Thursday, January 12, 2006

Spreading the Disease

Anonymous said...
The problem as I see it is that many people are willing to ignore evidence that is presented to them that may challenge their preconceived notions. I cannot be the only "rightwinger" who has looked into problems with the official story of 911 and come away with a new perspective on the world. A few years ago, I laughed at "conspiracy theorists" but now, after what I have learned, I do not understand how everyone cannot see the crazy bastards behind the curtain or why this is not front page or primetime news every day.
The world has gone mad. No one tells the truth. We are fucked.
6:38 PM

I wish this person had not posted anonymous, because I would like to know them. You can find absolute truth in the oddest places. This person found it, accepted it, and paraphrased it perfectly. Additionally, this comment makes a great segway into a topic I love to rant about.

The truth does not set you free! In reality, the exact opposite is true. The lies set you free. Free from the responsibility of doing anything important. Free from the guilt. Free to go about your daily life. Doing your daily activities. Never having to risk your personal bubble. The lies allow them to be care free. That is why so many people vehemently oppose the truth. Not because they are evil or stupid. No, it is because the lies reassure them that they are not negligent in their duties to society. The lies comfort them in much the same way as a hug and the words "It's all gonna be OK." Well, it isn't.

The truth, on the other hand, is an affliction. It is a disease that can not be cured. In the Bible, what caused Adam and Eve to be cast out of the Garden? The knowledge of Good and Evil. The truth. It is the apple, it is also Pandora's Box. Once learned, it can not be unlearned. Short of braining yourself, there is nothing you can do about it. Once it gets inside you, it becomes this overwhelming malignancy that quickly goes systemic and takes you over. Oh, and it is indeed a terminal illness. One way or another, most people infected with it meet their demise because of it. Homicide, suicide, and the slow death of living with it make for a very high mortality rate.

The Truth is also highly contagious, but in a very odd way. A person can go their whole life, surrounded by its victims and never catch it. Others turn on their TV set and it hits them like a stray bullet. Wham, their life as they knew it just ended. Never again will they be able to go about their daily activities in blind ignorance of the darker side of life. The worst part is: Once you catch it, you want to spread it to everyone else.

Alcoholism is unique in that it is the only disease you can be yelled at for having. The Truth is unique in that it is the only disease that people willingly spread to their loved ones and friends without remorse. Also, the people you give it to are usually thankful to have it. At least at first. I have had it for a while. I don't know if thankful is the appropriate word for how I feel about it.

On the bright side, there is a treatment. It is not the kind prescribed by your Doctor. You know, the guy who just received a kick back for getting you to buy an overpriced designer drug that only eliminates your symptoms, never their cause. No, this treatment goes after the root of the problem. First internally, then externally it finds the cause and eliminates it. Fix yourself, fix the world, and then we can all go back to mowing our yards and playing with our children. Care free and easy.

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