Thursday, May 18, 2006

"..That Best Exempifies America!"

Or Some such BS. I am of course paraphrasing VP, Vile Predator, Cheney's loving thoughts of Up-Against-the Wall-Mart. Here's what he was talking about...

"No factor of production is more cannibalized than that of labor, because it is human labor more than any other factor that creates value. From the Wal-Mart manager who works a 60-hour week starting at 6:00 in the morning to the teenage girl in Bangladesh who, according to an international lawsuit filed in September 2005, was forced to sew pocket flaps onto 120 pairs of pants per hour for 13 cents per hour (“If you made any mistakes or fell behind on your goal ... they slapped you and lashed you hard on the face with the pants. ... I clean my teeth with my finger, using ash. I can’t afford a toothbrush or toothpaste”), the primary material out of which costs are squeezed is human. It is important to note, by the way, that even Bangladeshi labor law forbids the sort of workplaces patronized by Wal-Mart’s buyers. "

If that's America, shoot me in the face already.


Bird said...

Hey Rev,
I'm a bit confused by your post.

The quote is from the book that the post title links to, right?

But what did Cheney say and when did he say it - context.

I'm just trying to understand.

I don't shop Wal-Mart,though i do shop target and costco (which really, isn't all that much better - though i do try to limit my purchases.

Reverend X said...

Sorry Bird Here You Go

Guess I forgot to link Cheney's statements about Wal-Apart.

Bird said...

thanks - that's the context i needed.

how can he so glibly praise wal-mart?

makes me want to puke.

infinitesimal said...

hello rev

i don't know how you are, but i hope this past Sunday was ok for you in particular.

any word on the lawyer situation?

where are the boys?

how much you been drinking?

that must stop you know... if you have a chance in hell it ain't gonna be drunk.

Self medication, i know i know...
Hope to see more of you.
come see your karmic number and give me an update?

Bird said...

hey rev,
i owe you an apology - in an attempt to bait hellpig on another blog (aunty belle's), i rather dissed you a bit. not my typical M.O.

check out my comments.

though i do think you are somewhat extreme and i don't agree with all your conclusions - your thoughts give me pause and i do consider what you say.



Reverend X said...

I hardy consider that insulting. And sticks and stones... but your opinion will never hurt me. If we all agreed, what would be the point in co existence?

Hellpig said...

Try and bait me, Bird you are out of your league..NUTJOB

Bird said...

Got your link posted on my blog - for some reason the sound is malfunctioning on my laptop - but certainly the body language and facial expressions are there.

however, i still don't find cobert's schtick funny - not that i don't appreciate cobert (watch him regularly) but because his comments were not true political parody - they are too true and real to be parody.

i also still disagree with you - bush will not try to have a third, illegal term. and i really don't see the house or senate amending the constitution to provide for that. (am i remembering our disagreement correctly - you know how time and lines of debate warp on here in blogosphere).

Hope you are well and maintaining some sort of contact with your kids.

HP: not just tried - succeeded!
and i will think of you (briefly) sweet shoat, as i'm having BBQ country-style pork ribs for dinner tonight.


Hellpig said...

Only thing you suceeded in was exposing yourself as a socialist hipocrite

warvigilent said...

oh noes a socialist, hurry raise mcarthy from his grave!! wait a hypocrit?? nevemind we got tones of them in goverment, im sure we can put up with another one.