Saturday, May 27, 2006

Concrete like your shoes?

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warvigilent said...

great compilation of the videos from 9/11 and good work on getting those oft forgotten witness testimonies. one that i found interesting was that one clip with the black guy who was in the builiding but got out, he talked about an explosion that knocked him back while he was on the eighth floor, nothing happend to that floor untill the building collapsed so what happend to him. or how about the firefighers who talked about getting blown down outside the building before it collapsed, that would have taken an explosion somwhen near the base and the building falling wouldnt have caused a shockwave. and of course one of the most interesting pars with larry there, yes he had the building pulled and ment demolition. in and of it self not incrimination but one of the main counter points to the 9/11 demolition theory is that it would have taken weeks for pros to place the explosives, building 7 fell incredibly well for demo charges placed by firefighers over the course of a couple hours. so either the demo theory for the towers has more weight than most give it or building 7 was wired to go in advance, ones gotta be right both say we have been lied to.