Monday, May 08, 2006

Representation Enforcement Services

I have heard the thought, "In order to get Congress to vote for anything benefitting the public, we are going to need to get our own lobbyists anmd bribe them!"

Seems like a good idea to me. If anyone knows anything about starting up a lobbying firm, please let me know. I think it just might work.


warvigilent said...

ahhh but you forget the most crucial aspect of lobbiest groups , tones of cash and other "gifts". can we really belive a lobby group that has little backing and less cash will even be noticed amidst all the other lost cause groups and the swaggering empires of energy, phamisuticals and defence corprate lobby groups.

Reverend X said...

Trust me, I was thinking about that. Kinda like a Citizen's Union. Raise money by going door to door, telemartketing, spm, whatever,. Get $20 from every citizen in a state. That would be enough for golf trips and free lunch for the Senators and Representatives from that state. Bribe them to do the jobs they are already getting paid for.