Saturday, December 10, 2005

The War on Christmas

OK, I had hoped to avoid this subject. Really I had. But since it seems to be snowballing, "Clerks" definition, I guess I have to give my opinion.
1) Christians, if you think that the phrase Happy Holidays is persecuting you somehow, please click here. There you go. That is what persecution of Christians looked like.
2) Everybody else, suck it up! This holiday season benefits Malls and Suicide Hotlines. That is it end of story.

If for some reason you still feel that you were called to fight the War on Christmas, click here.
There really is a War going on. It will be going this X-mas and probably will still be going on next year. People are dying. Do something about it and shut the fuck up about your feelings being hurt or offended. OK?

Oh yeah, almost forgot... Dear Media, Quit making stuff up to draw attention away from important events that you are refusing to cover! You bastards!

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