Thursday, February 23, 2006

Flowers for an Anon

A. Non,
Here is the rebuttal you requested. I have one condition. Get a blog up and running so I can call you something other than Anon.. OK?

"There are pictures of the terrorists passing through security at the airports"

No there are not. Just one of Atta. Of course, this picture was released long after 9-11 and the chain of custody goes right through Stratesec, the Company run by Marvin Bush till 2000 (although he is still highly involved and invested) which conveniently ran Security at The World Trade Complex, Dulles Airport, United Airlines and American Airlines on and before 9-11-01.

"Clinton gave no bid contracts to Halliburton as well. Don't remember any complaints about that."

I bitched. At the end of '91 Cheney began his 'Privatization' of military services. Although he called it downsizing, it was immediately apparent that we were getting a whole lot less for a lot more money. When Cheney took the helm at Halliburton, conflict of interest flags went up everywhere. Lacking the Internet, they were just hard to see.

"Cheney quit Halliburton in 2000 so are you implying that he got rich because they do?"

He kept his Profit sharing and Stock investments. So yes, not only is it implied that he got rich with them, it is a proven fact.

"Halliburton was guaranteed only a 1 percent profit plus performance bonuses of 2-3 percent. Ooooo an embarrassment of riches, eh?"

An embarrassment all around, 'cost plus one' means that for every dollar they spend, they get one cent. Sounds good, unless you add up all the money they spent in order to increase their revenue. Sure, 5k hotdogs at $.05 apiece is nothing, but 5k at $1.00 apiece is 50 bucks. Multiple inquiries into their purchasing show a constant trend of going to the highest priced dealer for everything. In 2003, with gas going for $.30 a gallon in Iraq, they purchased it in Kuwait at $1.37 a gallon then charged transportation costs. So not only are they getting more than they should in revenue, they are bankrupting the US taxpayer to do it.

"30,000-100,000 dead Iraqis? Could you give me a more vague number? I'll give you the beneft of the doubt and lets "say" that 100,000 Iraqis have been killed. Keep in mind that the US didn't kill all of them. Remember, the bad guys are killing people too! So far, we have found the mass graves of roughly 300,000 Iraqis that Saddam murdered."

For starters let's cover the mass graves and other atrocities of the 1991 uprising.

Kurdish Revolt 1991- Encouraged by the stunning defeat of Saddam's forces in Kuwait and spurred by appeals by President George H. W. Bush of the U.S., Kurds rose up against the Iraqi government With the bulk of his elite forces having escaped from the fighting in Kuwait and southern Iraq, Saddam was able to quell the revolt, causing hundreds of thousands of Kurdish refugees to flee into neighboring Turkey and Iran to escape.

Shiite Revolt 1991- Encouraged by the stunning defeat of Saddam's forces in Kuwait and spurred by appeals by President George H. W. Bush of the U.S., the Shiites of southern Iraq rose up against the Iraqi government, only to be crushed by Saddam's forces. Sporadic guerrilla resistance continued, with the bulk of the Shiite fighting forces seeking refuge in neighboring Shiite Iran.

That's the synopsis of the events. Here's the story of, not only, the Bush hand in inspiring the revolts, but also the Bush hand in filling up all those empty graves. As you read, pay attention to the fact that even though the Coalition had orders to take out any Iraqi military air units flying, the US Military stood down and allowed the Iraqi gun ships to take control of the Southern Cities and decimate them.
No military in the air, on the ground MF in the gulf may actively engage any targets with hostility and may only activate for humanitarian and emergency missions with the permission of the Coalition command.

Here are some Kurdish perspectives on what they considered to be an illegal failure to provide promised support when called upon.

And of course, an overview of the events which took place, the resulting mass graves, and the reason why the mass graves are not sufficient reason for US intervention over a decade later.

"Let's put the casualties in perspective. During WWII there were 1,840,000 civilians killed in Germany alone. Roughly 700,000 in Japan. While every human life is precious, I'd say wa are doing an outstanding job of keeping the casualties low compared to other wars."

Utter bullshit! First, crime does not excuse crime. John Wayne Gacy killed 52 kids. With your logic, someone could kill 20 and avoid prosecution due to it being less heinous of a crime. That and you forgot a very important detail; In WWII we were fighting against a nation that attacked us and its Treaty Bound Allies. We invaded Iraq. That makes us the aggressors and War Criminals by International Law which we helped write and are signatories of. If we had not invaded, this would not be happening. Get it?

"As for the WMDs, like I said before, it is hilarious to me that you guys find it so hard to believe that Saddam could have gotten rid of them during the year that we fucked around with the UN and Europe before going in."

I have no problem believing that. If indeed that is what happened, why did we invade? We said disarm or we attack. You are speculating that he disarmed within the timeframe we gave him. By your own statement, he fulfilled the conditions of our ultimatum. Why did we go to war?

"But somebody shows you a fuzzy picture of sunlight reflecting off the bottom of one of the planes crashing into the WTC and its "ZOMG!!! YOU GUYS THERES A FUCKING MISSLE ON THE BOTTOM OF THE PLANE11!!!! BUUUUUUSH DID IT!!!!111!!!"

I do not suggest this. I suggest, that of the theories explaining the collapses of 9-11, only controlled demolition has been shown to be physically capable of doing it. I am not alone in this.

"Ok NORAD. On 9/11 there were only 14 fighter jets on alert in the contiguous 48 states. No computer network MF alarm automatically alerted NORAD of missing planes. It doesn't work that way. You guys act like they scramble planes everyday."

Everything you put in this paragraph is false. Amazing consistency of failure, but I am sure you have heard that before (In Bed).

"I'm not going to go through a timeline with you because all of the conspiracy theorys use different ones and I'm sure the official report isn't going to be good enough for you since it shows that NORAD didn't have enough time to get planes to the WTC."

It is actually the other way around. The Official Timeline has three lines.

"WTC7 - Pretty simple. For one, it burned for like 7 hours. On top of that, Tower one collapsed raining debris down on the south face of it. The fire, a little dammage from the collapse coupled with a design flaw, down you go."

You are unbelievable. A building, the only on of its kind to ever collapse from fire, is pretty simple for you. What was the design flaw? Or did you just make that up?

No, this building fell at free fall velocity into its own footprint and exhibited every characteristic of a controlled demolition. Add to that the admission of its owner of ordering it pulled, and it is pretty simple to make a case for investigating it. The 9-11 Commission (All the President's Men) did not even deem it worthy of mention and 60% of this country still have not heard of it. That kills the Commission's credibility.

"I'm actually a little pissed that I have taken this much time to type all this up seeing as how I'm sure none of this will satisfy any of you. It's funny that the rest of us are expected to believe everything that you guys come up with but anytime we try to refute your claims you have the convenience of stating that the media, the gov't, the gov't's experts, or anyone that doesn't agree with you, is lying or "in on the conspiracy."

We agree on one thing. I am also pissed that you took the time and the energy required to type up this laundry list of ignorant speculation, outright lies and vaguely relevant trivia, without having the decency to do even a half assed fact check on your own spew. From your first sentence, your own link contradicted your claim. You are a part, of a loud group of people who
Are not in on anything with the Media.
Are not part of a Government conspiracy.
Are not 'slaves.'
Are not Secret Agents
You simply believe yourself to be less ignorant than you actually are. If you are too lazy to do the research and to stupid to do the math, please be considerate enough to stay out of the debate. Yes, you might look like an idiot to some people for your silence, but you look like an idiot to everyone when you break that silence.


Blasted Reality


Hellpig said...

To tell the truth I just found out a few days ago about WTC7 I seen something on History channel about the command center being ordered to relocate then a few minutes or hours later it collapsed,they said it was from a fire that burned for 7 hours?

Reverend X said...

Yeah, a 600 foot steel structure high rise with small fires on a couple floors experiences a perfect collapse into its own footprint at the speed of free fall. This happens shortly after Larry Silverstien decides to pull it. Don't piss anyone off with that much JuJu.
have you bothered to watch the movie I made? The Produced Reality? Go there and watch Chapter 1-4. If you thought that that one flash rocked... damn, you will love this. Ch. 1 is a little slow, but 2 makes up for it.

Pete Bogs said...

well-researched and compelling... I don't know what to believe about the WTC destruction... choreographing airliners outside and explosives inside for two skycrapers seems like a logistical mindfuck... the Pentagon is a different situation... the security camera shows an explosion but no trace of a plane... no tail sticking out or anything... the hole in the building is smaller than the alleged plane's wingspan... and there wasn't plane wreckage - tailfins, seats, wheels - like we usually see in a plane crash... if anything makes me suspect more behind the story, it's the Pentagon attack on 9/11...

K9 said...

reverendX you always do much study werk. i admire you labor. dank u.

Hellpig said...

Rev just a bit off topic for a sec.

I googled Har : Maggedon

you are one funny bastard


I am pissed that I didn't get it til now

Reverend X said...

Yep it was a clusterfuck and no, I do not think it went the way it was supposed to. If the Towers had gone off on impact, we would not be having this discussion... yet. It would have been a nice 'Independence Day' reenactment sans Will Smith.

Thank you. I have to give you props for inspiration. I Frankenstiened the article out of earlier arguments.

hahaha. I think you are the first to get that joke. If only I had the sandwich board 'The End is Nigh' sign.

Anonymous said...

Yoo hoo!
Aunty Belle peeking in to look-see at all this cuttin' and pastin' on your conspiracy party--Lawdy Reverend, your hands must be plum wore out...cut and paste, cut and paste, but now you KNOW I got
sompin' to say 'bout conspiracies.

Mercy maud, you doan believe half'n what you say on 9-11 do ya?

You know now, as a Poa-rk Rind magnate I know a thang or two 'bout
pig swill, and that 9-11 site and its ideas sure do qualify!

Listen honey, Aunty here is old enough to have had a good chuckle when in 1900 and 69 the US fired those men off to the moon--but ain't it predictable that some folks can "prove" that it was all filmed in hollywoood and there war'nt no moonwalkers before Michael Jacking.

Now I must to hasten to say that jes' because you got aholt of the *wrong* conspiracy theory that doan invalidate ALL conspiracy theories.

THey's a conspiracy alright, Reverend sir, it jes' not what most folks would dream--in fact they's a pile of em' all connected to the one idea...but we oughta start with the one most close to this topic--Iraq and the war there...yes they's plenty --oh plenty--of WMDs there..still, and most of 'em traipsed across borders, but that is window dressing for the masses....

No, whatcha wanna look at is a map.You'll find it with a keystroke. Now relax your mind and let go of any "facts" this blog, that blog, this party, that party, tells us about the Reasons For War. Hit ain't none ob them Reasons (well, a little bit, but tain't the substance of the strategy)

Now look again at the map--think about how the geopolitical (WHOOee looky me wit that big word!)weights of nations have changed in 25 unkink you mind...know how the garden hose always kinks in de same spot? Minds do too. Ain't good to have a garden hose fer a mind.

So unkink youself an jes' think on that map, think about natural resources and needs of this or that close by nation. Think about the game of RISK--ya'll ever play that?

Pretty soon a reality is gonna jes swim up at you as you look at that map, (jes' like it did for OGA 30 years ago) and you gonna be so HAPPY that Saddam was a degenerate and needed takin out with or without any WMD or defiance of UN resolutions.

You a daddy right? Little twin boys?
THis here is the truth, Rev. Them boys cain't live in no world where folks making the decisions make em according to what they *wish* the world would be:

"I'd like to teach the world to sing
In perfect harmony
I'd like to buy the world a Coke
And keep it company

I'd like to buy the world a home
And furnish it with love
Grow apple trees and honey bees
And snow white turtle doves."

Oh dahlin' it is such a sweet sweet thang...but it ain't the Real Thing of the world. Your boys gonna live in the world of that map there on your lap--and it aint't no
coke joke.

SO, 'member this, Billy and sidekick ALgore go over to ME and oh lawdy! they are so mad at Bush and the gobermint..but they's jes the "good cop" so Bush can be the "bad cop" cause I promise you fine man, hit doan matter whether its a donkey or and elephant sittin' in the chair --they's ALL a looking at that map every dang day..and you can jes' be givin' thanks for that.

Aunty Belle.

1:16 PM

Anonymous said...

Aunty Belle again,
my mind was a wandering and I forgot somethin'---ever hear that the Titanic was unsinkable? All the hoopla over its size and saftey including being iceberg proof....well we know how that ended.

So this is the point--the Titanic did know for sure if it was unsinkable--till it wasn't! neither did the architects of WTTs, as those were only ones of their one can say how they would perform under the anticipated for palne wreckage at Pentegon--sure , darlin' there were plane pieces--long term friend was there...I'd trust eyewitnesses over photos so easy to cook up, ya know?

Reverend X said...

My my Aunty Bellum,
Do my eyes deceive me or did the conversation just go 'Click'? Perhaps a sit and discuss is in order. For the benefit of your flowery choice of language, I too will pull back my usual factual assault. Let's chat.

The Pentagon, I really haven't paid it much mind. The Boyz in Black hold all the evidence and since I'm rather loathe to go to them, I prolly won't be seeing much of it. I find it a bit odd that they have videos of the impact, but only released a couple of frames from one camera. Not the way i would put a stop to suspicion, but those Starred Up Strategos have their own way of thinking. I am just glad I don't share their unique world view.

Funny thing bout the Titanic. Even with most everyone knowing the ending, most everyone sat through the whole movie. I love James Cameron for his earlier work. I'll never forget watching an interview with him after he got his shiny Bald n Golden Guy award for Titanic. Some upstart reporterazzi tried to sucker punch a question to him.
"Now that you have an Oscar, how do you feel about your movie 'Piranha 2'?"

He didn't even bat an eye as he shot back,
"It is still the greatest movie ever made about flying piranha!"

You see, that movie, like the Titanic, was a one of kind. Unless you count the Britannic and 'The Birds'. Being a one of a kind, you can say anything you want about them. There's nothing relevant to compare them to. Piranha 2 is the greatest movie ever made about flying piranha, but pride still comes before a fall. Unsinkable, unthinkable, drowned in water, undrinkable.
The Towers might have been unique in appearance and dimension, but as any piranha will tell you, appearances are only skin deep. And as any good cook will tell you, blackened fish is blackened fish. Cook in hot pan, hot spice, eat, repeat. The meat will do the same thing every time, with the same heat.
Now Bella, I know I have seen some amazing things in my time. And I am sure you have seen many times many more than me. But there are some things that you and I will never see, lest we in the shine for a while. We will never see anything fall hundreds of feet sideways, all by itself. We will never see steel and cement disintegrate before our eyes, all by itself. We will never see a squirrel fall through a tree faster than the nut it dropped through the leaves. And we will never see a creature that looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, acts like a duck, and smells and tastes like a duck that is not a duck.
So I am looking at that map. I am seeing dangers uncountable. And I am looking at my boys. And someday they will have to face those dangers on their own. But for now, I am all they have between their hopeful eyes and a blindingly cruel world. I will go after the closest, greatest threat they face. If I succeed, there will always be another closest, greatest threat. On the same coin,
If I fail, there'll be another one after me.

Hellpig said...

OK REV I am cracking open a 24oz Hieneken and jumping in head first.

What Did The Democrats Say About Iraq's WMD? note the dates
Dems on WMD's

The Clinton View of Iraq-al Qaeda Ties
Ties that Bind

Clinton Signs Iraq Liberation Act

Letter to Clinton

Did Clinton Lie? (VIDEO)

Clinton Manufactured Iraq Crisis,
Violated Constitution


Clinton Backs Bush on Iraq War But Questions Invasion's Timing


Clinton paved way for Bush
Present for Bush

Now it seems I can go on and on about 3,000,000+ times But I think short and sweet is best minus the cuts and paste I come in under 100 words
Did Bush lie?

Get to typing pal your brain is spinning so fast you don't even know where to begin do ya.

Reverend X said...

If I had any say in things, Clinton would have been impeached for violations of the "Posse Comitas Act" during the siege and subsequent massacre of the Branch Davidians at Mount Carmel, Waco, Texas.
You will never hear me praise the guy and I agree with the "Paved the way' reference. He set up all the things Bush has used to get to this point. Almost like they were not mortal enemies....

Hellpig said...

The point I was actually trying to make is Both sides of the gov.are equally at fault so I can't really buy into any theories.

BTW goto DT's and read the DANE and compare to our previous debate

dare I say I told you so?

Hellpig said...

Well actually I buy into 1 the look at the Map theory by Aunty Belle..

This seems most likely,Great post BTW Belle I had to read it twice,but totally got it!!

Reverend X said...

My theory is that they are one party with two faces. At no point do I say the Republicans pulled off 911.

Hellpig said...

which leads me back to my original stance

Pull the troops out..then GLASS IT OVER

we dont need the oil we are just saving our reserve for last after the worlds is depleted

we have enough untapped oil reserves to last this nation 150 years

with China entering thier industrial age,oil is GOD

if we glass it over we kill 2 birds with one stone,the cult of islam and the eventual world domination by the Chinese

hows that for a Theory

K9 said...


i prefer sleeping bag and cocoa.

Anonymous said...

Yoo Hoo, Rever'nd,

Aunty Belle(um)Here. Sugar plum, I thank you for that good jaw...nothin' like thinking 'stead of my-blog-facts-is -better-than-your-blog-facts.

You say of the Boyz in Black, "Not the way i would put a stop to suspicion"

Well, see sugar pie, it aint't their job to put a stop to your suspicion.
(That might be a full time job, as DT metnioned to you, what with a tad of paranoia skewing things up a bit)

Now the other thang is that us ole'hens knows a red fish when its dragged over the of them danish fishes....lawdy now, what do they call that little fish? mind. The movie Titanic is interesting an' all, but it's nothing to the discussion of marine architecture or WTTs. Its the REAL titanic we need to cogitate on, and it was built to plow over icebergs, so they thought, but it sunk all the same---when we think we KNOW how something will perfom but it ain't been tested yet, we jes' cain't say.

And for your comfort, I checked with the Reb's brother-in-law..he went to college up there in Virginy, got some fancy letters and thangs after his name...told him about your angst over the WTTs and he jes' chuckled. Said the world was studying that whole construction/preparation angle to see what they need to learn about building them towers up so high like that. Add yes, these buildings is built to sink inside they own footprints as much as possible iffn' sompin' do wobble em.

plaintruth is that some folks are whole lot less afeared o' they own mean ol' bad ol' gubmint, than they are of the Moslems. Meaning of course, they RATHER think that gubmint did it, cause if they thought Moslemns did it they'd be
wee-weeing down they britches into they birkenstocks. SO they jes' make up stuff for to feel better in their own heads....

Doan' fill your head with them red fishes cloggin up your synapses. Ain't nothin' perfect in this here side of the starry veil,an' our gubmint is in that batch, but some outfits is less perfect than others...and that includes Moslems, whether we wants to credit it or not, honey plum. They's a'commin' Rev, an no amount of frantic cutting and pasting from here and there about this or that explanation is gonna' change that reality. We'uns jes' need to tighten up a bit and deal with the real.

Courage now, sweet pet.
Aunty Belle(um)

Anonymous said...

Hellpig said,
" Well actually I buy into 1 the look at the Map theory by Aunty Belle..

This seems most likely,Great post BTW Belle I had to read it twice,but totally got it!!"

Oh, now Hail-pig, you is de' cutest thang! And smart besides? Well, now, I can't be eyeing YOU for my Poa-rk Rind bidness.

You are jes' so right my dear little barrow. That map says it all, and the Dragon is jes' DE-lighted to set Moslems on the West

jes' before '73-74 oil embargo that Kissing guy, that foreign one that is still plotting and yakking..he's the one that said "but it all up, boys, no matter de price, buys it all up, cause we gots shale and reserves and and when de rest o' the world is out, we ain't.

Now Dragon has figr'ed it out, after Nixion ran over there and patted them and coddled em' they didn't see at first what was up. (they was too busy being Red with a twist) But they's knows it now! And Ruskies did a bit of renegging when Putin came along, (patching up now) well, lawdy, it gave dat Dragon the nervous nellies.

Uncle Sam felt the vibes and figured
WMD is as good a cover as we gone git.

SOMEbody gonna be in Babylon, taking the place from Saddam like yanking a tootsie pop outa de mouth of a squallin' baby. SOMEbody gonna
sit atop the easiest pool of oil available without launching, Uncle Sam he doan need it, but Uncle knows what the Dragon gonna do iffn it gets it.

Ain't no wonder then that we found dragon men in Afghanistan when our boys landed, or that eye in sky that watches pipelines seen the threat a 'coming sooner than all those WG projections....

yes, Hail-Pig, youse one smart pig, and map studies explains more than clip and paste all day long.

Luv ya' sweet shoat,
Aunty Belle

Reverend X said...

Aunty Bellum,
In my family we never did use the Auntie/Uncle names. Mind if I call you Para? Para Bellum just sounds more familiar to me. Helps me to put a proper image in my mind as we chat.
Funny you should mention the red fish. They are indeed Danish aren't they? And they aren't the only Red Herrings coming outta that country in recent months are they? Seems to be a much ado about nothing breaking out all over that certain people are blaming the Danish Exports for. I concur with a few people whose acquaintance I have from that region that the cartoon theatrics are not even about the comical. More to do with their own grudges and gripes at their conditions. As you mentioned, just easier to focus on the well lit signs than the ones that blend into your background.
Much like it's easy to focus on the lettering of a name tag without ever looking to see the value of the name itself. Now, Reb's cousin's sister's husband's friend might well chuckle now, might be into the shine as well, but I doubt he used very many degrees of his well rounded education in thought about what he was saying. He prolly forgot to think of the tested, tried and true methods used to look at things when they happen. It would be a titanic failure of the greatest social experiment the world has ever know to simply pack it all up and put it away just because we have some uncivilized visitors thinking about comin and a callin on us. As I said, there is always gonna a be a most unwanted neighbor moving in. if my pappy and grandpappy and his grandpappy could take care of their neighborhoods without destroying the house they lived in then I don't see any reason to break up the foundation for fear that the new neighbors might wanna shake the house. I fear nothing, save fear itself and the remarkable things that we are willing to do when afraid.
I have chores to see to, Para, but I would love to chat some more with you later on. Do pass on a message to your professor friend from me, if you could, "Would love to compare some finer details of anomalous effects in relation to their common cause. Seems the Sun rising every day in the east really does nothing to test its path."

Hellpig said...

Here's a little something to get you on track REV

Fueling the dragon

China's Quest for Oil

Chins/Sudan oil refinery

And now a bit of Chinese history

A Rare Book About 'China's Plan' for World Domination

The World
Dominance Plot

Just a bit of what is actually taking place behind the media's back.or is it?

Richard said...

Just a quick note from the UK, from somebody who's not 'for' either big US political party.

Re: The Pent*g*n "hit". All original reports on BBC TV and radio newscasts said a truck b*mb had done the damage.

Within hours, all those reports went down the memory hole, never to be seen, nor heard, nor even refered to -- ever again.

Hellpig said...

Strange you haven't heard from warvigilanty lately he must be enjoying a PEPPERED Bacon Sandwich


Reverend X said...

You may have noticed references to a Kayak invasion in posts here a few months back. If China wants us destroyed, we will be destroyed. They own more than enough US debt to make the Great Depression look like a $2 all-u-can-eat Surf and Turf dinner at DisneyLand. The also have a Military with full nuclear arsenal that could deploy 2 million troops anywhere in the world in 7 days.
Heck, all they'd have to do is wander over to the currency exchange counter and swap out their US dollars for Euros and we'd be sunk. What is stopping them? Why have they not simply done it and taken over the world? Mutually Assured Destruction. That's why the Neo-Cons did not pick them to be our new nemesis after Russia. By the end of the Cold War it was obvious to everyone that there was no danger posed by the Soviets to us directly. The Domino Effect had not materialized with the fall of Siagon. Our apocalyptic showdowns had deteriorated to Olympic boycotts. From Kruschev's "We Will Bury You!" all the way down the ladder to "We don't wanna play with you!"
So China is a far greater threat than even your doom links suggest. Then again, they are not because we are psycho enough to end the human race in the face of economic defeat.
I do think your new field of research is a good one though. Personally, I try to read the fear selling info with a grain of salt... shot of tequila, bite of lime. Here is the best "So you wanna know about Global Economy and it's forces" site I have ever been to Asadi org It is an acronym, not an Arab name. Don't stress. Much like the Hoffman 911 site Asadi does not side with partisan or ideological factions. It jsut says what is happening and why. Most of it is based off the work of C. Wright Mills.

Have you watched the damn videos yet?

Reverend X said...

Welcome, how are things in the UK? btw, dig your blog. I've been going there for a bit. Always like to see things from different points of view. Other than the language barrier, we have many similar views.


said, "Strange you haven't heard from warvigilanty lately he must be enjoying a PEPPERED Bacon Sandwich


So you also picked up on the Anon I wrote this for being Warvigilant. But I am not snapping on the peppered hint. What do you know that I don't (other than how to seduce donkeys. You can keep your secrets like that to yourself)? And once more, did you watch the damn videos yet?


warvigilent said...

very perceptive.. yes i was the anon, i forgot about the other identity post ing choice.although the peppered bit got me too unless helpig has seen some of my posts on shoutwire (rev have you checked it yet lots of cools things too not just politics) or he just thinks ive lost it, both likely possibilities.

speaking of shoutwire check out this article:

not very good backup and a lot of speculation but if it were true..
it gives me this really bad felling that 70 years ago people in austria or poland might have felt.

Hellpig said...

yeah I watched the videos,but the so called controlled exposions where coming from the point of jet impact and not the base which is not consistant with a rigged demolition.The logistcal % of them being rigged at points of impact are astronomical,where if the explosions took place from the base the collaspe would be from the ground up not the top down which is what the videos show.

Hellpig said...


I went through your entire archive yesterday it just seems like for 6 months you had 1 poster,a lot of dry months there REV. I am kinda thinking you baited or peppered the topics.

Whether you did or didn't you are a dedicated information soldier in your own right.

Reverend X said...

If I were to speculate, I would say the Towers were meant to go off at time of impact. BTW astronomical odds are still 100% when compared to impossible.

Hellpig said...

did u see my sidebar flash on EVIL PIG ?

Hellpig said...

Reverend X said...
If I were to speculate, I would say the Towers were meant to go off at time of impact.

This still doesn't change the fact the pancake happened from the top down which is consistant with all credable investigations into the structure of the TT

Reverend X said...

Hellpig said,
"This still doesn't change the fact the pancake happened from the top down which is consistant with all credable investigations into the structure of the TT"

First, what credible investigations. The 9-11 Commission wasn't credible. They omitted #7, the Core Colums, Able Danger. Omissions and Distortions
and Part 2

Large files, but worth it. Griffin gives a lecture at UW on just how bad the Commision Report was. He goes through every lie, misinterpretation and omission. He also covers the physics of a pancake effect and disproves the mathematical possibility of that happening on 9-11.

And here is Jones, a physics professor at BYU. Huge file. The LAws of Physics and Thermal Dynamics
Kind of in reference to Belle's Titanic analogy. Scientific Laws have been tested, proven, and are unbreakable. The Towers did not experience a pancake effect. These videos prove that beyond a shadow of a doubt. And if you want proof of cover up and conspiracy...
Hell, some of that even made the state run media. Lou Dobbs on 9-11 Cover Up

And if you think this Administration would not benefit from this The Terror Alerts used for Political Agenda
It will take 1 hour to watch griffin, 2 to watch jones and about 30 minutes for Lou Dobbs and Countdown. These are all must see TV.

Hellpig said...

No not the infamous 911 report I am talk about a History channel show I seen with structural engineers from MIT discussing the collapse

Hellpig said...

I refuse to watch any of the CCC networks(Controversy,Crap and Confusion)

Hellpig said...

I find it hard to even watch Discovery Times Network because of thier conection to the NY Times

Reverend X said...

Prof. Eager from MIT has no Structural Engineering credentials or experience. It's the same as taking an expert on baseball trivia, stating he is an expert, but not saying of what. Then having him lecture about marine biology. Yes, Eager is an expert. MIT teaches structural engineering. Eager does not teach Structural Engineering there.
"Professor Eagar has been active in MIT's Leaders for Manufacturing
Program. He has served as the liaison professor with Motorola and on the
program's admissions committee. He has also chaired the liaison
committee and the projects committee of the program."

Welding and manufacturing mostly. Not architecture.
You said,
"I refuse to watch any of the CCC networks(Controversy,Crap and Confusion)

I find it hard to even watch Discovery Times Network because of thier conection to the NY Times "

That is the stupidest thing you have ever said. At best this describes a total lack of objectivity and strong bias by you, and at worst it admits that you are willingly wearing self-imposed blinders for the benefit of anyone wanting to manipulate you through information control. Griffin's lecture was on C-span. Jones' is from a a camcorder. and the Lou dobb's interview is with a Republican Congressman screaming for a real investigation into 9-11. If you are unwilling to even allow your self to watch these peices, get the fuck out of the debate. You applaud your own ignorance. Nothing more.

Hellpig said...


K9 said...


dont drive helly away! you the aunty and helly all together is goed read. this one of you best threads.

Richard said...

Thanks, rev-x. You're welcome, too.

And you're right about us sharing similar views. But as for how things are in the UK - grrr - ask me again, after the B-liar's been booted. Although from what I hear about Gordon Brown lately, better times may still be a hell of a long way, away.

suX said...

Awwwwe.. Revi, you made da piggy go 'wee weee weeee' all da way home. Golly, and you two love-birds were getting along so nicely. Made for better reading once he dropped the 'death to all fanatics, liberal fuck tards, and mighty-tidy-righty' lined postings. Ah well.

Hey truffle trawler! If you do come back and peek, answer me this: which "CCC" networks are you speaking of? nbC, Cbs, abC, Cnn, Cspan, amC, tmC, Cinemax? Aren't they all owned by Time-Warner-AOL-Disney-Oprah anyway? If you ask me, it's ALL corporate-biased programming. Ratings babaaay.. RATINGS! Should be Kontroversy, Krap, and Konfusion. More fitting dontcha think?

Reverend X said...

OK, that was harsh and uncalled for. I apologize. Sorry Helly. I had just finished reading the EPA Inspector General's Report. It is 2 1/2 years old and no one has done anything about it. Of course, there's no way that Helly is gone for good from one insulting post. I've done that too many times. Right now he is more than likely taking notes on all the things he doesn't like about Professor Jones. I'll preempt some of those now. Jones is a nerd. He's one of those professors that really have no business lecturing. They start off with a plan and the assumption that everyone listening is painfully aware of subject at hand. Then they just go off on tangents they find interesting. At about 15 minutes into his lecture Jones makes two points, followed by the phrase, "I could almost rest my case there." He's does, for all intents and purposes. The rest is really good information, but he's really just pointing out the ridiculousness of the Government's approach to the scientific method. i.e. "Here's our conclusion and here's $20 million... make it work."

Griffin, on the other hand, is a preacher at heart.