Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Electoral Process

2004 Election update. 300,000 eligible voters scrubbed from registry days before Election. Guess what, they were from Democrat demographics!

Let's vote on something important for once. I guarantee that every vote will be counted. Which of these should be the New Blasted Reality Mascot/Logo? Left or Right, Sneer or no sneer. Vote with a Comment.
His name is Emo T. Kahn. Yes the T stands for Tiberius and the message he is here to convey is "World Peace is Inevitable!"


Hellpig said...


Reverend X said...

Yeah, somehow I figured you'd go that direction.

Evil Anne McFlint said...

Hmm. Assuming we're still a free-voting nation, I'll toss my 2 cents worth regarding your 'creation.' (heh, that rhymes)

YOU'RE A LOGO THIEF! You took my "angry-teenager-during-the-cold-war-we-hate-Russia-fuck-everyone" attitude toward nuclear war and ya turned it into a colorful, 3-D, aesthetically pleasing, attention-stealing icon for your little website. I mean, gosh. "Peace is Inevitable" was my "what the fuck you gonna do?" attitude in general. (except the damn hippies didn't understand my sarcasm..) I meant... blow up the goddammed world and then maybe, juuuust maybe the human race will understand! *sigh*

Nice job Rev. Seriously.. nice job. The first one with a white background is very striking, but it kinda looks like you did it in 'paint' when on black b/g. The second one is nice.. but I'd 'pop' the little biohazard dude out by lightening him up. Especially since your site is... well... BLACK.

Yeah.. I'll take the #1 with white. OOoo, and a side order of 'stolen icon' smothered with humility sauce. Can I have that poached?

K9 said...

recht. als on you profile.

Hellpig said...

I want this election reviewed by the oversight commitee.I smell fraud here!

Reverend X said...

The Comittee has reviewed your request and come to the decision that investigation is not needed at this time. Please report to the nearest KBR Detention center for Cultural Reprogamming. Failure to do so will result in immediate liberation by the
Cease and desist any further Disrupter Activities. Do not think for one second that you may post anonymously Welcome to the the New American Century.

Hellpig said...


nice one rev,KILL ME NOW. lol

Hellpig said...

Now seriouly,any of you liberal bastards see this yet?

Cartoonist’s Daughter Hunted by 12 Jihadists

This is what happens in Liberal Countries with multicultures

Reverend X said...

Correction #1) "But there were no 12 Moslem males. They were youngsters. Mogens Blicher Bjerregaard, speaking on behalf of the 12 Muhammed cartoonists, who are all members of the Journalist’s association, says to Ritzaus Bureau: "This is blown out of proportions, and that information was confidential. It’s not dignified for a big-time politician to use his airtime to spread such stories from the housetops. This may potentially worsen the predicament of the cartoonists and their families," says Mogen Blicher Bjerregaard.

Also Helly, it says Muslim repeatedly, not Arab, Persian, or any other foreign national implied by your multicultural statement. These kids may have been homogeneous in every way to the cartoonists except in beliefs.

And as for safety, after Salmon Rushdie no one can claim surprise at endangering oneself by pissing off Islamists. Religion and sense of humor are rarely found in the same person. As one increases the other decreases like light and dark.

Hellpig said...

Yeah kinda thought you would fine a conspiracy somewhere in there,but it's flawed as usual,

But Jens Rohde is a known politician who would lose greatly if he lied and the cartoonists are available for interview through the Police Intelligence Service, so I don’t see how this could not be true.

Here's a link to a group of young muslims

Young Muslims
now I feel much better

Anonymous said...

I did not find it. I just copied the retraction from your link.

"But Jens Rohde is a known politician who would lose greatly if he lied "


Hellpig said...

Well I am pissed turns out it was a LIE,damn so close too.

This is how one admits they are wrong try it sometime REV. lol

Reverend X said...

When it happens, I do. No wait, you are right, I don't. But then again I just did so... aha, I already solved the problem....

Hellpig said...

problem is they are already here


Hellpig said...

wrong topic ,this was meant for our other discussion