Thursday, December 21, 2006

A Conspiracy Theory to keep ya'll X-Mas Cheery

T'was 4 nights before X-Mas n' X gettin pissed,
"Who the fuck pays the bills for alla Craig's lists?"
Oh they chargin' the Pimps, the Freaks and the Ho's,
is wha' everyone says, but nobody knows!

X checked the list, double checked it twice,
While thinkin bout Crocket n Tubbs n that Vice.
No ads and no fees, no popups... no shit
But bandwidth is costin not payin for hits.

City by city, soon X realized,
Somethin is wrong. Craig ain't monetized!
The whole place is free. No cash comin in.
Inequities' den, is givin way sin?

Escorts 'n Hoes cummin and goin'
not frontin out fees for listin' and blowin'
Fences and thieves, retailing their loot.
a social crime network that's all off one root.

No visible means of intaking cash..
No valid reply to "Who's funding this stash?"
Bandwidth is spendy, Craig ain't showin us thrift.
And more and likely craig's reporting the Grift.

Data base fillin' for data mine drillin'
the criminals willin. Craig's makin a killin!
Cuz only the Man does shit this sad
Like runnin a site without runnin no ads!

So after the Nog has run out yo head,
and after the freaks have all gone to bed,
before X-Mas rhymes get stuffed on the shelf,
Go check out Craig's list and see for yourself.

A Happy New Year, ain't spent makin' bail.
Merry X-Mas to all, try and stay outta jail!!

Happy Holidays,


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Pete Bogs said...

X - I have a holiday wish for us... that the turd who posted the previous comment/ad be stricken with that flesh-eating bacteria in 2007... what say you?

have a good one...

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

nice little ditty reverend. Merry know, the real one? good will toward men. hope your day and the new year to come is bright.