Thursday, February 09, 2006

The President Precedent Indictment Scheme

There's this new crap defense, I wish the Cons would quit it
Saying "Hey this is legal, even Clinton did it!"
Wait, back it up. Step away from the bong.
Did you not impeach him quick and say he was wrong?
Give Counselor Starr the power to dig through the past?
To allege Willy's guilt and subpoena his ass?
This was criminal then, you say "but now it's fine?
Post 911 world's different." Have you lost your mind?
Only things that it changed were your rules for your game.
Now you can oppress for freedom. Have you no shame?
The jackpot, the paycheck, the rewards reaped that day.
All paid to your order from Bush to Delay!
Your Cultured Corruption keeps itself out of Jail.
Save your money for bail. In the End it will fail.
Truth's a disease infecting more people each day
this pandemic growth will some day rise up and say
"What you did comes back on you. So you feelin' regret?
In blood you washed your tracks, now in blood pay your debts."
If you take one point from this, make damn sure that it's clear
Live by the sword of terror die by the sword in fear!
Justify all the lies and disguise who's at fault
fill your coffers, accounts, stock up your vaults
Trust your money, your story, you'll never get caught
In the end you cant spend enough for all you bought.
So blame Clinton, blame Islam, blame Liberal hope
Blame whomever you wish while you swing on your rope.


Pete Bogs said...

I think Feingold said it best: Bush has a "pre-1776" mentality... he thinks he's King George III, who we rebeled against... it's time to dump some tea in the Potomac, what do you say?

PS: Rev, how about a link to BogsBlog on your homepage in exchange for a link to APA on mine?

Reverend X said...

Was that T as in Tyrant or T as in Texan? Either way, I am always up for a good party.
I jsut realized that the initials here are APA. Damn, can't get away from the shrinks, anywhere. laugh.
Sure, I'll pimp the BogsBlog here. Do you have a banner/slogan/naked picture of yourself or whatever? I'll put you over at Blasted Reality, too. I gotta do a sh*t load of updates, linkage, and repairs over there this weekend and I've been meaning to put some of the Super Friends on the patronage page anyways. That's my "real" site. This is just where I put the demons through their paces. There I put the doom and gloom into easily ingested spoonfuls of hopeless despair. But never forget: Entropy being the only constant in nature, now is the best moment you will ever have so cheer up and enjoy it.

Pete Bogs said...

I don't have any official graphics, just my Pint-Face photo (at right)... my slogan is Clarity Amid The Muck, but again there's no designated font or logo... I should change that!