Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Lose your Reuptake Inhibitions

I read the news today, again.
I couldn't find a thing about this world.
Seems there's another goin' on...
but now they know how many holes it takes to fill the head.
So they'll just tell you more
Misinformation, disinformation, this information will do
to make the holes they need to fill your head.
That way when asked- what's up? What's goin on?
you'll just shrug and mutter "Nothing", everytime.
I'd love to tell you more
but these big words get in the way.
"MIlitary Industrial Complex"...
don't you mean "War Profiteers"
Price gouging traitors...
Baby killers bankin' on fear?

To be afraid is brave?
Buy this shovel to dig your grave?
Spend your blood cuz Jesus saves?
Dont forget we're right behind you all the way
you'll get used to it.
It only hurts at first.
You might feel a slight sting
as they slap a barcode on your forehead.
Are you dreaming for your life?
Kill your Prozac, Wake the Dead!

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