Thursday, August 17, 2006

And finally, The Line is Drawn.

"XI. Conclusion
For all of the reasons outlined above, this court is constrained to grant to Plaintiffs the Partial
Summary Judgment requested, and holds that the TSP violates the APA; the Separation of Powers
doctrine; the First and Fourth Amendments of the United States Constitution; and the statutory law.
DefendantsÂ’ Motion to Dismiss the final claim of data-mining is granted, because litigation
of that claim would require violation of DefendantsÂ’ state secrets privilege."

Here's what that means...
If you are an American. If you care one bit for your country, your ancestry, the ideals upon which this Nation was founded... You must read this! This is where the battle for freedom is being fought. This is where the Constitution will make its last stand. What comes next must be the most important discussion in the History of this country.
Will we be a Nation of Law or a Nation of Men? Liberty or Tyranny? The White House will not stop its activities and the POTUS will declare himself above the law of this Court and its decree. If that is allowed to happen, then all every American before us struggledsacrificeded and bled for has been for nothing. Will we as a people give up everything we are in fear? In two hundred years, over two million Americans have laid down there lives to give us this Freedom. How can we trade that for the lives of just you and me?


Uri said...

Still blasting reality, Rev X?

Looked for you at K9's page. No Rev tracks in awhile.

Uri said...

Or at Bogs Page.

Reverend X said...

Yeah, I know I suck. Trying to get my personal crap taken care of. So where have you been? If you've read Apoc recently then you know it's been a while since I've had a nemesis of your caliber. See anything you disagree with here?

Hellpig said...

It is all crap you are delusional and represent the whackjobs well anytime I want to make a valid point I use you as an example of the far left fringe and the mindset of mental disorder which fester within....Keep up the false work

uri said...

No sucking epithets apply,personal cohesion trumps blog world. Appreciate the backhand compliment.

Did read backward in Apocalypse, Reverend X. Towers' fall result of planes. Doubles in the war game business would spring the story. Maybe there is one juicy rip per career; tempation too great if demolition could be shown. Physics of the event has been examined by our enemies; no serious anomalies.

Ranging the sky in real time. Not much time for exchanges. Soon, though.

Reverend X said...

Towers hit by planes, no doubt./
But look what Dr. Jones found out,/
Seems with a sample, spec'd with ease/
he found Potassium and Manganese/
No other reason they'd be there/
'cept thermate, look it up anywhere/
Molten steel, cut like butter/
and not a word will the media utter/
God damn, it's a disgrace/
No one brave enough to show their face/
Bow down as he wants/
or suffer kiddy piggy taunts/
cowards die a thousand times/
No one stepped up to stop my rhymes/
Your logic's strong. Are you the one?/
To silence me, end the run?/
Gimme a chance. come take a ride./
Soon enough your skills will be on my side...