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Bullshit... Nothing more

I always hated open book tests. I am really good at knowing the required info, but if the test was open book that meant that the questions were vague and unimportant. Never discussed, lectured or learned by the class, so the idiots could play "Where's Waldo" for the answers and I would be forced to play along.. But I never would. I'd just shift into "The answer is generally C. It is almost never D or E unless an all or none grouping is present." Strategy of test taking. Playing the averages never failed me. During my ACT, I was at that intoxicated point between full drunk and eventual sobriety that really hurts, so I just marked C the whole way and went to sleep. Got into College level Algebra with points to spare. Sure it brought down my composite, but if my ass wasn't getting a grant for a 32, it wasn't gettin one for anything. Caucasian here... A perfect score would have meant nothing for me.
Ok, to my point. I have been way too busy to truly follow the Bail out and I do not feel like lookin anything up, so I am gonna weigh in on this open book test from memory and my knowledge base. I saw this coming a long time ago so as long as it followed the proscribed actions.. I know what is up.

Palin, the Soccer Mom/Cheerleader/Keynesian Economist for the Uber Rich has stated that we are facing another Great Depression. This dark age is due to our banking structure no longer being able to support the 59% speculative GNP it had been claiming was real for the last 4 years. Similarities in History. Yes. The 5.9% speculative GNP at the beginning of the Great Depression was unbearable to our banking structure and therefore caused a crash on Wall Street and a mad panic run on cash in the banks.
We have held 10 times that unbearable load for years. How could that be? Has our banking structure been juicing like a baseball player? No. The only difference is that economists of those days told the people that 5.9% was impossible and up until a month ago, their modern counterparts told the people that it was fine. Through observation alone, the market has altered its behavior.
Do I sound crazy yet? OK. Watch this quick lesson in Quantum Physics and then come back here. In the mean time, those of you who know Quantum Physics.. Scroll down and listen to the Monster Magnet song I loaded up there. It is equally relevant to the topic at hand...

"Well I'm back!/
I gotta dick made out of platinum!/
I got money fallin' outta the sky!/
I got the World's last piece of chocolate!"

...Ok, now that you understand that through observation alone, we can completely alter the behavior of sub atomic particles, can you be open minded about a slightly more logical causal effect?

Our economy is based on nothing more than the word of our Government and the opinion of the Federal Reserve Bank. If Bush says it's a dollar. It is a dollar. If he says it is worth 1.23 yen, it is worth 1.23 yen in American Markets. Why? Cuz that's how it was set up. We ditched the Gold Standard, created the Economic Death Star we call the Federal Reserve Bank, and adopted a Fiet based currency solely to gain the ability to say that! Hell, Bush has spent the last 7 years practicing saying things that bore no resemblance to any witnessed reality and up until this point, everyone has swallowed it like world's last piece of chocolate. Why choke on the platinum now?

So, here is the issue. If it is in the best interests of the US to say our economy is fine and make it so, why have they not utilized this truly "Voodoo" economic tool? Because this is part of a larger plan. The collapse of the Banking structure in America is one more action in a concerted effort on the part somebody to make America into what it wants to be... A Global Military Empire and Shock Trooper Breeding Ground. Sure we will be the muscle, but who will be the Brain? Well, name one country we have deferred to in all things. Even to the point of total forgiveness for attacks on our citizens, theft of our most secure defense secrets and policies of the nature of those which we created the UN to deal with. Yes creating the behemoth to fight such policies because of our strong convictions against them.

No guess?

Starts with an Is and ends with a Real... ok maybe it's Rael, but when asking if the boogey man exists, I like my first spelling.. Yes, he Is Real. Call me an Anti-Semite if you want, but I got more than enough Jewish blood in me to laugh that shit off. This theory has nothing to do with the Evil Jew Caricature Straw Man and everything to do with a small group of very real and very very evil men who just happen to be Jewish. Men who also have caused so much pain and suffering on their own people that even the most radical of Arabs would tell them to knock it off.


Yes the Zionists. The survivors of the Pale of Settlement who were so fucked up by what they had endured that they were proud of it. Seeing that as a good thing they went on to create more "Only the best shall survive" situations for the rest of their race.

The rest is History. I just wanted to give you a place to start learning on your own. God knows I would never have believed it if someone had told me, but after time and time again coming to the same place, one realizes that the path is real. So go research it.

Now back to the 2nd Great Depression. The first one was caused by a drastic and nonconsenual shift from a 75% Agrarian Society to an Industrial Nation. The People did not want to collect in the cities and toil in factories. They wanted to live off the land and work what they owned. The dust bowl, primarily, (Did you see what God just did to us!!) and the economic machinations of the Industrialists at the time made those dreams impossible. The resulting era of America being dragged kicking and screaming into an Urban Industrial based society was what we refer to as the Great Depression. Not the week or two of middle management financiers learning that they really could not fly. Yes that's a metaphor and a description of actual avian events. I love duality.

Last time, no one took the time to enjoy the Swan Dive Competition. My advice to you is, "Grab an umbrella, a beer, a helmet and a seat. You can't buy a show like this. Not even for $700 billion dollars. When it is over, we have a lot of work to do. But none of it is gonna be mentioned on TV... Ever.

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Repost of the Reclarification... The Fall II

Good Old WTC 7,

I think this is the point where most people over estimate the event, it's creators, and the prep work. But first, good ole #7. This is really the key to the whole thing. Not to conspiracy but to profiling the masterminds. #7 was a cluster fuck of bad judgment. It was timed poorly, dropped perfectly and expected to simply vanish from the collective memory. It almost did. In recent history we have had 2 other events with the same signature disregard for reality. Oklahoma City and Waco.

Waco was the first and the gutsiest use of the media to completely alter the public’s perception of an event. More so it created the reality. We were told that 160+ people locked themselves in a compound for the purpose of worshipping the Anti-Christ and raping a bunch of kids. When discovered, they ambushed the surprised and outgunned ATF agents who only went down there that day to check on the well being of the children. After a long struggle the ATF escaped and called in the FBI to negotiate a surrender. In that position the FBI used a non violent approach. Heck, they didn’t even fire a shot. To spite this peaceful delegation, the Davidians decided to immolate themselves. Please disregard any evidence to the contrary you may have seen. Like the tanks pumping cz into the building. The incendiary grenades thrown thru the windows to ignite the gas. All the FLIR video of suppression fire from multiple persons outside the compound, which actually worked to push the victims, I mean cultists back into the inferno. Oh, and please don’t listen to any of the hours of 911 tape from the devil worshippers. They were trying to win the propaganda war with their completely insincere, but amazingly well acted pleas for help to the police.

Not only is the accepted story complete BS with no supporting evidence and a mountain saying otherwise, but it doesn’t even need the easily disproven claims like ”The FBI didn’t fire a single shot”! Did anyone care that 160+ citizens were besieged and burned to death for failure to pay an arsenal tax on 2 purchases of 5000 rounds of ammo? No. And that is what really happened. That was why the ATF stormed the complex. When you buy ammo, any purchases of 5000 or more rounds has a tax on it called an arsenal tax. I can't remember the rate, but it is more than high enough to make people avoid it. If you shoot, 5000 rounds is not a whole lot. I'll run 2k through a hand gun for practice any given afternoon. Of course, if you shoot you also have at one time or another gone to 2-3 different stores and bought 4500 rounds at each. Why pay the tax? Well, cuz that's illegal. It's tax evasion. Everyone does it though. The Davidians did it and were put to death for it. Kinda like getting lynched for Jay walking. I am not going to get into any more details of their murder, but check out "Waco- The rules of engagement” for the over view.

Then came Oklahoma city. 4800# of anfo was driven 50 miles by 2 guys, placed outside a building, detonated and it went off like Cardinal Slip E. Phist on a preschooler at a Catholic Mixer.. Bullshit. That much anfo, would have made a hole in the parking lot that would not need immediate repair. Plus, you can’t move it once mixed and that is saying you have the chemistry degree and OCD necessary to mix the manure and gasoline perfectly. They could have gone to the reservation and bought $100 dollars worth of m-80s and had a much more powerful explosive.

So there we have two incidents with absurd explanations swallowed hook line and sinker like coke filled condom at a border crossing. And you know what? Other than the experts: i.e. generals, the guy who invented flir cameras, demo crews, physicists, professors and the like, you know smart people, not a single person has even noticed.Now look at #7. The powers that be put 15 million worth of upgrades into #7 within a year of 9-11. One whole self contained floor with blast proof windows, it's own air and water, every possible type of communication device and mile high security for no reason whatsoever. Then, on 9-11 Rudy, “I busted two Irish guys and called them the mob” Juliani holds court there with Fema and about 30 business associates on the same day the buildings were hit. Of course, something went wrong. The buildings did not go boom when the planes hit. They didn’t even shimmy much. Why? Because they were designed to do that when hit by planes. Not if, when. It was a priority of the architect to make ‘em plane proof. So the Hollywood FX circuit board fails to trigger the explosions on impact. What now? Start checkin wires. This goes on for a little less than an hour. Someone phones and Rudy and his buddies come flying out of #7 like their lives depended on it. Of course, I would have bolted 52 minutes earlier when the second plane came in. Not them though. They stayed bravely until 4 minutes before the first tower goes off. That’s lucky timing. Why did they run then? Well , for 52 minutes a couple of demo gurus have been randomly zingin wires to see what works. That has caused random booms on the other end, destabilizing the buildings. They figure they better light one up before it fall across the city. The tech guy tells Rudy that he doesn’t know if the tops will pop to dust on the way down. You see towers were built plane proof, but the wires connecting the sequencer to the bombs like the Bush family to corporate bail outs wasn’t . The mild fires could have removed the insulation the wires needed to carry current down the line. Side note- Somehow, the guys at homecoming Queen (Popular, right?) Mechanics mix this up with the idea that without asbestos mittens, steel melts at toaster temperatures. Actually they would have lasted forever with or without the fireproofing. Now back to Rudy-tooty-haulin-booty out the building. He and his posse exit building left and inadvertently start the next big fashion trend for Asia. Air filter masks. A couple shots of the great escapees whipping their ‘don’t leave home without ‘em’ breath masks and the next two years China goes Chin-less, mouthless, and noseless under Rudy’s fad fashion sense. It takes a great man to think to pack an air filter on a beautiful autumn day. I would never have guessed that I would soon be in a shit cloud of asbestos if I’d been in his shoes that day.

Speaking of Asbestos. Funny coincidence here. If not for the Wars, Halliburton would have been sunk under the weight of all the lawsuits Cheney got as a surprise gift for buying a piss ant company a couple years earlier. The terrorists really did him a favor by putting Halliburton back in the black with cost plus one contracts to provide everything but the bullets and the bodies needed to hunt down and kill those terrorists. And it really helped when legislation was passed to keep the homeland secure from trivial lawsuits for alleged losses people claimed when their loved ones died of Mesothelyoma. If you don’t know what that is, watch late night TV commercials. Yep., nothing more dangerous to the US than trivial lawsuits putting hurtful cash drains on the asbestos industry just because it knew it was killing people when it kept their steel from burning up in fires.

But, wait, the Homeland is more than just asbestos manufacturing companies run by Cheney, Right? Thanx for the reminder. Brave Billy Frist saw the vulnerability and attached protections for the ‘barely keeping their heads above water’ pharmaceutical companies, to the Patriot acts 1 and #2. So what if your kid has a pound of Mercury in his head and can’t spell dad backwards at 18? He didn’t get the flu did he? See, vaccinations are important and best preserved cheaply.

Back to the story.The 1st tower goes off. The top thirty floors do a redneck cannonball at #7, but turn to dust like a Buffy bad guy half way down. Six is sunk under the powder, but 7 lives to die another day... or 5 hours later, whichever comes first.Everybody gets what they want. Rudy goes on to run for the Senate. Too bad the ass cancer holds him back (Maybe there is a God!). Rummy gets to play Napoleon in the upcoming reenactment of Waterloo. Bush gets respect and everyone forgets about the election he stole. Cheney gets the Middle East and most of America. Big Pharma gets to sleep soundly at night knowing that the next generation is going to be to fucked up on ethyl-mercury to even say litigation, let alone spell it or try it. The Nuclear weapons industry gets to pull out all that pesky waste they've been hiding in storage sheds and sell it to the Pentagon. The Pentagon gets to equip the military with super bullets that not only kill the enemy, but also take care of any vets who survive the two stop loss wars. Think of what they can do with all the money they save since none of the guys they promised to pay at retirement will live that long with lungs full of DU. Social Security will be fine, since the asbestos floating around the East coast will keep just about everyone there from making it to 65. Silverstein gets 3,5 billion in insurance for a 300 million dollar 6 week investment and he saves 800 million thanx to terrorist asbestos removal. Everyone lives happily ever after, rich and righteous.Well, except the common man that is. Screw them. With their mortality rate for the next 100 years, not like they are gonna be all that common anymore anyways.

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The Fall 1

Just to Clarify my Position on things... I am reposting my theory...

If he had only used a different line. Somethin' like, "There's a new Sheriff in Town!" or "How do ya like me now?". But unfortunately, he is dubya's father and the metaphor falters close to the tree, if you will. Nope, he was so cocky after winning a real life bona-fide War that he whipped open a fresh pack of Machiavelli slips and said
"...The New World Order...".
The rest of the sentence went the way of Neil's debts, lost to the world outside of a few 12th year college students. I think, no.. I'm fairly certain this was the the spark that lit the bong that kept the son from showin up to fight and possibly die in Viet Nam. Yes, this was the proverbial first book of Prose given to Dennis Miller. The first crooked monopoly set in lil Dicky Cheney's hands. The 500th "tried all night" defeat at the hands of the Game of Risk Club, Special Olympics Squad, for Donald the Defeatable Rumsfeld.If the elder Bush had not said exactly what was on his mind that day, this would have all gone down a lot easier, smoother, dare I say, Kerry-esque. One bit of preemptive honesty and a President went from 90% approval to losing to a Sax player whose abysmally poor taste in food is only outdone by his arkansahishly poor taste in women. That had to HURT. Well, serves him right. New World Order? What was he thinking using the name of his secret club in reference to the lack of an opposing superpower at that moment. BTW, any reds who think we are still preeminent globally, 2 lil hints... One-China Motherf**ker! And two- you are now the "Reds". Christ what does it take to get thru to these guys, 4 hurricanes in six weeks at the state that made their guy Prez, just prior to his reelection? Nevermind, they missed those also.Where was I? Oh yeah, so Bush1 blew the whole surprise and set back plan for the man by 10 years. Not a long time in comparison to the Illuminati, but these guys are old. 10 yrs is the difference between month long Viagra Vacations and Sunday morning Depends Drives. So they had to get er dun, pronto.

First step, polarize the petty opinions of the populace. Sound whacko? Here's Waco! The only tangible effect of that media molestered mass murder was the perma stamp of Godless Government Goons on the Democraps. My whole cousin clan ran to the hills with their M-16s, Good News '4-us-not-u' bibles and family sized tubs of personal lube. It was a chain reaction of paranoid Christian salvation. The Rapture- 'limited edition'. Nobody noticed it at the time, but where do you think all these 'Holier than thou once I drain this clip into ya!' big picture Buhner's came from. Waco, Ruby Ridge, and somehow... Elian Gonsalez fits into this, but for the life of me, I can't figure out how. or why.

So, they've Snuffed a Sect, next step F*ck up a Federal Building. They did not worry about frequent flyer miles back then, they just hit the next Stuckey's on the way to Washington. Oddly enough, the lack of geographical literacy and the overflowing absolutist mentality worked out well for them. Everything they wasted with their Mid west... Wait Middle East.... ah what's the difference? attitude garnered less public inquiry than a preempted Matlock rerun. To an objective viewer, the OKC bombing was a catastrophic failure. Bomb squad arrived pre-boom, expendable badges, bailiffs and bureaucrats all exitted and were quite explicably not amongst the exhumed and extricated exoxygen exchangers. Sorry, that was way too much adherence to a pattern. Just tryin to make myself known to the Scrabble Elite. Oh, not too mention, the guys who made the bombs forgot to brief the guys who wrote the investigational Cliff Notes, on explosives and exactly what was to be in the explanation. Scrabble Elite, soon... So, 4800#s of Anfo becomes Fat Man and Little Boy to some experts. Not any with any expertise, but what the Hell. And viola! Proof that no one cares what objective viewers think anyways. Personally, I've always suspected that objective was just a fancy way of describing people who don't think like the rest of us and like to argue bout it.

Now we'll switch to 1st person view as the action heats up. I'll trim a couple corners, too. Remember, this is fiction, art, not my fault if life imitates it.Give a buddy $$ to open a voting machine manufacturing company, make sure he names it after a Bruce Willis action flic "Die Bold"... What? Hard you say, F*ck it, Ohio is in the Midwest, won't hurt anything important... Damn Titular errors. There's an idea, get a Rabid Prosecutor on the President's ass about tits and ass to the point the whole country would rather hold the Executive Branch Above the Law than listen to one more Starr talk about Oral Sex, wow! On a roll, you let it ride! Impeach the Fat Guy for nothing and ensure nothing will be able to impeach you, no matter who learns the skinny. Well, better find a hobby while that Tripp plays out. Aha, you always wanted to kill some Texans, damn retards. We all know the story there.

Election Eve, 8years in the making and finally... You lose. Elections are all about numbers and delegates. You've never cared enough to pay attention to those pesky things before, so why start now. Call your mother. Call your brother. Now call the other guy, the a**hole who won, a sore loserman. Bingo it was the name, oh!Now you are the most powerful man in the world that no one likes. What do they like? Cool skyscrapers... Show em all what you think of their pointy assed skyscrapers. And wammo, you got whole Nation of people who like you and as a bonus, they want you to bomb those brown guys who live in Asia and don't have Mexican food or cervesa. No flautas, no future! Ok, and the rest is still his story. But you broke your only in the Mid/middle rule. You kicked those building's asses in NY. Now, that's an understandable mistake being that you ain't city folk, but lemme explain why it's wrong. In NY, tradition means nothing and people flip flop, not their shoes. And it's not really a bad thing to change your mind or learn from your mistakes. It's evolution rea... oh nevermind. back to your story...Sure, you snowed em at first with your 7 minute pause to thoroughly think through your options, but in NY they hang huge TV's from Buildings and sooner or later someone was going to see your "wha? woa.." approach to crisis and call ya an A**hole. That and Skynyrd doesn't really rule, Mob does. Well, 4 years after the deed shoulda been dead in their minds, the masses wake up and smell the asbestos you helped Larry dispose of at a fraction of what it would have cost to remove the slow way. In fact, you accidentally made Larry about $800 million. As you look around, you should feel proud, you've made all of your friends filthy Rich and at what price? Just a country stupid enough to believe you in the first place? And a planet too lazy to stop you. No big loss....

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A Brief Opinion on Cern and Doomsday

This Wednesday scientists will be firing up the Large Hadron Collider at Cern. If you do not know what this is... take a minute to familiarize yourself with it here. Sorry about that educational format, but she is solid on the science. Would have been a lot better if she had Crunk'd it, but you really can't expect nerds to know hip hop..

Now as I was saying, the LHC gets turned on this Wednesday. I have heard a lot about the dangers of tinkering in God's Playground. I do not, normally, weigh in on scientific discussions due to my opinion that there is no such thing as Scientific Opinion. Science is based on fact and the search for facts. True, thanks to modern day degradation of vocabulary, most people believe the word hypothesis to be synonymous with opinion, but that is not correct. An opinion is an arbitrary belief in something , where in an hypothesis is the projected outcome of an action, extrapolated from review of similar actions and deemed to be most likely based on current knowledge. See the difference? So, I find it very hard to argue Scientific issues. If both sides have done their work thoroughly, there should be no argument. Principles before Personalities. Dig?

That being said... "OMG it's the End of the World!!" or at least that is the argument you will hear coming from the many groups opposed to smashing little tiny things together at unbelievable velocity. Are they correct? Yes, but that has little to do with this. Can this machine, possibly, do the things they are warning us of? Yes, but that is no reason to stop the project. If, worst-case-scenario fears actually happen, it will not effect you, me or the human race anyways. It is a matter of competing dooms days. If a micro black hole was created, it would sink to the center of the gravity well and begin consuming matter at a constant rate. By the time it had consumed enough matter from this planet to be noticeable, any local denizens effected would be of the "radioactive slag eating" kind. We currently have a planet destroying chain reaction en route to the center of our gravity well. We call it Chernobyl 4. It is a ""China Syndrome" unstoppable chain reaction. It is just reacting at a much slower pace than anyone had thought a "China Syndrome" would.
We have time, it seems. As a matter of fact, it is very unlikely that that will bother the human race either. It is far more likely that the human race will be killed off by climate change, current US Foreign Policy or some "Damn fool thing in the Balkans". Yes, Corporatism, Brinkmanship and Bravado are still our top threats.
The LHC on the other hand, might actually give us enough of an understanding into the nature of things to save our asses from ourselves. So, if at any point you find yourself in an argument over the safety and sanity of the LHC, please remind everyone involved that their sudden concern for the well being of the race and the future of the planet is far too little and far too late to be anything but Hypocritical.
And to the Scientists hard at work at Cern, "Smash on, you beautiful little nerds! Smash on!!"