Saturday, October 03, 2009

Hell... Since I have lost my faith in the Great Black Hype...

...or "HypObambinus" as I like to call him, (15 times in 3 States!!! I'll call him whatever I want!) I think it is time for a Blasted Reality Check. So for the next two weeks, it's time to sharpen your sticks with the late and great and never outta date, Bill Hicks.

Below is the first part of his Masterpiece "Revelations". The other 8 parts will be showing up about every other day. If you've never seen it, sit down, shut and learn something.


K9 said...

i disagree. the first part does seem dated. and he is not as nearly as interesting as what you write. i liked your walmart comment very much. it was funny. and right.

Reverend X said...

Don't judge a genius by his intro.. lol. You have to watch the whole thing.