Saturday, January 07, 2006

OK, this is way too long, but...

This is a series of posts (4) from Newsbusters, a Conservative Journalist watchdog. I was trying to make a point. I think it worked. This place is, without a doubt, the most frenzied partisan Forum I have ever seen. I liked the place, but am a bit upset that after the last response they shut down all non member posting and did not allow me to join. Too bad. That's sad. Bye-Bye.

Reverend X (not verified) Says:
January 5, 2006 - 06:53
I agree. And I'd like to add: What if the polarization of the US wasn't an accident? As long as the people are at each others throat, all the politicians can do whatever they wish. The flaw inherent in totalitarian regimes is the lack of a scapegoat. When things go wrong, it is easy to focus the blame. American ingenuity solved that problem. Two parties, outwardly antagonistic of eachother, but working together for their own self interests. The Patriot act was not a conservative idea. Many GOP oppose it still. Lieberman wrote it, Bush uses it. The media bias killed journalism from both sides. Letterman and Orrielly debated a subject that effects us all. But no one is discussing it. Not with this much blood in the water. As long as we waste all of our energies attacking eachother, we won't have the strength to stand up for ourselves.

Bush is giving our Nation away to corporate entities that would, quite literally put all of us into salt mines if they could turn a profit by doing such. Of course, they never would have gotten this level of control if Clinton hadn't given them the keys to the White House.Liberal/Conservative. Who made this crap up. The political spectrum is identical at it's furthest ends. Stalin, Hitler, I don't see any difference in the way they governed.

Katrina should have woken people up. We lost a metropolitan city. Not to a storm. Not because the Republican federal Government did nothing. Not because the Democrats running the state did nothing. Either one could have done the job. Neither did. They pointed fingers and blamed eachother as a city drowned. If any of them had had the slightest interest in pulling off a PR victory, they would have shut up, grabbed whatever they could and helped. Instead they purposely with held their resources waiting for things to get worse so they could begin again withthe "Look how bad they are" campaign. They sent in shooters fast enough while the media lied to the public. Research, evidence? Find any to corraborate the reports of snipers, roving gangs, anything they claimed. Looting? I wouldn't starve to death outside a grocery store waiting for approval to bust a window and get food. Would you? But the orders went out fast enough to shoot looters on sight. "The american people should be helping eachother." That was the justification for those orders Bush gave, and the Governor agreed to instantly. The Americans were helping eachother. It was just hard to do with mercs shooting at them.

Any former military here? Yeah of course. You know Blackwater "Contractors". If you were ever deployed in combat anywhere near them you've probably thought about fraggin them at least once. Seriously. Well, the Feds and the State had those guys on the ground in NOLA days before National Guard troops were even called up. So I guess there were roving gangs of thugs shooting up the city. They just weren't native.

This is going on all around us. We dont have a two party system. That would involve a majority party and an oppositional party. I don't see any. I do see a country on the verge of Civil War. It ain't Iraq.

So Orrielly gets on Letterman. They have spat. Both sides declare victory for their what? What are these guys? Actors? yeah. Political experts? No. Leaders? No. Entertainers? yeah in the same style as the WWE. Only thing is, I am not entertained anymore. Are you? It is time for this show to get cancelled.

We got anger and energy everywhere you look. It's time to quite looking at eachother down in the muck and look up the hill at the friggin party that's been goin on. None of them are worse off from the war. deficit, weather. And we are paying the bill. Rush hasn't lost any weight and micheal moore's fatter than ever. Everyone I knows gettin that lean hungry look.


Or we could just kill ourselves for their amusement. It's up to you. Your choice.

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BD Says:
January 5, 2006 - 18:56
Hey REV:

I attempted to follow your screed, but it was nearly impssible as it follows no logical thought train. WHAT THE HELL are you trying to say?

Regarding your paragraph dealing with Blackwater personnel in theater. I worked with several of them both times I was in theater. I had no problems with them. I bear them no ill will, they perform a task that needed to be performed and we do not have enough SOF forces to do these tasks even if we moved every SF group in the US to theater.

Are you saying that the roving gangs shooting up New Orleans are foreigners? Really? Myself, I would assume they are the denizens of the projects who regularly cause trouble. When offered the opportunity to rip off everything in sight and cause all forms of trouble with out interference from the overly corrupt NO police, they took the bait.

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Reverend X (not verified) Says:
January 6, 2006 - 00:11
Did not mean to lose you there. It's a


example 1 paragraph

example 2 paragraph

example 3 paragraph


That was the format for the logic train. Ok, my point was simple. There is no actual debate going on here. Just antagonism and over reaction. And it's not just here. Everywhere I go online and off I hear the same animosity. This country is polarizing quickly. Why is that? I am saying that there is more to this than the public's disparate views on current events. I think there is a concerted effort by corporate and governmental interests to keep us fighting with each other so we don't have the presence of mind to notice that we are getting screwed. This country does not have a two party system. The liberal bias and the conservative bias of the different media organizations are intended to fuel these fires. Clinton deregulated the media in 97. Now there are 5 groups controlling all the television news and networks. Clear channel has gobbled up radio stations in every market and the newspapers are pretty much in lock step with tv sand radio. We have allowed our information supply lines to be taken over by a very select group of people. Viacom, aol time warner and Rupert murdoch decide what is news. Well, the news is what they hide from us and everything they show is advertising. We would have noticed this, but we are too busy buying what they are selling. Look at the anger and hatred growing in this forum alone. The topic of this thread was Bill Orrielly's guest spot on Letterman. Orrielly did not go on to talk with Letterman. They might as well have promoted this as "The Melee on the Tele". These two entertainers, for lack of a better word, got together and resupplied us with talking points to fire at each other. It worked. Just look at the point/ counter-point on this page alone. I am suggesting we all muzzle our attack dogs and take a good look at where this is going. Call a temporary truce and see if this liberal / conservative bias thing is real or if it is just a corporate marketing scheme to divide and conquer us. I am as guilty, if not more so, than anyone here in bearing my teeth and spitting insults at ideology. But I am starting to get the sneaking suspicion that we are being played. I posted that first entry at DU also. Now I will probably post this one there cuz I can assume they had a similiar reaction to it. We are all more alike than any of us will admit at the moment.


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BD Says:
January 6, 2006 - 00:29
God, I hate to tell you this, but that is the WORST paragraph I have seen in weeks. Perhaps if you concentrated only one major thought per paragraph, it would be readable.

For instance (Note the paragraph-hint) you could reorganize your thoughts into a readable format and try again tomorrow.

If you need assistance, i would be very happy to edit the paragraph you submitted and make it readable. Consider it a learning experience. Just let me know if you want me to do so.

Ok. so I laid it out in an English 102 format and I lost him. I slammed it all together in a pile, lost him again. Seeing as the only part of my argument he could find fault with was the text structure, I'll assume he agreed with everything I said. Well, apart from the Mercenary bit in the first entry. He claims his rank to be Lt. Colonel so I can see his point. Officers love killers who are on their side, but not under their Command. Takes the responsibility for the war crimes off of them.


Anonymous said...

i know it is a lot ask but you should compile your main points/truths and all the evidence(scientific facts/ links ect.) you can find and put it into an single document for easy distubution. then send it out anyone who will post it and ask them to do the same. it might not accomplish anything important but if it can get more people to really look at what happend and what is happening it might be worth just making the noise about it.

we have to get people to see who the real enemy is

Anonymous said...

The problem as i see it is that many people are willing to ignore evidence that is presented to them that may challenge their preconcieved notions. I cannot be the only "rightwinger" who has looked into problems with the official story of 911 and come away with a new perspective on the world. A few years ago, i laughed at "conspiracy theorists" but now, after what i have learned, i do not understand how everyone cannot see the crazy bastards behind the curtain or why this is not front page or primetime news every day.

The world has gone mad. No one tells the truth. We are fucked.

uriel said...

uh, at the top of Post Apocalyptic, did you mean EXCORCISE your demons? Perhaps you did mean to give them exercise--lift weights, hit the stair-stepper, make them tough again... but if you meant to banish the fiends, try exorcise.