Wednesday, May 04, 2011

A letter to Jesse Ventura. Please repost everywhere you can.

Governor Ventura,

You have established that there is problem and what that problem is. i.e. A two party system that has entropied into a corrupt and criminal “Two-faced monopoly” engaged in a polarized pincer assault upon the US Citizenry for nothing more than to feed its patron’s parasitic greed. I commend your bravery in just vocalizing this reality, but you and I both know that that is the easy part. Now it is time to live up to our Oaths of Induction and commit to the solution to these problems. Here’s what I have come up with so far-

1) You are the only person who has a chance of success of accomplishing the Justice that must be done. No one else in this country has the necessary prerequisites to make a viable run for the White House. You have the Executive experience, the courage, the legal rights to run and the wealth, both monetary and life experience to be immune to the bribes, threats and slander that must be faced on this crusade. Additionally, you would rather be surfing than be President. You are the only one who does not want the job, so you are the only one qualified to do the job.

2) Running as Ron Paul’s running mate is pointless. He does not have the presence or unshakable will that you have shown time and time again in interview and hatchet job alike. You have to be the leader. Ron Paul would be your perfect vice President. Imagine if LBJ had 10% of Paul’s commitment to truth and Justice. JFK would have never been shot. No conspirator would martyr themselves before a real judicial investigation and prosecution.

3)This battle will be fought with information, instant communication, syndication and networking. They will come at you sideways and their weapons will be lies, accusations and vague implications of evil-doing. They will plant BS all over the Web then Swift boat you again and again until the people believe their big lies. That is the nature of information warfare. They will overwhelm the discourse with fiction until that fiction becomes fact. Then they will bury you in their “facts”.
4) I can defend you against their cyber strategies and tactics. I am better than them at their game. It’s my game. I can build you a web presence that not only engages the public, but attracts and hooks them. I can build mobile interfaces and lines of communication that will allow you to refute and disprove any liable they spew, instantly and globally. I can broadcast the truth against their lies in real time and dominate search results with that truth, rendering their planted fiction worthless. In short, I can utilize the sum total of human knowledge against their manipulation of the ignorant and fearful. Cast the light of day into the shadows, digitally.. at the speed of light.

5) I don’t want a paycheck, compensation or accolades. I will be fighting for my children’s freedom and living up to my Oath to protect and defend the Constitution. I have a considerable skill set in exactly the science and technology that will decide the next election and I am backed in the corner, fighting for so much more than just my own life. I am neither special, nor unique in this regard, so your support base is legion. The people will stand for you if you stand for the people and with that, you can not lose!

So, are we gonna do this? The revolution is waiting for you, just like you asked us to.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Final Final A Post Apocalyptic Post

There can be no peace without Justice...

In the YT player directly above, I loaded the film Zero: An Investigation into 9/11
This movie this movie is the movie I have been waiting for... hoping for... praying for. It shows, the inconsistencies, untruths, omissions, distortions, and blatant f'n lies that have been forced down our throats for almost a decade now.
Please watch all 10 parts before making up your mind either way. If you are an American, it is your duty to ensure the legality of your government. If you are not American, please let us clean our house. Thank you.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

No Such Thing as a Free Lunch

Simple rule of Capitalism.

"You don't get nothin' for free!"

That being said, ever wonder why the Federal Government is so willingly giving out vouchers for digital TV converters? I mean, health care, no vouchers. Education, no vouchers. Bail out, no vouchers, but they decide to switch the TV broadcast spectrum to digital for no real reason.. and it's all alcoholic-parent-coming-home-from-rehab-to-make-amends.

Well, here's just one of the nifty reasons they have... to hide from you.

Patent # 5,159,703

You have got to love anything that gets your learn on without bothering to make you notice...

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Victims Victoriously Vie for Victimization Sans Vaseline

I hate to whine, cry and feel "Wronged" when I know I should just feel STUPID. For me, being stupid is painful. It hurts every time! For the posters on this page,

The Sloppy Money Order Scam

I'm guessin they are somehow oblivious to the pain. Or gettin off on it... Read the article, then the comments. I am sure you will understand why I had to post this comment there...

"I am missing something here… Every poster here has made the claim that Craigslist failed to adequately inform them of the fact that the world is a DANGEROUS place. I have been using Craigslist for over 4 years. Every email I have ever received from every one of 100’s of ads I have ran there, had this statement as its opening paragraph;

** Avoid: wiring money, cross-border deals, work-at-home
** Beware: cashier checks, money orders, escrow, shipping
** More Info:

Not only that, but in order to even post an ad on Craigslist, a potential seller must navigate through 2-3 pages of posting options, all of which are headed by this statement or similar, in a font of at least twice the size and weight of the regular page text;


1. Most cashier’s check or money orders offered to craigslist sellers are COUNTERFEIT — cashing them can lead to financial ruin
2. Requests that you wire money abroad via Western Union or moneygram for any reason are SCAMS
3. Learn more on our scams page — avoid scammers by dealing locally with buyers you can meet in person! ”

Admittedly, the text does not blink, flash or come with an air raid siren. I, for one, am glad it doesn’t. Those things would be annoying… They would be even more annoying than the mandatory checking of the “I have read the terms of service…” check box. You know, that box that asks you to give your Word that you have completed a certain task and agree with craigslists position and opinions regarding the assumption of responsibility and liability for interactions through and due to any individual’s decision to post there.

So. Not only did the “Fraud Victims”, posting in this thread, fail to do anything to protect themselves or prepare themselves in any way, from the big bad world, they also have absolutely no qualms breaking their word for nothing more than their own lazyness and needless haste.

I, honestly, believe that the Nigerian Scam artists are not the villians here. They are hardworking, persistent and diligent workers who are actively engaged in bestowing upon all of you, (total strangers) the life skills you should have learned by the age of 8. Critical thought is a criterion of survival. Without it, we as a Nation would devolve into a morbidly obese, blind faithed, outspokenly ignorant, pharmaceutical addicted, manipulated and fleeced consumer caste whom all lack the ability to accept personal blame for the repercussions of their actions…. err. Snap!

Guess the Nigerians where “too little, too late.” Well, I guess its the thought that counts…. Anyone here ever tried either? Thinking? or counting?

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