Thursday, October 26, 2006

Ass Stashed Shotgun

Shoe bombs... Suitcase bombs... We don't want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud... Maybe, just maybe... We don't want a smoking gun... Might give us second hand cancer.

The DHS, no not the Department of Heroin Smuggling, that's the CIA... You know, Controlled, Illicit and Abused. No, the DHS, the Desperately Helping the Sauds, have pumped up the adverts for the coming election. I say coming cause you don't wanna look to close at it and it's gonna leave a bad taste in our mouths. With the RNC, Ridiculously notorious Criminals, putting your tax dollars to work scaring the shit out of you, Blasted Reality has decided to present, what we see as the next possible threat. Or more likely, the next great idea broadcast to the terrorist hordes.

"The Ass Stashed Shotgun"

Might seem almost comical if not for the very real possibility that even as we speak, Cave dwelling Arab Scientists are developing a "rectum riding riot gun". Think about it. Have you ever boarded a plane, train or bus and been forced to sit just inches away from a person displaying some or all the symptoms of having a large stick up their ass? You have, haven't you? How do you know that you weren't a short-hair-trigger away from a bungled bung hole operation? Mass Deaths? Ass Deaths....

Remember, we have nothing to fear, but what some desperate loser can pull out of their ass in order to effect the Pole-it-tics they have ridden on for so long. I mean, in the Post 911 world, can a 9" Post really be out of the question?

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