Sunday, December 18, 2005

Race Relations in Reality

Here is a great example of a bad conspiracy theory. No evidence, supporting testimony, documented research, logical conclusions, links, or even as much as a clue as to it's creator. All that aside, Blogsnow shows it to be the 7th most linked to story on the internet. So in the free market news world of the "Blogosphere" (Somebody come up with a new name for this, please!! Anything would be better! Newstream, Diginfomedia, whatever...) this unfounded speculation or as I like to call it, BS, has achieved it's own imperative. The demand has been proven regardless of quality of the supply. I too am interested in "WTF happened to The Chappelle show". Eventually we will find out. That is the Nature of Information. It is contagious and self propagating. This Theory may actually turn out to be true. I do not doubt the possibility, just the documentation. In any case the Theory has brought to light a serious issue of modern America and I think it warrants discussion. How can we as a people hope to defeat Racism. Since the first episode, The Chappelle Show was accused of damaging race relations. Why? It engaged Racist ideology, mentality, and opinions. Words like "Nigger, White assed, Mexican" were spoken aloud on TV, rather than implied like most shows incorporate them. Racist themes and morals permeate our airwaves, but somehow admission of their terminology is going to inflame the world into a race war. Hardly. Ignoring racism has only inspired more racism. Legislating Racism with affirmative action and quotas has succeeded only in making thousands more racist. Education, tolerance initiatives and the rest have done no good either. On the other hand, Dave Chappelle's approach was actually effectively combating Racism in all it;'s forms. By pointing out that there are differences culturally, physically, and psychologically between different peoples he helped us to realize that these differences were trivial and unimportant to the overall Reality. We are not a species of color blind automatons unanimous in our opinions of the world. In fact, it is the difference of viewpoints which allows us, as a species, to thrive. If one approach to a problem fails, we have other choices readily available. In regards to racism, our approach so far has done more harm than good. I submit the Chappelle technique as a possible solution.

  1. Admit the problem. Everyone at some point in their lives has been racist. Whether we prejudged a persons personality using a stereotypical set of traits associated with their color or we avoided interaction with others for expectations of a stereotypical behavior, we made our decisions solely on our own racist beliefs. You can't judge a book by it's cover, but you also cant read the book in the store before purchasing it. In a perfect world this would not happen. In a perfect world, we would not exist. We do the same disservice to
    others based on gender, social caste, lifestyle, etc.
  2. Mock the Hell out of Racist- Any ideology born of ignorance is an easy target for wit and wisdom. Just watch the Chappelle shows for a multitude of examples. My favorite skit. "Gay KKK". In one minute it encapsulated the ridiculousness of White Supremacy, Separatism, and Homophobia into one line "...And we were wondering if you, you know, wouldn't mind, you know going back to Africa?"

Perhaps this technique will fail. We won't know until we try. If you have a better idea, present it. Personally I think it will succeed in the ling run. This technique has it's roots in shows like "All in the Family" and hopefully it has a long and successful future.

One more thing. Regardless of what happened to the Chappelle Show. I, for one, want it back. The number of people discussing the aforementioned theory, proves that I am not alone. I realize that this is an insignificant problem when compared to issues like election fraud, war, poverty education, but I am doing everything I can about those also. So please allow me this one indulgence. I want MORE DAVE CHAPPELLE. If you know him, please pass along this message. "There are alternative mediums for your craft. The World needs you. We should discuss the possibilities. I am easily contacted."

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