Friday, March 03, 2006

Help Spread the Message

The video "Ghost Writer" is currently entered in a Contageous Festival at Huffington Post.
Although I could not care less about the contest, the exposure for the message could be incredible. Please follow this link to the video. The more popular it becomes, the more exposure it will get. Tell your friends to go there also.


Pete Bogs said...

cool contest, this one... I have the creativity but not the resources to enter...

Reverend X said...

I am not sure what the prize is, but the exposdure is pretty good. well, as long as I can get into the top 10. You up for pimping somthing there, Pete?

warvigilent said...

speaking of spread the message here is a petition from sholars for 9/11 truth

its calling for the relese of media involving 9/11 that is being witheld for no reason

Ps. rev i never found out if you got to check out shoutwire yet. some interesting stuff on recently

Reverend X said...

Click-able Petition Link for 9-11 Scholars

I checked it out the one time. Left Rightjustchops a long and highly insulting rebuttal to his BS. You did not see it? I should go back.

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

glad to see you burning in hell Rev! haha nice new logo. the prize is a date with algore. no, seriously, good luck.