Friday, February 10, 2006

Crap is Crap, Irregardless of Origin

In retrospect I look at my latest... It's crap. It is way too easy for me to slide into assault mode. I let myself narrow my focus over at revenge and the outcome was Pavlovian. Anger and subjectivity are the intended emotional responses brought out by sites like that. I fall for it, no matter how prepared. That was the point in my first posted opinion of the cartoons. They serve no positive purpose. This manufactured controversy does nothing except strengthen the violent resolve of both culture's extremists.

"Did you see what those bastards said about us?"

In the long run, that question is the only tangible accomplishment of the entire debate. A few more on each side will tip permanently towards violent interaction.

The rest of this reply is going to focus on the effect on Western civilization here, but my point is identical for the Islamic world as well. Change out the names and you'll see. I am not harping on America, just focusing on familiarity for convenience.

How many messages have you read in the past week that stated,

"Finally, someone is speaking for me! Getting my voice heard!"

As if America has been mute for the last few decades in world affairs. There is no shortage of outspoken pundits pushing an "Our Land Uber Alles" agenda everyday on the radio, TV, internet, and in the UN, Europe, Asia, middle east... And the ones doing it in most of those places are promoting that agenda through the barrel of a gun. Anyone who can not hear the message are either deafened from the bombs or dead.
How is it that with all that, there were still thousands of Americans stifling with frustration until some cartoonist with great vision and understanding came forth and gave voice to their message with a couple fart jokes, a few virgin jokes and a tweaker intense overfilled Mohammed painting devoid of negative space or balance?
It is a ridiculous assertion. The accolades and gratitude in the replies at Revenge had nothing to do with expression or communication. They were thanking him for justifying their most banal thoughts and instincts.

I do not know if you got a chance to read the Tao of Jeet Kun Do as I suggested, but here is where it ties in. There is an extensive section on pride vs self esteem and the inherent ying yang of the two. Self esteem is the positive confidence in oneself that every person must struggle to maintain. Living up to ones own standards of worth and worthlessness consumes a great deal of their daily energy. Even the strongest of us can not hope to win that battle everyday. When we lose, we sink into despair, anxiety, depression. The important thing is that the next day, we begin again and we never surrender to false empowerments.

Pride is the opposite of self esteem. A person who gives up on the positive can regain their confidence by feeding their pride. They attach themselves to ideas or groups who affirm their negative thoughts and desires. In many instances the group bolsters their pride by controlling their environment. Blocking any objective thoughts or contrary information from getting through to it's members.

"Yes, you are right to think as you do. See everyone agrees with you."

I have mentioned my distaste for associating with people who agree with me all the time, haven't I? I have never found it useful to preach to the choir. Worse still is the inherent gullibility we experience in absence of an objective or contrary opinion of events. "Heck of a job, Brownie!" should be more than enough to remind you of that. And that only covers the subtleties. Blatant pride is attachment to an idea or group that empowers its members through the perceptions of outsiders. The KKK, Skinheads, black pride, white pride, gay pride, all work off the principle of intimidation by numbers and or reputation. I do not think I need to explain this effect to any one who has ever been to a rally of any kind.

Now put them together on a global scale and use the information conduits to repeatedly push the most extreme ideas onto their most accepting demographic and you quickly turn reasonable communities into seclusionist mobs. The initial barrage hooks those with no self esteem to begin with. The recurring waves alienate the rest individually and wear down their self esteem until they too succumb to to group think. Add to that a marketed "insight" into the intentions of different groups and soon enough you have the makings for global tribal warfare.

"Finally, someone is speaking for me!"

A confident person with self esteem has no problem expressing themselves. They don't need a mouth piece to explain their place in the world. Sure the cartoons were the free expression of their creators. But billions of people express themselves everyday without having to run their expressions on the front page of every sensationalistic paper and magazine in Europe. There is a huge difference between being heard and being shoved into someone's face. Freedom of speech protects information from being destroyed. It means we can print it. It does not mean we have to. That is the opposite. There is no freedom in forcing someone to say something.The whole conflict serves the lesser evil and chaos. It does nothing to benefit humanity or serve the greater good...


Hellpig said...

I was going to write on your blog but I see you have no traffic.

here's something for the few lost surfers

Instead of listening to the double talking cult of Islam trying to explain their murderous intentions visit this site and read for yourselves the true nature of the child raping false prophet Mohammad(May Pigs piss on his rotting corpse)

This Author has had more death threats and attempts to silence the truth that I have seen to date,spead the word thats how you fight back,enlighten the WORLD.

Reverend X said...

Thank you Hellpig,
Keep up the good work. If you can't convince the general public just how friggin' braindead a person has to be to believe that America's greatest threat is the Jyhad, no one can.
You educate with your example.
Say something about liberals, please.

Hellpig said...

I will never be able to spread the word here it's like a VAST WASTELAND real nice BLOG I would be proud.


How's that now you have 3 whole people on your site

Anonymous said...

I'm confused. I didn't accidentally stumble in here so I can't really consider myself 'lost', but I read on. Despite your "I was going to write on your blog but I see you have no traffic," (and you continued to write anyway.. self defeating, isn't it?) you came back for a second round. On the last post you were 'planning' on writing, I noticed a rudimentary error. Let me learn ya sumthin'. Typically "three" people would indicate "three" individual accounts... besides ME making the third contribution in this thread, I only saw two. I thought all us liberal/socialist scum were supposed to be stoned and braindead, but even *I* can count past three.. and in order, too! Spread the word, that's how you fight back, enlighten the world. Don't get me wrong, but I have a feeling that's what Rev X is trying to do. I've read a lot of his posts elsewhere and gathered that is precicely his objective. So, are you agreeing with his over-all philosophy of "teaching the world" (which is apparent in his postings) or are you just really bad at sarcasm? Oh, and go ahead and call me a bitch, liberal fuck, scum sucking whore, or whatever phrases you need to fight back with. I understand how hard it is for an uneducated mind to use 'big' words to express distaste.. so shoot away, big guy. I'll try not to cry.

Bird said...

the english teacher in me whose hair is pulled tight back from her face into a bun and whose glasses rest on the tip of her nose pinching like hell, and who has a stick up her butt as well, cannot resist ...

no such word as irregardless

it's just plain regardless.
a common error.

of course, take it with a grain of salt - remember, i often have posts with typos and spelling errors galore.

i thought of submitting this anonymously, but you would know who it is anyway. better to fess up and claim it.

feel obliged to say, afer that nitpicking comment focused on an error which in no way impedes the meaning of your post, that this is a regular blog on my rounds and i enjoy your videos and commentaries imensely (sp???? - see what I mean?).

regardlessly yours,

Reverend X said...

Click the title of this one. You might find it amusing irregardless of your vocation. I put the word into a video a while back and found the level of interest and debate it generated to be suprisingly high. I liek the word, so I keep using it... Irregardless of dissent.

Thank you. But let us never do anything to silence such an assett to my cause as Hellpig. One string of poorly combined, spittle encrusted, reactionary bile from him is worth two solid arguments in reminding people of the level of delusion a person must maintain to fear and hate so much.

Pete Bogs said...

my friend Triumph the Insult Comic Dog concurs - crap is crap... but he craps "bigger'n me," apparently...

K9 said...

het begin dat wordt gedeprimeerd denkt! yes it is true but i have not enough sun to watch such cinema already hier veroordeeld in seculair Europa. that is what you say to me: veroordeeld! i do not ga akkoord fully with your cinema.

Bird said...

hahahaha - my face is red. i did miss the link. i stand corrected (and clearly i need a new prescription in those glasses pinching my nose). so yeah, it's a word ... but not yet acceptable in standard useage. linguists argue about this kind of stuff - should the language adhere to strict rules and codes, or should we lighten up and let it grow and change. dialect is the issue (can't let any of those dialects sully our pristine english - gack.)

oh heck, i'm not even suppose to be here right now.

on the wing,

Anonymous said...

You're right, Rev. Bad publicity will always pique the interest of many viewers. At least they're reading it. And I think you should have a link called "nit-picky" for us who love to correct, well.. nit-picky english grammar and spelling errors (Not aimed at you Bird, I do the same thing... ah the life of the anal-retentive) It may actaully generate more than you'd expect!

Raven Lewn Atic said...

Reverend, I will agree with most everything you write here. And also agree that in the grand scheme of things you have summed up a point very nicely. But... I have to wonder what it is you're doing, in general. If you are spreading the word of corruption and scandal rampant in the current administration, then I would expect you to welcome new people who are gaining interest in what you say/show/prove. Granted. But the distain for people who agree with you is a bit elitist. The majority of these agreeable people lack creative ways to express themselves. You never know, they may get to a point where they start to kick the dog or beat the wife due to lack or means of expression. Therefore, like sheep, they attach themselves to the thing they take comfort in and feel the need give support and thanks by vocalizing "Thanks for speaking for me," or "Way to go." It makes them feel better (hence your 'pride' argument. Very astute). But the fact remains, you need these people! You need these people to say "Hey, this guy makes sense.. I'll share it with others," and they'll spread this newfound knowledge. It's cultist, but it works. If you want people to help show others evidence of corruption on Capital Hill, then quit slapping them for agreeing with you. You'll lose credibility and wind up with a handful of yes-men who only disagree with you to keep you happy.

Reverend X said...

Good point. I should clarify my earlier statement. I do not surround myself in real life with friends who are unwilling to smack me upside the back of my head and call me an idiot when such action is warranted.Thank you for pointing that out. As far as "elitist"... It is hard to not appear somehow elitist when in a tthread with one or more Hellpig entries.