Friday, February 03, 2006

The Plan

Assuming all that is true, here is the plan:

This is email I sent today. An altered version of this is going out for distribution

War crimes, privacy invasions, criminal negligence, incompetence, cronyism, media manipulation, domestic propaganda, election fraud and being an all around bastard. Put it all together and what do we get? A wave of the hand and the words 9-11. We have got to put forth a concerted effort to take that away from them. It is abundantly clear that nothing Bush does, no matter how heinous is ever going to see investigation or prosecution as long it can be irrationaly construed to somehow combat terrorism.

All of our efforts are in vain. All our strategies are ineffective. Nothing is going to change until we deal with this. As far as I can tell, the average person believes that there has been a cover up. But they don't want to lose face in front of their peers by talking about it. That and they don't view a cover up as sufficient reason to risk their personal bubble. It was not just a cover up and that is provable. We need to saturate every inch of this country with that info. Easy. Here's how.
Drop everything else and do not let up. Nothing else means anything so long as they have the magic words. If we focus all of our energies on putting the Truth about 911 everywhere, the public will have no choice but to accept it. Like Jessica Simpson's career, unrelenting persistence, power rotation, and overexposure will make it happen regardless of resistance.

I know you don't do 9-11. And we both know the 911 truth horde don't to effective promotions. They are way too busy pointing out the trivial minutia in the next guy's presentation to have any energy left over to push their own. You know how to get yourself heard and have the credibility to back this.

I for one am tired of beating dead horses. I want to get to the next level and start beating breathing elephants and cowering donkeys. What do we have to lose? Contact your connections. I'm already buggging the hell out of mine. Anti-war, election reform, media reform, corporate accountability, environmental protection... every cause and every activist has got to accept that their goals can only be achieved by working together on this one.

A year ago we did not have sufficient proof but now we do.

And we have the marketting tools to get it out there. You've been hosting my video "Rise" for months.


It works to get people going in the right direction.
"Loose Change" is a good one.

I put together a 15 minute eye opener called "The Produced Reality",381&desc=1&src=

No one style will work for everyone, but those links will. For the "Thrill me" crowd there is fast paced flash. For the "Prove it" types there's Scientific documentation. Lecture format for the people who like detail and conspiracy secrets for the curious. And the latest Downing Street Memo buzz ties in perfectly.

Whether or not this new info credible, it still puts the possibility of using planes illegaly to forward a political agenda into the public's thoughts.

And thanks to Hoffman we have easily verifiable evidence refuting the "Debunkers" (Con artist apologists):

NIST? See ya:

Scientific Americans (who don't know science):

Popular Mechanics (does popular mean qualified?):

Sorry for the length of this letter, but I do not see any other way of breaking through the cabal's defensive BS. Let me know what you think. I am asking every connection I have to get on this. We have 10 months to fix a lot of things or it will be too late. You've been at this longer than me. Do really think anything else can work?


Blasted Reality


Anonymous said...

yes! spread the truth like the plauge, force all to learn the awful truth, put it everywhere so none can ignore it. The problem will be securing enough media and getting it distributed everywhere and to everyone ,many people just wont accept it, at least not unless it is repeatedly shown to them. but we all knew for years that getting people to accept the truth would not be easy.Mabye people will realise the truth is the only thing that can save them from our self-destructive culture and economy i wish i had more resourses to help but i can always keep spreading the word one person at a time.

To the renissance of truth

Anonymous said...

Reverend X,
Anti -war, relection reform, clean enironment--yadda yadda yadda...70's chant and rant --none of that -N O N E of that will amount to a fig in the struggle against Islam--you are hiding from the reality of islam.

Deal with it brother.


K9 said...

/bark bark bark

what I think is I am thinking about it. I am still looking at things you wrote 3 posts ago. its gonna take time because your content is so dense. I'll be back. However, no matter what or who gets changed on our soil, this problem of Islam is not going way.

Im am really impressed with the video work. You made these yourself? with flash?


Anonymous said...

Reverend X

what exactly is
the "Truth about 911 "?

Reverend X said...

Pop quiz:
A residence is bombed. It becomes engulfed in flames. Inside are a 50 yr old man and woman. A 17 yr old boy, 14 yr old girl and 2 younger children. Who has the best chance of getting out?
The 17 yr old boy is physically the prime candidate for survival. Now you have a young impressionable, angry boy who was already wondering what he was going to do with the rest of his life. Is that the "Truth about Islam" that no one seems to be talking about.
Or could it be the Bush-bin Landen-Saud financial empire that funds the Jyhadist schools and terrorist training camps in Saudi Arabia?
Or perhaps the "fact" that FoF asked for earlier? The Secular Sunni government of Iraq under Saddam was a mortal enemy of the Fundamentalist Shi'ite cult filling the ranks of Al Qaeda? If history has taught us anything about religious conflict, it is that devout believers invariably point their aggression at those deemed to be heretics rather than infidels. The reformation is a great example. So if we are to believe what history is teaching us, the "Truth about Islam" is that devoid of external stimuli, pop will eat itself.
Walk away, just walk away and begin diplomacy 50 yrs from now with the survivors. The ones who think before they scream and leap will be the only ones likely to survive.

van said...

11:41 anon

Is that not something you would wish to learn for yourself? Do some research, think about what happened that day, and what we have been told happened. Do you honestly believe that the military could not get fighters into the air fast enough to stop at least the pentagon from being hit if not also the second tower? Refusal to look into the official story out of fear or misplaced trust in government is what has allowed the bastards to continue to do what they do.

Reverend X said...

Who was your comment directed towards? I kinda get the feeling you missed out on the course description here. Yes, 9-11 was an inside job. That is evidenced in the above links. There's hours of credible testimony such as Noman Mineta, Secretary of Transportation, testifying he watched Cheney verbally rage at a young officer in the command bunker on 9-11 as Flight 77 closed on the pentagon. The officer had had the audacity to ask if the orders still stood as the plane came in.
There's structural engineering documents showing the thresholds of the steel and load distribution schematics.

There's Griffin's point by point lecture on the Omissions and distortions of the 9-11 Commission report. Things like failure to even look into the collaapse of WTC 7, the third steel structure to collapse not only that day, but ever. The complete denial of the 47 gigantic support colums in the center of each tower, even though their existence is an immutable fact.

Morgan Reynolds, former director of the Criminal Justice Center at the National Center for Policy Analysis and chief economist for the US Department of Labor during 2001–2, George W. Bush's first term, lists the flaws in the Official Story.

Of course, there is also my favorites. Video shot from
base of each tower as they "collapse" horizontally 400' in all directions as blast squibs blow out of lower floors and demolition waves hurtle down the face of each at nearly double the speed of free fall. Years ago, the Ashe Conformity Tests showed a tendency for people to see what the group wants them to see, but these shots can only be declared a "collapse" by fools, lunatics and liars. They are that obvious.

So Van, please take a look. It is a comprehensive list of links.

van said...

Sorry rev, the post was directed as addressed, to the 11:41 anonymous poster. I fully believe that 9-11 was an inside job, i was just listing the first question i had,(how could our military not respond to the attacks) which led me look into the official story more closely. I was suggesting to anon that he/she take some time for themselves to look into the obvious problems with the story we have been sold by bushco.

Reverend X said...

I figured that out after only a slightly embarassing lapse. I kept my comment up because it seems to summarize the article well. Thank you for input. Indeed, how could a cave clan successfully strike the most heavily defended air space on the planet? No one could, except us.

infinitesimal said...

hey X

What was the recommendation for the underground Muslim woman's writings? I am sure it was you who recommended, I just do not remember where. I want to add it to the book corner.

I added you to IM too...

Reverend X said...

Oddly enough it was not me. But here is a good one anyways

I'll get back to you with more a bit later. Hope you find the one you are looking for.

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

Rev, that was very classy offering up bandwidth to the invisible man at revenge. Nice going brutha. (hey, when someone calls you friend or pal, you know you are about to get it dontcha? -thats what ive learned in a few short weeks)
Even though you dont agree with revenge, is he not funny as hell?

I have been howling my head off at his site. Im impressed his content has a warning sign now!

I saw some graffitti today that reminded me of you and I put the two together and have an excellent rapper name:
Rev Dread or Dread rev. not a put down just sounds right somehow.

vanille, I believe that was da boyed that made reference to the muslim womans writing.

Reverend X said...

Don't let vicious rumor about me spread, ok? Course just between you and me, I am sincere in that offer. Kinda that whole defend the Rights no matter if I like the way their being used or not. When they come for any one of my people, they'll have to get thru me. And I got a broad interpretation of who my people are.
Rev Dread? Revi D? Ah, "Revenant D." Can I be "Evi Lee,for short and full name Evi Dent Lee"? Nah, to derivative... I'll just be X.L.N.C. in the place to be/ with Revenant D. and Vanilla/ Who we'll call Eva Lee...

Yeah, try as I might, DTD is funny as hell. Fun to argue with, too. Seems I invariably keep my enemies closer... Then again, I have found that preaching to the choir is a civic form of masterbation and I am at my worst when surrounded by people who agree with me. So all things considered, it is as it should be.
Now how do we get snazzy google intros like DTD's. I have an entry here titled, "Did you just call God a pussy?" and it doesn't get any nicer. Guess I'll have to title my next one "My eternal quest for the Goddess, and what I did to her when I found her."
I got a bad feeling I might never get an official warning page, cuz I can't draw for shit.

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

(brakes screeching:eeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrkkkkkk!)

but then you blame the blogger offensive flag on a bible thumper!!! ha ha. you know damn well it was some prissy lib. probably some r. crumb lookin' girlie. nice try though.
dreaded shredded irrelevant rev a rant. uh oh I feel a round robin of rap comin'.....

yeah, stick a stake thru deepak chopra or Gaia and you'll get your flag

down with word verification!


Reverend X said...

Given the total lack of evidence in the flaggit case, I give the same thought to my thumper theory as I give to Inviso's vigilante's Leftist lashings. I'm surprised there's no mumblings of Muslim manouvers or talk of teen tantrum tripping in all this. And how do we know for sure there's no K9 behind the line this time? Hmmm? Perhaps Pete Bogs who slogs with the dogs has done the deed, and left the largest logs, steaming... No sense dreaming or screaming it is just seeming that the blame and shame could be anyone's game. We can't name names cuz that might frame an innocent or the meek and lame. I will not... in this place.. suspect without a case. A face a trace, to bear disgrace. Fast pace will waste like clues erased, leaving naught but a bitter taste. (years of Billy Wigglestick squandered with that run)No.. this hate debate has wrought this fate, as late we wait in thoughtful state, would the culprit show with proper bait and perpetrate twice on this date the infamy they demonstrate. Irony that their checkmate did only work to invigorate the discussion of D's graven slate. 2-4-6-8 D's fans grow at such a rate that flags will just accelerate.

OK, I think I got that outta me for the moment. But I suddenly want to go read Dr. Suess books. That could get dangerous. So no I will not at this time, no I will not with K9...
I'll stop. sorry.

infinitesimal said...

I dint call the fuzz on d.t. Dipshit, but I did not like his site. I think prolly it was one of the muslim moderates who tried to comment amidst the 350 other comments, half of which were from the dipshit d.t. himself...(to himself??)

I am pissed at him because he is making the situation worse, and popping an ego boner over the attention.

I am surprised that you jump on the coat tails over there K9 and X.

Anyway, thanx for the info X, there is a gif link? You need instructions for how to use this blog for dum-dums like me.

I want to read more, but have to go to work.
Maybe you could do a post for dummies. America one o one. Catch newbies up to speed on the current state of affairs.
Maybe? That would be good.

Reverend X said...

"I am surprised that you jump on the coat tails over there K9 and X."

Any percieved coat tail jumping is simply collateral due to my jumping all over the rest of him. ?I believe I illustrated my view of D.T. unambiguosly in my previous enty "One Crayon over the Line... Sweet Jesus!"

Graphic links 101: When viewing any given webpage, pass the mouse pointer over any image or button looking thingy. If the arrow becomes a finger, click it. For kicks, pass the pointer all over the page. Many sites have hidden links. Thats the easy way to find free porn, warez sites and other groovy ways to infect your system with spyware. Just make sure to run adaware or spybot often to remove unwanted wire-line taps.

America 101, remedial:

Pete Bogs said...

"It is abundantly clear that nothing Bush does, no matter how heinous is ever going to see investigation or prosecution as long it can be irrationaly construed to somehow combat terrorism."

the American people are amazingly gullible, aren't they? there have been so many revelations of illegal and unethical acts by this administration, but they still haven't impacted Bush much... I've said that if Bush were to sacrifice an infant to Satan on live TV, some people still wouldn't believe he's rotten to the core; instead they'd blame liberals for a smear campaign against him... he can do no wrong in some people's eyes... unlike K9's, Bush's steaming browns seemingly have no odor...