Friday, March 03, 2006

Results are in

Thanks to the DieBold Gems Tabulator, we have a winner. This is the new logo with 6,000 votes over it's nearest opponent's total of 1. As you can easily verify these votes by their all coming from the comment section of the last post, I feel it was in the best interest of all involved that we have no auditable paper trail to back this number up. Oh glorious democracy, thanks to all three people who voted.


Hellpig said...

First of you can't switch candidates in mid-stream these aren't the ones up for vote,because i am all about the flames from HELL...the 2 pics you show aren't the ones displayed here.WTF

Hellpig said...

I want flames too,shooting outta my snout

Reverend X said...

I knew you could see voting irregularities when you wanted to. Now if only you took the time to look at the vote counts... Fames out the snout, huh? I'll have to cartooon the whole thing.. I can do it.