Thursday, January 19, 2006

Patriotism? I'm talkin' Self-Preservation here

The President gave a speech this week. He delivered it on MLK Day. The MSM did not even bother to cover it. I would rate it as the one of the most important speeches I have ever heard. Normally, I do not like his speaking style. This was different. This time he went beyond all the mannerisms and habits we've all seen on Saturday Night Live. This time he spoke with a confidence and resolve I have never seen in him. That was impressive, but not nearly as impressive as his message. No politization, no spin, no obfuscation, he went right to the heart of the problem. He called it what it was and then, surprisingly, stated how to fix it. Five points which, if immediately begun, would save this country.

  1. An independent special counsel must be appointed to investigate the illegal wire-tapping and other questionable activities of the White House.
  2. New whistle-blower protections must be drafted and enacted to protect members of the executive branch who wish to share their knowledge of White House wrongdoing, especially when it is in regards to national security.
  3. Both Houses of Congress must hold comprehensive hearings into the serious allegations of criminal behavior on the part of the Executive Branch. And, they must follow the evidence wherever it leads.
  4. Let the Patriot Act sunset and do not allow the even more invasive powers of the New Patriot act be put into effect.
  5. Any communications company currently cooperating with the White House's illegal information gathering schemes must end their complicity.

By the way, when I say "the President" I am referring to the one who was lawfully elected and currently in exile, Al Gore. Hell, at the time of the first stolen election, I did not even like the guy. But I have taken the time to follow his activities since then and I am of the conclusion that I was dead wrong about him. I make mistakes, but I try to remedy them when possible.

You can judge a person's character with better accuracy by watching what they do outside of the spotlight. Charity and Civic Duty are PR words to most politicians. They do them only when forced to by public opinion. Gore did this when no one was looking. Off camera and out of his own pocket, he saved lives in New Orleans. On camera Bush obstructed rescue operations for personal gain. Off camera he did nothing.

It is long since time that everyone dropped their party loyalties and took a good long look at everyone in office. Ask the real questions. Why did Lieberman co author the Patriot Act before 9-11? Why does Diane Fienstien say she will support Alito based only on her opinion of the way he answered questions and not the answers he gave? And why is it, as Bob Barr has stated, "The President has dared the American people to do something about it.", yet the American people have not taken that dare?

I posted an article about the White House's database of information on whomever it viewed as a political enemy and what kind of information I thought would most likely be in that database. As it turns out, I underestimated the White House's Faustian zeal. Google is currently the only search engine database that has not given in to the White House's request for complete access to their search engine database logs. Interesting note, in the last 20 minutes, this story went from being called "Google Rebuffs Feds on Search Requests" to "Google defends Porn Data" so I copied the original story to here. It is almost funny to follow the Censor through any given news day. Knight Ridder had an article about the Hell they went through trying to publish an actual account of Alito's Judicial record. Don't bother to adjust the screen, they control the vertical and the horizontal. Imagine if they had used this level of power to find Bin Laden or to verify intelligence sources on WMD's in Iraq... Just imagine if they used any of these tools, techniques and resources for National Security.

So what I am trying to say here, is: If you are waiting for them to come for you before you do anything, you are too late. They already have you, or at least all they need to get you. So why aren't you doing anything about it?

  1. If your answer is that you are not "Political", guess what? If you are still breathing, you are political, just not in a way that does you any good.
  2. If your answer is that you are "Conservative" or "Liberal" or any other word that inhibits you from objectively looking at your current situation, maybe you should ask yourself: How much is that word worth to you. Is it worth more to you than your family or your country?

I am not telling you to storm a castle here, just demand a proper investigation. If I am wrong, what will the cost be? Embarassment? Possibly a few million for fees associated with the investigation? But if you are wrong, it could cost us our freedom, our way of life, perhaps even our World.

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