

"5:08 – The ‘official explanation’ as you call it (fire and structural damage to WTC) did not break any laws of physics. PM How Stuff Works PBS"

You are correct. The Official Explanation does not break any rules of Physics. It does as paper and ink usually do. It sits and waits to be read. As for the event explained by the official explanation...
Here You go

You have the right to your opinions…but you need to support them with evidence if you are going to present them to a public audience as if they are fact.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do such. Of course, you did just ask for a fully referrenced and evidence supported rock and roll video. I would be interested in your take on any Tom Petty videos. I think it would be interesting.

I would suggest that you start with WTC 7 and go on to Here before you make up your mind about what happened.