Sunday, January 29, 2006

Time to Step Up

Take a Stand, Now or Never

30 seconds you'll regret not using. Alito might be a nice guy, but he is the worst choice for Supreme Court Justice.

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K9 said...

/bark bark bark

What are your thoughts about the more liberal judges making eminent domain a reality? I understand land grabbing is in full force in oregon.
Why is Alito the worst choice possible?


Reverend X said...

I'm against any empowerment of government to forcibly relocate anyone. Emminent domain is wrong. Check out the way it was used in Texas to grab land for the Ranger' stadium. If the tables were turned and the left had all the power, my agenda would be right wing. I do not see any benefit to either tunnel vision. As I have said before. The furthest points on the political spectrum are identical in Reality. The wings are an elipse.
Alito would be the end of checks and balances. His support of Executive supremacy is well documented. He is all Bush needs to achieve total control.

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