Thursday, August 17, 2006

Right... so where's the bridge you are selling?

Still think that the evidence is all in on 9-11. Hidden in the news today was this little blurb,

"Authorities release 9-11 911 operators calls, sans victims voices."

Confused? Well, the government has released tapes recorded on 9-11 from the WTC, but has decided that after showing the buildings explode, victims pulled from the wreckage, videos of people jumping to their deaths, and every possible scare tactic that they could think of, it would be too hard on the victim's families to hear what the people inside of the towers were witnessing.
Of course, the calls which support the Official Story, which have been proven to be fabrications and or lies, are still there for anyone to hear.

Thought for the day. The FBI has announced that they have absolutely no hard evidence linking Osama Bin Laden to 9-11. But don't they have a copy of the Bin Laden Confession Tape which was found by Coalition Forces in Afghanistan 4 years ago? Yes they do. Therefore, the tape must have turned out to be fake. Well then, who has the capacity to create, plant and exhibit said tape while simultaneously silencing any media outlet wishing to report the hoax? Yeah, another great coincidence I guess.


K9 said...

/bark bark bark

OT. my email to you bounced back!
whats goin on wit you?


Hellpig said...

yo nutjob if Clinton would have done his damn job like I told you 6 months ago there would be no 9/11 so all your paranoidal delusions are for naught.....