Sunday, May 14, 2006

Holocaust Reenactment and You

I am a huge fan of Catharsis, Vendetta, and paying ones debts, both good and bad. IF you owe someone something, pay them back in full. That being said... The situation in Israel is FUBAR. Yes, the Holocaust was terrible but that does not give the Israelis the right to reenact it. Currently they are in Act 2, with themselves playing the part of the Germans. Of course that is the Fourth Reich with America and Britain filling out the cast of Axis Powers. Don't believe me?

" This is in the area where Sunday about 150 men were rounded up and contained outside the settlement with gunfire over their heads and around them, while tanks and bulldozers destroyed 25 greenhouses - the livelihoods for 300 people. The explosive was right in front of the greenhouses - right in the point of entry for tanks that might come back again. I was terrified to think that this man felt it was less of a risk to walk out in view of the tanks with his kids than to stay in his house. I was really scared that they were all going to be shot and I tried to stand between them and the tank. This happens every day, but just this father walking out with his two little kids just looking very sad, just happened to get my attention more at this particular moment, probably because I felt it was our translation problems that made him leave."

Read this entire collection of Emails sent by Rachel Corrie, An American Peace Activist who was murdered in Palestine by Israeli farm equipment. Call it anti-Semitic for me to cover this topic. If Semitic means Israeli National policy to commit genocide then Hell yes I am as Anti-Semitic as it gets. Any other definition and you are just playing the race card, a pox upon thee (voodoo retaliation to racial carding). Seriously though. These guys have been killing Americans. That's terrorism by modern definitions. We have a strike force right there. Isn't it about time we fulfilled our obligations to the Divine Bush Doctrine? We will make no distinction between the terrorists and the nations supporting them, regardless of their race, creed, color, or religion. EOB.DFA.


warvigilent said...

theres bin lots of talk about isreal and its questionable actions lately (at least on shoutwire) but it always is seen as moot as it is often brought up about the surronding arab nations who started the conflict that originally got isreal most of its land. i sympathise with the isreali people for being targeted in the past and under constant threat now, but they havent exactly been doing much to get arab nations to stop hating them and that said hate has spilled onto the west who have supported isreal.
its a conflict that neither side wants to back down on, so there is little hope for peace unless thoses hamas leaders were serious on a ceasefire.

Reverend X said...

Any cease fire would have to go both ways. As I have said before, "Take an average family domicile. Inside are
1 middle aged male
1 middle aged female
2 small children
2 adolescents

Which ones are the most likely to survive if the house is firebombed? The adolescents. Now you have two orphaned humans who had been wondering what to do with their lives. They now know exactly what they are going to be doing with their lives. Revenge."

The US is financially supporting the Israeli extermination of the Palestinians. Hell, we gave $200,000 to every Israeli settler who willingly left their illegal settlements and moved back to Israel. We only gave a little over a grand to Katrina detainees who lost everything. America first?

We have caught the Israelis spying on us, stealing nuclear technology, materials, and secrets. They have killed our troops and civilians, but anyone says a thing and they are immediately called Anti-Semetic. I am starting to think that that word does not mean what we think it means. I have no problem with the Jewish race or Religion. I am a quarter Jewish myself. I do have a huge fuckin problem with the current Israeli policies and the US policies allowing them to happen.

Pete Bogs said...

I agree Israel is FUBAR... we gentiles risk being called anti-Semitic for saying these things, but that's just wrong... Israel was a good idea in theory only... look at what they live with every day... there has to be a better way...

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

i dont disagree with this post. however.....
rachel corrie?

heres a good idea of israels: everybody has to do 2 years in the military. men. women. eunnichs. everybody. no excuses other than your are deformed or something.

(hope youre okay rev)