Monday, October 30, 2006

9-11 Death Toll Continues

Background info... On 911, a large part of the WTC was pulverised into one of the deadliest toxic mixtures ever created. With not only the chemical hardeners and other hazardous ingredients that are put into concrete, but also mercury, lead, asbestos, etc. The EPA tested the air on 9-11-01. They realised the potential health risks, went to publicize their findings and were stopped from doing so by the Bush Administration. Instead, the National Security Council, aka the White House, told the EPA to report the air to be as safe as second hand smoke. It would have been a true enough statement if they had added the qualifier, "2 million cigarettes worth of second hand smoke per minute".

This is old news. It has been public knowledge for a few years. But 2 points which are relevant today are;
1- Nothing has been done to help the rescue workers sickened by this dust and lie.
2- No one has been held accountable for this crime against humanity.

3000 ppl died on 9-11. That many or more will die from 9-11 illnesses. Why is it so inconcievable to many of you that the same people who are responsible for the higher death toll might also be responsible for the other one?

Don't take my word on it. Hear the voices of some of the dying heroes. I am not blaming America... Unless of course it continues to do nothing about this.


Hellpig said...

yes the 3000 9/11 deaths are a tragedy Bill Clinton should apologize for them,something he has yet to do,worthless piece of guilty shit.

warvigilent said...

its happening again...

so clinton as you put it is guilty for 9/11 at least in part.

bush is guilty for the deaths of the 9/11 first responders.
i wont count afganistan, but then there is the matter of 600,000 in iraq.

clinton is guilty of not doing enough, bush is guilty of deliberatly killing all of those people.

clinton is guilty of criminal negiligence, bush is guilty of warcrimes.

should you be pissed at bush for letting that bastard clinton go free?the guy even had the audacity to say he did more to prevent 9/11 than bush ever did. o wait...

Hellpig said...

your figures are as left as your kooky conspiracies

Warvigilent said...

the 600,000?
every body in iraq but the us is citing that figure as the death toll.

im more inclined to belive independent organisation than the pentagon, considering the constant lies coming out of the organisation.

Reverend X said...

Honestly I viewed that as a compliment. Left being the opposite of the coward sheeple...

Worried said...

Reverend X, thank you for the invitation to view your new video.
It is a timely piece and I have recommended it on my blog.