Sunday, September 10, 2006

News From the Other side

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Hellpig said...

you still on with this conspiracy crap? you realize that not one whackjob theory holds water and Popular Mechanics shreds every theory that the lunatic fringe has produced every single one

The fact is Clinton was responsible for 9/11 I knew it from the begining and now it is written in the history books as was the pussy left who put America in harms way.

How's you wife and kids doing?

Reverend X said...

I spent months teaching you how to argue, Helly. Now you have totally regressed to your dumb ass, insult tossin, validation lacking, research slacking, try as you might you will never be right, myopic, wwf as a foriegn policy brutish ways.
All the insults you can think of won't buy back thecivil liberties you cowards surrendered in fear to the spectre of an Islamic Jyhad. Not even a real one. Just the mere mention of dark skinned bearded guys spooked the American right out of you. Your ancesters would be proud to knowthat you gladly turned over everything they fought and died for, without you so much as engaging an enemy. Over 2 million Americans gave their lives to give you your liberty and you gave it up at the mere mention of a muslim threat.
At least the Pussy left is willing to put up a fight. All the right put up was a dictator and their hands.
How r yours doing?

Hellpig said...

you didnt teach me shit you delusion whackjob I taught myself this just shows how out of touch your lame ass is with reality....


Reverend X said...

Yes, it is apparent that you taught yourself evreything you know. I merely tried to get you to make your point in a manner that didn't make you appear to be a rabid moron. I failed. I apologize for not being able to help you. Foam on and never forget,
"Even if you win, you're still a retard."

Have you somehow missed the Destruction of America at the hands of your Fuhrer? Look, if God really had sent him, he'd be on fire like the rest of the Biblical Bushes...