Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Guest Writer- Eliyse Bontrager. One of the few sources of true positivity I've ever known.

Dear Fellow Americans:

Please take the time to read this email. If you agree with it's contents, pass it on. Please read it to it's conclusion. It concerns all of us, and our children, and children's children, etc, for generations to come.

Here we go again, more navel forces have been deployed to the middle-east, to be stationed on the boarder of Iranian territory. Action must be taken now. Write you congressmen and senators, or the new ones to be installed in January. Enough is enough! It must be obvious that the plan is to take over the middle east by now, isn't it? Doesn't anyone have a problem with the tactics taken by this unlawful government? They have broken more laws than I think any other administration before them, and are on par with Nixon. I have tremendous respect for the offices held by these individuals, but I have little to none for these people themselves. They have destroyed our foreign relations, and the only nations that stand behind England and the US in all of this, do so out of fear.

If you are an American, stand for Americans and our rights. One of those is the right to live in a world of peace. The more we anger these so called terrorists, the less likely peace will ever exist. The attacks of September 11th had absolutely nothing to do with Iraq, and they have nothing to do with Iran, which is where our troops are heading now. The reason other countries want nuclear power, is to protect themselves from the threat of the US, and other countries with nuclear arms. Our government has shown them they need to for safeties sake.

Violence by Muslims first started by our support to the Jewish taking land that rightfully belongs to Palestinians. You do know, for decades, we have been supplying training, arms, and tanks to help them in this endeavor, don't you? In 1947 Israel claimed the right to be it's own governing state, with boundaries set and agreed upon. Many decades ago they started the attempt to gain more land. They have been leveling home after home, sometimes in the middle of the night, uprooting sleeping families. They gave them a matter of minutes to grab personal effects. They did all this to gain more space, for moving in more Jewish refuges. We have been assisting, by the funds from Christian "end of the world, second coming" believers. Organizations such as On Eagles Wings, fly them there to hasten the process of this second coming of Christ. This is what I would call provoking Muslims. We were attacked for our policies dealing with the middle east and nothing else. Even though our fore fathers wrote in our constitution the law separating church and state, our many christian presidents, cabinets, and congresses have supported biblical concepts, such as this support of the Jewish. I am not against this race, or any other, but these policies are destroying our peaceful existence, not the Muslim terrorists. Let's look at the root cause.

Also to be noted, we were attacked by people acting individually, angered at our country for allowing and supporting Israeli destruction of theirs. So why are we attacking countries? Why not simply defend our boarders? Stop believing this regime, and look into the facts yourself. A world history book, or political science text will show the history of this conflict, and our aide, in one form or another to it. How many more must die before the fire is hot enough under your seat to cause you to stand up.

If you are not with the movement of peace continually growing in this country, you are against peace. If you are for the torture, and destruction currently dealt to so many innocents, including ours.. you are not for peace. If you are for depriving every citizen of civil liberties, including the writ of Habeus Corpus, now gone, you are for totalitarianism (i.e. Hitler.) If you are for this plan of One World Order, you are for violence to subdue the masses. We have no business interfering in other countries problems, especially if we have not solved the many problems here.

Call me paranoid, but that means the submission of us as well, to the governmental regime that WE have given a ludicrous amount of control. The executive branch has far more power than ever intended, or ever in the history of this county. The removal of our civil liberties is the beginning of the process. Look seriously at all the rights that have been taken so far. Doesn't this scare you? If you can find one source, beside what this regime says, or our censored media, show me. If not, for you, and your children's sake, stand up and help to STOP THIS MADNESS!!!!!

And those that comprise the supporters of the religious right of the Republican party , did not Jesus come to give you a new commandment? Does new not do away with old? Well, what would Jesus do? Was he for violence, or passive protest? Remember Caesar's government, did Jesus organize armies to destroy the threat presented to his persecuted followers? Did he instruct his disciples and followers to attack when arrested himself? Were they told to go after the government when John the Baptist was beheaded? There are so many more examples I could cite, but to those who read the bible, I am sure I don't need to do so. I believe, if the bible is historically correct as you say, the answer is a resounding NO to all of these questions posed! What does "love one another" mean, if not peace and passivity in the face of violence? And what of the meaning behind "turn the other check?" If you believe that this violence, and removal of free will (i.e. civil liberties,) is justified, your in the wrong religion. I believe that the sacrifice of life, for the betterment of the one sacrificing it, is a radical satanist concept. Aren't we suppose to fear those people?

I am beyond political correctness. I am beyond worrying if the truth of these travesties hurts feelings. I believe in AMERICA THE FREE. I do not believe in an America that allows the wool to be pulled over their eyes, and following as blind sheep, never discerning truths for themselves. We have been given sense, and reason, tools to be used, not set aside for sake of conformity to the norm. One of our fore fathers, Ben Franklin said, "Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety." I believe that I have the right to liberty. What about you?

There are links below to organizations that could use your help. There is also a link to an article about the recent deployment of navel ships to the Middle East. Exercise your right to sound off, before it is gone too; there is power in one voice. This government was formed by we the people; it is time for we the people to take it back. The government should not tell US how this country should be run, WE THE PEOPLE are to tell them how to run this country. Has that simple truth been forgotten? Let us stand as one, united for our civil LIBERTIES, ask for JUSTICE to be done where this corrupt regime is concerned, and save our great country, FOR ALL who call it home. Change starts with you. Are you ready yet?

Standing for peace, our rights, and taking America back, with you,
Elizabeth Bontrager


Goggle peace organizations, there are many more. Contact senators, congressmen, or the white House itself. Tell them to stop the insanity, you are not willing to give up your rights, for anyone, anymore.
Turn left the next election, vote for peace.

The March to War: Naval build-up in the Persian Gulf and the Eastern Mediterranean.. Read the article at Global research

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