Wednesday, January 25, 2006

A rhyme of crime and time.

heighth and width of my bag?
I will take the fifth on the tag.
Soul reason is- I'm not important.
Sorry, Vanilla, not up for extortin'.
there's few things I'd like to see.
like trials for Bush and Dick Cheney
Rice and Rumsfailed, let's hear the call
Get all these murderers against the wall.

but k9 asked for my reply
so eye to eye
tell me why
all these dead had to die?

Pro-life? my ass! they just pro-birth
Your worth is gone as you touch the Earth.
those boots need fillin
coasts need drillin,
they get the willin
to do the killin.
R u pro-Bush \barkbark?
then U R either in or of the dark!
follow him, get to Heaven
question that then "Nine-Eleven!"
only words he has to say
to make his problems go away.

Wham-bam- none the wiser
no one says "you terrorizer!
liberty for security?

The people soon better wise up
size up, rise up
before he ties up
the courts, the ports,
like commitee reports,
already got the legislature
total control's just second nature
call him responsible debater
I call him hater,
Our new Dictator

Katrina didn't kill a city
just lack of action, lack of pity
a plan you see, with media lies
mercenaries in disguise
"follow us, be safe, 'cuz bangers roam
and by the way, Welcome to the Terrordome!"
Survivors of the hurricane
weren't saved, just detained.
against the poor, the same white sheets
"Gather up your guns and get the children out the street"


Bird said...

this is really good. and this is pretty interesting and exciting stuff - the conversaton that keeps rolling about from one blog to another. love the rap. makes me want to listen.

Pete Bogs said...

and I love the Impeach Bush banner... I've got a new slogan for the impeachment movement over at my blog...

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

nice! "rumsfailed" and "in or of the dark" very cleva
reva. This is an amusing entertainment. I will bark back atcha soon.


Anonymous said...

c'mon Reverend, pro-birth is OK, constitution only guarantees *pursuit* of happiness, not cradle to grave tickets to punch.

You saying life only worth living if you are promised a life at the "top"? Plenty make it without all the whining and caterwalling about a stint at fillin or drillin.

Bet if you asked a poor kid from NOLA if he'd rather be dead, if he wished mama had RU 486ed him , he'd bounce that ball right at you and say, "you crazy, man? I'm going to the Knicks!"


K9 said...

/bark bark bark

#4 uriel. right on!

/howling salute

Reverend X said...

What the Constitution garauntees is a right to privacy. On those grounds I call for impeachment. Bush broke the Law by spying on Americans without the proper warrants from the FISA court.
RU486 is a detail of a larger fight that will require more detail to explain. And the basketball theme you are getting at... did you forget the other illustrious careers open to young black males, deprived of a decent education and constantly reminded of society's view of their worth?
I see the small of mind continue to function as if their 1D world was all we could see....

Bird said...

many thanks for including the link to blasted reality on my blog.

i'm not so sure i believe in jesus as the son of god - but i think he had a powerful message that is far too often misappropriated - bent and twisted.

thanks again!

mad malva blue said...

clever ... amusing ...but ...nazi sympathizer ...? where did that come from ...or was that merely for the sake of the rhyme? while i don't think dubya should be the leader of the free world, i wouldn't go so far as to call him a nazi sympathizer ...

Reverend X said...

Nymph, I like your new site.
Here's validation on the sympathiser bit.
Family history really, from progressive review. Their credibility is strong, but I would suggest as always, question everything.

infinitesimal said...

Come tell me your Super Power and Super Identity and I will link you up tout suite.

As for your rhyme, dig it.

those boys can howl at the moon all they want but in the end they are just dogs, and forestnymph said it: dogs can't read.

Seems these dogs only read what they like.

I like the way you have wrapped your brain around this whole thing.

GOOD JOB! I am going to the link now.

Anonymous said...

Negative Reverend,
take another look and show us where the Constitution hands you privacy on a plate--it does not, the words are not there, the idea is not there, and for the record, there is no "separation of Church and State" anywhere in those solemn words.

What you now have are judges who use the Constitution to achieve their personal worldview.

Ah,how sweet it is... while it lasts, but alas, preacher, sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander--if judges with other worldviews take charge, and use the constitution for their own purposes, then you and your coterie will be squallin' all the live long day.

For this reason Americans should demand strict constitutionalists--no monkeying with the text, either to the left or to the right,the up or the down.

What your SCOTUS justices "found" in the constitution was a *pnumbra* (not a right to privacy) that they used to push the privacy platform.

Scholars admit that the use of the 9th and 10th amendments to justify Roe and Griswold could just as easily be used to overturn them.

You want to use privacy to snuff innocent, defenseless babies and gramps in his rocker, but the POTUS wants to use legal, designated presidential privacy to bushwhack murderous terrorists whose goal is to sop their pita bread in your blood, and now you wanna' moan and wail about it?

As for"other illustrious careers open to young black males" they have the same careers open to them as young Vietnamese males, Afghanistani males, Pakistani Males who came here with zip, not even the native tongue, yet they did not make a career of victimhood rather than manhood.

Note this: Black males who shrug off the silky, seductive chains of the welfare mentality achieve the same heights as any other ethnic group.


Reverend X said...

"The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized."

Did you forget about the Bill of Rights? Figures. I believe "papers and effects" covers the newer forms of communications. And did I not say "Warrants".

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof"

So it's vague. Direct definition of wording though, "respecting" would make any law regarding any religion unconstitutional, therefore one can not touch the other. Separation.

Now show me where this administration has proven itself concerned about terrorism. Bin Laden? Afghanistan?
They could have gotten warrants up to 72 hours after a tap if they had any reason involving terrorism. Did they? No! why? Cause that wasn't what they were after!

And thanx for illuminating the vocational dilemma. It shows you well.

Anonymous said...

No sir, the Constitution is not vague. It is precise. Some folks find that a problem.

Thus "respecting" does not mean "Any law regarding any religion"
It says what it means--we need not guess at the meaning of the Constitution, it says clearly regarding the ESTABLISHEMNT of religion.

Keep in mind that the framers had come primarily from England where the Crown had *established* the Church of England as the state religion, to the detriment of others , such as Puritans, Wesleyans and others.

This means any public use of, or aid to, or respect for, or space designated for religion is not prohibited, unless and until said use ESTABLISHES one religion as the state religion.

The Constituion seeks to insure the "free exercise" of religion, and nowhere indicates that religion is to be *separated* from the public square, or the halls of Congress --in fact, early US mandated public shcools were in order to teach the bible.

On wiretapping--according to CLinton's Dep AG Jamie Gorelick (1994)the president has the power to do so without warrants...and the AG noted serious defects in FISA when hunting down terrorists and proposed changes that are now included in the Patriot Act. (FISA is a criminal case protection, not meant for terrorists)

THis isn't about you, the bookie down the street or the polygamist on the next block, it is about military measures during wartime. When they tap the bookie, the pimp or the drug runners, I'll help you impeach the occupant of the OO.

But its doubtful you're really worried about your privacy due to wiretaps, after all, the Clinton era NSA's launch of Eschelon was far more invasive of average Main Steet USA privacy than cell calls to and from OBL and friends.


Reverend X said...

"an establishment of Religion"
That's a noun, not a verb. Exactly.
Clinton's warrantless activities were pre fisa and the evidence showing the need for fisa.
Clinton should have been impeached for Waco. That Posse Comitas bit he clearly broke.
And, to quote
"You don't know me, fool!
You just owe me, cool!
I don't need your insistence, social persistence, any problem I have I just put my fist in!"
So where do you get the insight into my character?
And, I feel the need to clarify something. You did state that a black male american had all the advantages of an immigrant, right? That was the point of your earlier illumination? You see, you are wrong even in that. They do not qualify for immigrant business loans and many other perks of being a "non-citizen" as you declared them. Damn, not even a 2nd class citizen in your eyes.

mad malva blue said...

rev x: okay ... so dubya grandfather worked for a german company closely connected to hitler's regime/uprising ... and THAT makes him a nazi sympathizer?? well, i guess JFK was a gangster, then, since his dad schmoozed with the gangster-mafia types in his day? GET REAL ...i'm not buying it ...

anon: defenseless babies? pull-leese ...are you volunteering to look after those defenseless babies ...? and, they aren't 'babies' ... baby is viable, meaning it can survive UNASSISTED BY EXTRAORDINARY MEANS outside the uterus ...

gramps in his rocker? oh ... so are you volunteering to look after gramps too?

as for church and state: " nation under god ..." that says it all, doesn't it?
where does that leave the 'non-believers,' i wonder ...?

Anonymous said...


Establishment as used in the Constittutional phrase is not a noun--you thought of it a an establishment, such as a drinking establishment, a praying establishment....the Framers meant no government established --think mandated--religion.

Clinton impeached for Waco? Amen. Waco is a dark day in US history
--and Ruby Ridge.

As for your chaffing under persistence--take it as a compliment--if you were not worth it, why would a soul waste the pneuma?


I'll take the babies and gramps.

Ever seen Dirty Dozen? I'll take your cast offs and make a nation of them--that's what we have killed--40 million fellow Americans.

The baies *are* defenseless, as that term means unable to defend itself. HAve you not seen the studies that show the frantic attempt of infants in the womb to swim away from the scalding saline solution injected into their mothers?

In case tender stomachs read this post, I won't describe the horror of
cutterage and skull crushing as babies come closer to term.

Look, you are about sensitivity, right? Think of baby seals snatched from mama's belly and clubed on the head for its precious fur...
upsetting thought? How is baby human less worthy than a seal?

Know how many aborted children are shipped to cosmetic firms for use in
high priced "beauty" products? In the UK the going rate for a 28 weeks baby brain is 1100 pounds --used for experiments.

Viability cannot be our measure,
for you and I were also once defenseless. The viability argument is a "make me feel better for what I'm doing" argument.

Think of Hassan with his harelipped face --should he have been aborted because he was less than beautiful? Because he was a hated Hazara?

IS it your standard of love and care that we can eliminate humans that are inconvenient so that we are free to spend our days pleasing ourselves, musing on hash, building a life around only our desires, gratifications and days and days of blogging?

Many women have had abortions in ignorance. God love em' they were victims of a murderous culture that told them "it's just a blob." Sold to Americans by a Madison Avenue culture that needs to sell everything with sex--and if sexual permissivness sells products, let's find a way to eliminate the inconvenient babies who result from our incontinence.

We can do better than this.

As for One Nation under God, where does that leave unbelievers? Better off, Nymph, than unbeleivers in One World under Allah.

This was long--won't do this again


Reverend X said...

We found common ground? I'll get back to that. You declared the constitution to be precise in its wording. Having never met any of its framers, why would I infer a less obvious meaning to a common phrase. ..."an establishment of... ill repute, debauchery, inequity, religion, etc etc. Seems almost cliche from our antiquity. Devoid of "his story" books my interpretation is more precise. So, it's vague. It is also a bit unclear on digital communication protections. It is clear on the intent to safeguard an overall privacy. I am not even stretching that to cover reproductive rights. As I said, that is another debate for another time. As for the "served on plate" contention, I don't recall any menu items covered in any part of the Document. However unrelated, the overall sense of Privacy is covered and the Right is garuanteed. No unreasonable and not without warrants. That bit does not need inference or interpretation. Privacy was, is still and will be covered regardless of technological invention.
"IS it your standard of love and care that we can eliminate humans that are inconvenient so that we are free to spend our days pleasing ourselves, musing on hash, building a life around only our desires, gratifications and days and days of blogging?"

I agree. Stop the genocidal War against the Iraqi's NOW! As the Native Americans were eliminated, the poor of Nola, and so on, we must stop waging war against people who inconveniently live in our way. I love the way you expressed the sentiment.

Our common ground: You saw Waco for what it was. Why don't you see the "terrordome" without the blinders.
Same shit, different White House. Or is it. I see no difference in tactics and backers. Clinton gave no bid contracts to Halliburton in Kosovo. Approved of DU munitions. Allowed the media to be usurped by a few select interests. The list goes on. So if Clinton was an evil bastard, wouldn't anyone else committing the same atrocities be an evil unoriginal bastard? You justified the wiretaps with "Clinton did it". That is more of a condemnation than a defense. That alone should raise warning flags to you.
I am getting long here, too. I will finish this later.
Uriel, where's your site?

Bird said...

fisa established during the clinton years? No - after Watergate (the 70s) because Nixon abused his presidential power and for the "good of the country" authorized illegal wiretaps. And let's not forget the abuse of the FBI - all those wiretaps and files on Vietnam War protestors, MLK, etc.

Two thoughts:
1. The Constitution is a living, breathing document, designed to grow and stretch. If we took it absolutely literally and on face value, I'm not sure I would have voting rights.

2. The Constitution and the Declaration of Independence form a "Master Narrative," which has become iconic, mythologic, and to which many of us cling as the absolute truth. It holds us in sway, mesmerized, bound to a narrative that is not always reflective of who we are or who we want to be, nor is it inclusive of all who are here.


K9 said...

/bark bark bark

the dogfight between Rev and Uriel is possibly one of the best blog reads ever. I could not begin to enter such an educated and passionate fray but I am thrilled that I was here to read it. and when Uriel replies to the nymph even a hard dog weepeth.


Reverend X said...

Yeah, my mistake. I meant the revamping of FISA.
"Section 1. Pursuant to section 302(a)(1) [50 U.S.C. 1822(a)]"
the warrant less searches bit, which Clinton signed in to effect to close the loophole he used.
Points 1 and 2
Hell yeah!
Course I was planning on easing that idea into the debate. After Scalia's rebuke of the idea, it is easier to introduce Constitutional evolution in a more Socratic fashion. But since the cats out the bag...
Here goes. The Founding Fathers had some great ideas and ideals of which they never lived up to. The Constitution itself was taken more from Iroquois Confederacy than Greek democracy or Roman Republic. Even with all the talk of equality, freedom and self evident truths, the facts remain that framers of our Constitution were only concerned with taking care of the landed, slave owning, wealthy citizens of the US. Well, not all slave owning, but more than enough to make the all men created equal bit laughable. But the idea is what matters. As time has gone on, we as a nation have grown ever closer to realizing the reality of those lofty ideals. Equality is becoming the standard. As Uriel noted, even the poorest have a chance at achieving the dream. A chance that did not exist one century ago. We must continue to strive for the goals laid out not just in the Constitution , but in the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights and the amendments so far. Being that it is amendable, it is in a sense "Alive". We are not stuck with Hammurabi's Code. We can learn, grow, progress as a society and the Constitution can evolve with us. That is unless we let fear and bigotry drive us backwards. The push to empower the President as this " unitary executive" is nothing new. Kings and dictators have assumed their power the same way for centuries.
Thinking that such power will be used only to benefit society is feudal. Worse than that, it's Marxist. Marx thought the dictatorship of the proletariat would willingly step down and go back to farming. He was a Utopian dreamer. Stalin is the inevitable outcome of such unrestrained accumulation of power. There has never been a benign monarchy. Power will always corrupt.
If we don't do something now, this whole debate will be academic.
Call your Senators today and tell them to vote against the nomination of Samuel Alito.
Then, if you think of it, demand an investigation into any and all credible allegations of executive wrongdoing. We all owe that to the Americans who came before us and the Constitution that got us here.

Copy this link into your browser to get the #'s to call. What have you got to lose?

Anonymous said...

Reverend X,
in reverse order of points in your latest:

No blog site,preacher man-no time,
words for work approach deadline.

This be swan song for a spell, been mo' fun than Uri can tell

Maybe a body will carry the flag; a hag, a drag, anyone U did snag,
to write some truth
(smile with tooth-
doan' gimme no snarl,)
These bloggers "truth"
nothin' but gnarl:

Gnarl in Peaty Bogs,Bird cawing above,
the Wimpering Nymph's forest
where death is

Infintesimal infantile, Vanille Chaos, who is 'dat chile
slippin and sliddin'in
K-9's pile?

Chaos did " snarl and bite
and play the dog"
(quote Henry VI of S'peare)
forsooth! Cannine wit bit
the whole dawg blog
to give birth to mirth
to Uri, here,
above the fray
near heaven's sphere

The words below
is all he wro'
gotta get serious,
not delirious
chasing bloggers to
and fro

No, Clinton was not a justification for current taps (actually electronic intercepts to trap cell numbers--no actual listening is going on. Clinton is an example of presidential use (Carter too) justified by AGs, distinction from FISA (domestic) vs. WAR time military use. These are international calls, not domestic spying.

That distinction stands. Doesn't make it comfortable. Fighting an enemy never is. Offer stands: You find the Pres using warrantless taps for regular domestic scum or political enemies, I'll help you impeach the twerp.

Waco=Terrordome? I did not see religious odd-balls attacking other religious odd-balls at Waco. Worst element of Terrordome after the poor on poor, refugee on refugee asssaults was the NOLA mayor's refusal to let the folks OUT.

No genocide on Iraqis--only the insurgents who are murdering other Iraqis. Know too many who are on the ground there--no CNN spin, docs and nurses from Africa, Eastern Euro, Aussies--they report Iraqis not fearful of US soldiers, but of own fanatics.(This is not to say that the odd soldier or two isn't a dog gone rabid)

NO genocide on Amer Indians either. That's PC swampwater meant to desensitize us to the coming tidal wave of raw sewage. Most brutal suffering the Indians knew was from other tribes. Voluminously documented. Euros did their part--for sure--but Euro diseases more to blame, plus unintended consequences of development of land.
Lamentable, but not genocide. Disney's version of Indian life is definately a cartoon.

Nola poor would take a book for adequate response. Suffice here to restate that victimhood cannot coexist with manhood--choose. Simply put,have more faith in the people than in government programs.

You really think that if tomorrow every government program for "the poor" vanished that "the poor" would all perish? After all, the poor of every nation still come here for relief from politcal and economical oppression--what do they know that NOLA poor don't know? (BTW, USA is greatly enhanced by "the tired, the poor, the wretched refuse" of other nations who come here --legally.)

Last point, on Cnstitution: We should care about the Framers. These folks gave up title, lands and fortunes to provide us with the best document known to human history. It structured a government that permits the most diverse peoples to live together in relative peace. It is the envy of the world. The Framers put their lives and fortunes where their mouths were--they were men who studied Cicero, Homer, Tacitus, Herododus. They knew the heart of man from Shakespeare and Dante.

They were landowners and shopkeepers, well born and not, men who had known the yoke of the Crown and refused to submit any longer. Not perfect men, but men with a vision far beyond their moment in history.

It is OK to be American. It is OK to
recognize that-- warts and all--we are a great nation made of every race and ethnic group. There is no place on earth like America--no place that lets anyone who wants to come, become a citizen with the same rights to the "pursuit" of happiness--no guarantee, only your chance to roll up your sleeves and make your own contribution to the whole.

We are not always right--but we are often right, more often than any other spot on the planet--
Evidence the folks trying desperately to get here. We are the most generous people on earth--both corporately, and as individuals. We have brutish moments we'd like to erase, we have too often succumbed to corrupting influences, but we are
as nations go, a teenager, with a bit of growing to do--but the structure (Cosntitution) is very good, the best.

And for BIRD, nationalism is dangerous, but nationhood is not. Ain't no "imagine" (Beattles) in realpolitk. There will be no noosphere of the nations.

The ONLY thing between you and a hostile nation, movement, or Fatah is your own nation. Your nation is your mediator in global world, where more than ever in human history you need a nation.

And thank the horizon --or whatever is in vogue--that the Constitution is NOT a "living" "breathing " or stretched "Master Narrative" morphing into the fad of the nano second. Think of this way, you wanna work for a firm who sees your employment contract as a document to be stretched? How about the contract to buy or sell your goods--like stretchable here?

Point of fact, the Constitution was not meant to be stretched to cover every little flea bite on your derriere.

It was designed to keep most spats at the state level--we need to return to that format, so that gushy "sensitive" euthanizers can sway in the Oregon moonlight and hum when they set someone off on the final sail, but the rest of the states can be spared that "compassion." Dying is hard work, but honest work, worthy of the day--but not one day early.


Reverend X said...

Uri, baby! Come on! That did not move you? My last comment that is... err.
Ok then for your send off.
Google is the only search engine withholding database logs, queries, and info from the White House. All the others surrendered an undisclosed quality of info. Yahoo is the only one claiming to have withheld id/ip info.
Bush has a political enemies database in the white house. You wanna bet they did not cross reference? That is politically motivated. As Rumsfailed so eloquently stated, "If we are to wait for a smoking gun, we will have waited too long."
Good enough to invade, good enough to investigate thoroughly and impeach if evidence warrants.
Waco. I was told along with every one else that the religious odd-balls killed the religious odd-balls. I also have heard testimony from "Evacuees" that their rescue was more of an abduction at gunpoint. No evidence has been shown to back up any of the MSM's claims of roving gangs, snipers, or any of the other breaking news stories they so fervently reported. Yes, officially the Gretna sheriff or the Nola PD held the people in the dome and center, but all the testimony says military and paramilitary forces. All the indie photos show military. Even the MSM reported a NOPD walk out in the first days of the disaster. I'd say it's more than just a hunch.
Genocide. The intentional and systematic distribution of small pox infested blankets and supplies to the Native Americans.
The intentional and overzealous distribution of depleted uranium ordinance and the subsequent pulverization of it into air born uranium crystals all over Iraq. The health effects are proven. Less than a thousand US casualties in the first Persian Gulf war. At present over 500,00 veterans on disability due to radiological illnesses. And of course the tens of thousands of their children suffering from birth defects and other symptoms of genetic radiation poisoning.
Are those the poor whose funds you suggest eliminating? I do not think so, but they are indeed the ones who would suffer from it.
This information is easily verified by keyword searching DU, depleted uranium, Veterans affairs. Just make sure you use google. searching for nuclear information might draw attention from the guys so diligently hunting down al qaida. Christ, Ted Nugent could have gotten Bin Laden by now if he'd been sent with a bow, a loin cloth and a knife.
Yes, lots of people emigrate here. That's why plans are in motion to build a wall on the Rio Grande. Of course they come here, it lessons the sensation deprivation time en route to Gitmo. Why fly strapped to a case of DU, when you can buy a coach ticket?
America is worth fighting for. That is why I am arguing with you today. We are a teenage society. Unfortunately we are a teenager with a gun and some shortsighted ideas in a very crowded room. Did you know we intentionally detonated thermonuclear devices in the Van Allen Belts just to see what they would do? Big guns, young teenager.
My definition of life and the Constitution stands. Bicker semantics with Bird if you want. You did not contradict my claim.
And you are right. No document can cover all the crisis and problems we will face in the future. And neither can one man. The 3 branches of government are meant to be co-equal and separate because we are all stupid some times, but hopefully 2 outta 3 have their wits together at any given time. Make the Executive prime and our fates will rest on a guy who has never run a company successfully.
I live in Oregon. It is really nice here. Well balanced ideologically. Truly conservative and truly progressive at the same time. And voting is easy and inexpensive. And the electorate are well informed. Beat that!