Thursday, February 16, 2006

I'll say it, mean it and stand behind it!

In any given week I see more free flowing insults regarding the Democratic party than any one party could possibly live up too. But damn if they don't give it one hell of a shot. I have to salute them for an unbelievable effort this time. Read this.

The President has the popularity of syphilis. The Vice Presidents greatest living achievement was shooting a lawyer last weekend. The House is bleeding corruption indictments, the Senate is doing whatever the hell it is Senators do. And the DNC is working like clockwork to make sure none of that effects the RNC's chances of gaining a Constitution Amending majority.

Oh, and here is a picture of the core columns of a WTC tower, just cause a few people said they did not exist.

Hollow core? haha


Pete Bogs said...

that's quite a picture... I find it hard to look at pics of the WTC from any time; I grew up practically in the shadow of those buildings... there's a big hole on the sky, where the lunatics punched through...

Pete Bogs said...

btw, it's a shame about Hackett... he would have gone a long way toward fighting off that "Dems weak on defense" cliche...

Bird said...

"And the DNC is working like clockwork to make sure none of that effects the RNC's chances of gaining a Constitution Amending majority."

I'm not following you here, Rev. what do you mean by a "Constituion Amending majority" - have I missed something in the news? Are the Repubs trying to change the rules regarding constitutional amendments? (Well, no surprise if they are - why not change all the rules while they can. They may be sorry later when the tyranny of the majority backfires on them.)

I gave up on the Dems shortly after the Iraq War started. Upset over their lack of backbone and equivication. I didn't care if they fought and lost in house and senate battles, but I did care that they didn't even bother to fight! I re-registered as a Green,though I am not totally a Green. I returned to the dem party, so-to-speak, for the presidential election - and voted, though I vowed long ago I would never do so again, for the lesser of two evils - and look where it got me ...stuck with Bush. I didn't really want Kerry for prez,he just seemed a better option than Bush. But, I am now back to long-ago vow - I will only vote for a candiate if I truly believe he/she is the right candidate for the job - if I truly believe he/she will fight for me. I doubt I'll be voting much for particular candidates. Lots of write ins that read "none of the above." we need more choices. and the system doesn't allow for that. it's inherently corrupt, and self-perpeptuating. The system doesn't want us to have choices, but it does allow for the illusion of choice.

Pete Bogs said...

Bird... we need to move beyond a two-party system...

Reverend X said...

Maybe I should hold a quick crash course on what is going on in US Politics. You see, different groups have put together pieces, but for some reason they have not sat down and put those together to solve the puzzle. Daily Kos has a great investigation into GOP financing. has the lowdown on the last few elections. has how they lit the fire. has the legislative power grab in detail.

It's kinda hard to take in at once, but think of this... Where did milosevic fuck up? When he left office. Bush is guilty of far worse and his people learn from history.

Hellpig said...

The only thing Bush is guilty of is not securing our pourous boarders and of course not NUKING MECCA I can let him slide on the rest,I will let McCain or Giuliani sort it out next term.

Anonymous said...

i hope you dont mind but ive given you some props on shoutwire on one of the latest poltics/war topics. i did mostly because hardly anyone who opposes the war and all never have anying to back it up ( not like the pro bush people ever do)

you should check it out some time lots of people read it and you might be able to get an artical published or at least post on some of the article comments

To the day we can all live in a sane world society

Reverend X said...

Thanx. I can back up everything except for THONG-TROU-SKIVIS connections. Bogs is gonna have to field that one.
Shoutwire, huh? Never been there. Gonna hafta take a look.

Love ya. Keep up the good work. You could make Charlie Manson sound reasonable just by speaking near him.

I have to go finish a flash. Trying to bring it in under 20megs... sounds easy, but it isn't.

Bird said...

Yup - we need a multiple-party system - but the system itself won'allow for that now. Entrenched political parties don't want to give up their power. Who in power ever really does?

I'll stick with being a Green for now - though it means I am not represented at my nation's capital, my state capital, in my county, nor city.

But wait! I seem to have some sort of vague memory ...something I learned in school, so far back - it was elementary school, some slogan, some saying that kicked off the "greatest experiment in human rights the world has ever seen" --oh - what was it...OH YEAH - NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION! That's it - the Greens should throw tea into the sea. Or something like that.

Rev: I hear you on the finance stuff, but I suspect the donkeys are as unethical and crooked as the elephants.

Reverend X said...

GFGHER27616WSQ12RT#articleContent What I was refering to was: ADCS, the defense contractor that supplied the "aluminum tubes can only mean- Nuclear weapons in Iraq", which recently guilty pleading Cunningham steered $500million to since 9-11 is actually one of 25 companies sharing a single office, that consist of 2 guys, extended families and millions in GOP personal donations. The GOP has been using defense contracts to pay unnecessary and fraudulent front compnies who then launder those funds back into GOP Campaign coffers. And as a bonus, sometimes those companies make shit up for the President to use in SOTU speeches.
To create more war.
To create more contracts.
To create more willing Politicians.
to create more war.
To create.. you get the idea.

Check it all out. Here's who dug this up.
Sherlock Google