Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Matter and Antimatter... Meet the Anti X.

Why do people believe in concepts rather than examine the information available and test the facts in order to acquire knowledge? This is not a rhetorical question. This is a serious problem. I would go so far as to say this is the root of all evil. Whether it is out of intellectual laziness, lack of curiosity or simple necessity of creature comforts such as the false sense security a person experiences from a self delusional reassurance that there is a benign wisdom ordering everything to a positive end, it will be the downfall of humanity.
That being said, I'd like to introduce you to an enabler of such dysfunction. The host of X Zone radio, Rob McConnel.
This guy runs a "Ufo and bigfoot" speculation show. He appears to be a curious, intellectual with very little fear of investigating the dreaded unknown. He is a jackass who uses his position to broadcast ignorance and fascist idealism. Please read his article on 9-11 and either tear it apart, logically, for yourself or reprint the parts you find no fault with and I'll show you what's wrong with them. As is, I believe I have found the Anti me, but due to my nature I wish to examine and test that hypothesis in order to discover if he really is the anti me. For that I need to engage his opinions. Maybe a number of you can assist me in getting his attention.

ps- I have no knowledge of evidence validating the existence of either UFO's or Bigfoot, but the statistical probability of either to exist would appear to favor the UFO and cast serious doubts on bigfoot. Unless of course one factors in the bigfoot as possible occupants of the UFO's. In that case, I have no opinion whatsoever.


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warvigilent said...

ouch more spam

its funny i thought that ufo and bigfoot enthusists would also be pro facists.

my opinon on the two phenomenons.
bigfoot, id say either really hairy inbreds living in the back woods or another "legend" i heard that comes from my neck of the woods out here on vancouver island. supposedly there was a native tribe that was dying out, very few left. they supposedly receded back into the deepest woods and became more animal like and primitive. just a story but it isnt an urban legend.

as for ufos, id say they are most likely simply advanced prototype aircraft, and the alien myths are propagated to destroy the credibility of any sightings. what better way to hide high tech air craft, as you always want to hide your best stuff until its absolutly nessesary to use it, basic art of war stuff.

Reverend X said...

Yeah, but if I put on the word verification everyone bitches.

Aliens.. well, if they are responsible for the sightings and what not that we here about, then I have 2 guesses.

1) Drunk adolescent aliens daring each other to buzz the planet or touch a redneck.

2)Interstellar anal fetishists who get off on violating the backsides of back woods and back alley denizens of backwards planets.