Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Plate Techtonics in Ebonics

"At 00:58 a.m. Greenwich Mean Time on 26 December 2004, a single sharp primary (compression) wave was created at the bottom of the Sumatran Trench, 155 miles to the south-southwest of Aceh Province in Sumatra, Indonesia. Travelling through directly coupled earth and water at 18,000 miles per hour, this puny wave arrived at the town of Banda Aceh thirty-two seconds later, causing a minor earth tremor lasting exactly 13 seconds, rougly the same duration as the seismic compression wave from a large nuclear weapon detonated underground in Nevada. Note in the right-hand 'after' photograph that everything in central Banda Aceh, situated directly on the giant Sumatran Fault line, is intact. During the long silent 22 minutes that followed, there were no injuries, no damage, and no seismic aftershocks. Then suddenly and without any warning, a giant tidal wave rose from hell, razing everything and everyone in its path."

Joe Vialls covered this story shortly before his death. Ad hoc in propter hoc, but fuck it.. I'll take the risk. It is beyond concievable that such a thing could have been planned and perpetrated by anyone with a 9 megaton device and an apocalyptic dream of the future. Shake your head and call me allony, but first read this.

"Back in 1945 the OSS (forerunner of the present-day CIA) planned to bring the "unbridled brutality of Japanese troops" under control by use of artificially triggered earthquakes. "If we could could get (an atom) bomb within a mile of a point on a fault line (trench) destined to break within 90 years we might set it off ..."
Since this secret paper was written, the modern-day CIA has had sixty years to get its nuclear numbers right - just in time for the shattering war crime against South and South-East Asia which murdered more than 300,000 people on December 26, 2004. Joe Vialls"

Now check this out


Now it looks like 2 years to the day and we have the same occuring..

Oops... forgot to go with the style I chose in the title.

Shit, Nigga... u know it all FUBU.... but it b dem against 2... dig?


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