Sunday, April 30, 2006

The sound of one hand clapping

"We have no assurance that the president would follow any statute that we enact."
- Senator Arlen Specter (R-PA)

This comes from the same man who refused to make Alberto Gonzalez swear in before testifying to Congress. Actually, he hasn't made anyone involved with this Administration swear in for years. So as part of the Senate and the Head of a Committee, Specter obsequiously gave Bush his Crown and Scepter. Then he pulled the peoples teeth by allowing All The President's Men to lie with impunity whenever questioned and now he has misgivings as he looks upon the Throne he helped build. Fuck him. As we go into the Summer Invasion of Iran and the Fall Electoral Season, expect republicans Politicians to decry and rebuke the New American Dictator for Political leverage. Do not believe them. They made this monster. Do not let them act like they aren't happy with their progeny. They must stay in the Castle and burn with their Beast.


warvigilent said...

dont count on bush going to iran until nearing the end of his term in office. he will stall it while preping all along until right at the last miniute he can do anything in office, then declare war on iran and claim that (with some new laws to bypass the constitution) you cant remove a prez during wartime (basicly how he claimed the 2004 election that and all the vote rigging) bam now he is free to stay in power all he wants.

either that or another "terroist attack linked with iran" will hit the us and it will basicly be a repeat of his first 6 years but with less rights and more money flowing from us treasuries into corprate back accounts.

Reverend X said...

That is a reasonable theory. But unfortunately we will be in Iran by the End of June. It will allow the Republican majority in the House and Senate to go on the War Path against him. They will turn on him instantly. Show themselves as the Anti-War partyand retain their majorities in Congress. After the Election they will waddle back in line with the "It was a mistake, but since we are there..." Let's keep on killing! We've been slaughtering Iraqis for years on that logic. And does anyone remember Afghanistan? The Taliban holds more real estate there than ever. Keep killing! keep killing!! and that's about the depth of threir strategy....

Bird said...

no, it's not reasonable at all to think bush will finagle a third term. no one would support that.

but if this administration decides to bomb iran, you're right there WV - the timing will be precise and based on political strategy.

i'm not sure what to think yet about this iran business. i do not care for iran's totalitarian government and its tremendous oppression of women - it's appalling. and i sure as heck don't want iran to have the capacity to make a nuclear weapon - i think iran's leaders are just nuts enough to use one.

i concede that our leader is nuts too - but not enough (yet) to launch a nuclear weapon.

Reverend X said...

What you are saying is "It can't happen here." Famous last words... Go watch the Stephen Colbert Monologue from the White House Correspondents Dinner. Watch the looks on the faces of Americas's Media Elite as Colbert Mocks the President. They do not laugh. They look around the room nervously as Bush turns red. What do you think they are afraid of?

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

in my heart of darkeness i almost wish a game like that would be tried so we can hash this thing out once and for all. as a conservative, this administration does not support my ideals though i would not vote for kerry even today! but if any president tried to grab a third term i promise you i would be in the fray. i am already prepared to go all the way if the gummit tries to eminent domain me.
might go all ruby ridge on 'em, ya know?



Bird said...

saw it.

it wasn't really that funny, nor appropriate to the occassion - a little too mocking.

of course bush turned red.

so what?

i don't see the link between this event and bush nuking another country.

Hellpig said...

no need to nuke Iran,our CIA is already camped inside,precision tactical strikes is all that will be needed,although I would rather them nuke the islamic radicals back to the 1st century which isnt that far for them as it is.

Reverend X said...

I gotta agree. If we are going to, might as well do it now. I have an idea though. Puttin it in it's own article.