Saturday, May 20, 2006

Just a thought


warvigilent said...

ive herd that first part on a tool song i had , always thought it was an ispired thought. especially if you compare it to some buddist teachings about interconnectedness/ emptyness ( i think that was what it was called)
but the idea is similer

id would also whole heartedly argree with his idea of spending defence money on feeding and clothing the world. i belive it could work, come one who could attack a country that feeds and shelters all of your people let alone get enough people together and get them angry enough to do it. most wars are caused by desperate nations and most terroist come from the poorest areas of third world nations. too bad right wing religiuois zelots cant understand jesuses teachings of being kind to ones enemies so that they dont want to fight you anymore. idillic, yes but it is also demanded of all true followers of god.

Blue said...

Thanx Rev,

I agree - been having this debate with some individuals here in Oz recently... I'll send them to visit you.

Hellpig said...

why are we responsible to feed and clothe the world...........damn communists

Reverend X said...

Why are we responsible to police and kill them?

Hellpig said...

we are not...we are fighting a war on remember when 3000 americans died at the hands of the islamonazi's........oh thats right you believe Bush killed them

Reverend X said...

A War of Terror, which we are fighting on Terror in the same way a pothead in a car is driving on weed... Man, you need to look around the tattered remains of the American Dream and realise fear has taken its toll!!

Anonymous said...

we fight not to end terrorism, but maintain global dominance.

Hellpig said...

My American dream is alive and well,2 houses,a four month a year job which pays 40k to 60k if I survive..2 side businesses,a descent ex-wife,2 great kids I see every weekend....

I am affraid that the only shattered dream of America comes through your eyes the eyes of the apocalyptic...Too bad so sad

As for fear don't believe in letting fear run my life "NO FEAR HERE" Just reality

Reverend X said...

Congratulations, course the American Dream wasn't Helly specific. It was supposed to be for everyone. Kinda like "Send me your poor... did not used to have "...and I will intern them indefinitely for no reason." at the end of it. You may be doing well, Hell, but it's like having the nicest room on the Titanic. Eventually reality will come through the door.

When they came for the Blacks, Helly did nothing because he was not black. When they came for the Arabs, Helly did nothing again. When they finally came for him, there was no one left to do anything.

Hellpig said...

Too young for the blacks ,they never came for any arabs I heard about,when they come for me I will let them say hello to my little friend..oh and the other 75% of Armed America that I call brother

And I do look around I see no tolled fear...Just through your eyes only

Reverend X said...

You have accepted that your phone calls are tracked and most likely tapped. You have accepted the end of habeas Corpus, the Bill of Rights and Constitutional governing of America. You have accepted the Demotion of the Legislative and Judicial branches of our Government and the loss of checks and balances. You have accepted the self appointed supremacy of an idiot and his ascension to the position of Emperor of America. You have accepted the complete destruction of everything that America once stood for. By every standard you have let the terrorists win. They, whether foreign as you believe or domestic as I have shown, wished to destroy the idea of America... You have allowed it and excused them the entire time.
If not fear, then what other motive wrought this surrender from you and so many others? Why have you accepted all this?

warvigilent said...

this will get hellpigs blood pressure up too. apperently theres been some talk about gore running for prez in 08 with the relese of his new movie. id say he would be better than another clinton.

Hellpig said...

First off none of what you say has any validity what so ever,nothing you have ever said has been proven,Phone line tapped not mine I am not Al Qaeda,Costitution intacked,bill of rights intacked,Terrorist attacks on American soil since 9/11 zero,Surrender? No surrender here..

War Vig..LMAO run the whack job Al Gore

Too sum it all up Rev absolutely nothing you have ever stated has manifested into any thing concrete

your veiw of the demise of America is just something you long for so you won't have to deal with the failures of your own life

Clinton good ROFLMAO..he is the reason america is even at war he is the reason for high gas prices,Clinton will go down in history as the second worst president next to Jimmy the Communist Carter

Reverend X said...

Wow, no validity? Let's see..
Your Phone is Tracked. There is no recourse legally to even investigate them. All we get is trust us which I believe were the same words spoken outside the showers at auschwitz. But since you have nothing to hide...?

But then again, if you do not now the difference between What we are now and what we used to be I can understand your confusion.
Of course, facts are facts and 9-11 was not the work of Arabs the math proves it.
As to my failure of a life? We both have "divorced, 2 kids" on our resumes.
Clinton did not start this war. He is not allowing Exxon-Mobile to earn record profits quarter after quarter and lie to Congress because the GOP no longer swears in anyone who is friends with Bush Even in matters of National freakin security!!!
So, I have no credibility with you? It can't happen here. Nothing to see here. Duck and cover... wake the fuck up already.

Hellpig said...

Nope all BS if any of this was actually true the LIBS would be frothing at the mouth to bring down Bush

The grocery stores know more about americans then the NSA does,besides there is nothing illegal about what they are doing,it's just the treasonous left exposing our intelligence methods to the Enemy,they should be shot

Clinton allowed Exxon/mobile to merge in 1994 so do some research

9/11 not atta walking through security gate huh?

Clinton allowed our nation to be attacked 11 times before 9/11 and did nothing

Credibility you lost it when you called me a coward over at AB's

Anonymous said...

pig is a terrorist.

Hellpig said...

speaking of cowards

Reverend X said...

Helly said,
"Nope all BS if any of this was actually true the LIBS would be frothing at the mouth to bring down Bush"

What LIBS? You act as if there are rampant packs of activists marauding through the halls of government. Little clue, there are no actually liberal vertebrates in Congress. No Conservatives either. Just a bunch of bribe accepting influence peddlers who use polarized ideological rants to keep everyone emotionally blinded to what is really going on. They don't care about "values", "Ideals", or "beliefs". They just care about "interest"! The interest they make on the cash they are being paid to allow Corporate fleecing of our wealth.

"The grocery stores know more about Americans then the NSA does,besides there is nothing illegal about what they are doing,it's just the treasonous left exposing our intelligence methods to the Enemy,they should be shot"

Anyone stupid enough to put down their real personal information in exchange for a grocery card that saves them a few cents and databases their purchasing history is an idiot. You can write anything you want. Be Betty Rubble!! Shaggy De'Scoob!! Whatever.

A Democracy cannot survive without a well informed Public, an independent media, and oversight of the Government. How did you not learn this in 7th grade? It is as basic as the lever or wheel. When an entity can avoid accountability by its inherent power, it is soon corrupted and the enemy of democracy, freedom and justice. The enemy knew our methods because they are the ones using them.

"Clinton allowed Exxon/mobile to merge in 1994 so do some research"

And that is how they were able to lie to Congress? That was where they initiated the secret energy plan with Cheney that created these profits? Christ...

"9/11 not atta walking through security gate huh?"

One photo of one hijacker is the sum total of evidence showing any of the 19 after years of searching all the videos taken around the time of 9-11. It was turned over by Marvin Bush's security company months later. The other 18 guys were invisible and unaccounted for on the rest of the tapes. You can't go to 7-11 without being filmed. Every angle of every airport in America and those guys were not there. What does that prove?

"Clinton allowed our nation to be attacked 11 times before 9/11 and did nothing"

Bush has destroyed our economy and killed 100's of thousands. Won one battle and lost the freakin war. Bush has done worse damage than a 1000 terrorist attacks. Yeah, brilliant!!

"Credibility you lost it when you called me a coward over at AB's"

Whaddya mean I hurt your feelings? I didn't know you had any feelings.... Whaddya mean I'm unkind? Just not your kind... If there's a new way, I'll be the first in line. Let's hope it comes in time.

Hellpig said...

I never said you hurt my feeling

quite the opposite I took it as a compliment coming from you

Everything is still BS can't and won't ever make a concrete connection too anything you're afraid of about America