Sunday, February 26, 2006

Since YOU put it that way...

From CBS News August 22nd, 2003
"The EPA inspector general recommends EPA adopt new procedures so its public statements on health risks and environmental quality are supported by data and analysis. "

They don't have policies about telling the truth? According to the Inspector General of the EPA. In the days following 9-11-01, the The White House told the EPA to lie to the Public about the safety of the air in and around Manhattan. The National Security Council, Bush and select members of his cabinet, told the EPA to remove certain parts of their report on air quality and replace them with misleading and/or completely false claims.

What does this mean on a human level. Remember all those "Heroes" that jumped up and helped clean up ground zero? They are all dying from lung diseases caused by the asbestos, mercury and lead in the WTC dust. The Fireman, rescue workers, police and thousands of volunteers were exposed to highly toxic dust without proper safety equipment and with the EPA assurance that it was safe.

At the same time that the White House was praising these volunteers and rallying for more people to do their part for the country, they were killing those people. The White House knew the reality of the situation, yet withheld the facts, manipulated the reports and promoted the lie. Why? Hell if I know. But this says a lot about our leaders' character and concern for the public.

I see the words "Bush Lied? Prove it!" all the time. Here you go. This is just one of hundreds of instances where Bush or his administration falsified information to convince the public of a falsehood. The EPA's recommendations for cleanup of all of Manhattan were altered to remove the information that was of the most importance. Every person in proximity to the WTC was exposed, lied to, and damaged by this action. Thousands, if not millions, of people will die from this toxic exposure. This one act , alone, will have a higher death toll than 9-11 itself. This info is documented, proven, and more damning than any smoking gun, yet people will still choose to ignore the facts and regard the White House as looking out for the good of the country.

Fuck! What is it going to take for America to face reality? What? Extinction?


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Reverend X said...

Philly Burbs
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency won't oppose the U.S. Department of Defense and DuPont Co.'s plan to dump a wastewater byproduct of a deadly nerve agent into the Delaware River.

The agency said it's assured of a safe treatment for up to 4 million gallons of caustic wastewater created in the treatment for VX, a chemical weapon with a pinhead-size potency to kill a human. DuPont is treating VX for disposal at its Newport Chemical Depot in Indiana."

Sounds safe... The EPA rushes a report at the request of the Department of Defence. It finds the Administrations policy to be safe. Why not let them dump 4,000,000 gallons of VX into the Delaware? Sorry, Post treatment VX into the river that supplies drinking water to a huge percentage of the East Coast. What could possibly go wrong?